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August 16, 2017

Doctor Appointment App Development: How to Build a Community Like Airbnb, But For Patients and Doctors

Who should read this content: Doctors – Who wants to build their own doctor appointment app to help their patients with appointment scheduling and to[...]

loyalty card app
August 14, 2017

Create Custom Loyalty Card App For Your Business To Retain Customers

Who should read this content: Business owners – Who wants to launch their own loyalty card app to retain customers and increase overall sales. Retail[...]

education app development
August 10, 2017

Education App Development: Useful Tips and Important Features To Develop One!

Who should read this content: Schools, colleges, & Universities – Who wants to increase engagement between faculty and students through their own education app. Entrepreneurs[...]

create event app
August 9, 2017

How to Create an Event App For Social Gatherings and Event Planning?

Who should read this content: Party Planners – Who work independently with their own clients and want to make their tasks easier to manage by[...]

retail app development
August 8, 2017

A Complete Retail App Development Guide For Retailers To Bring Their Retail App Idea to Life

Who should read this content: Retail shop owners – Who are looking for a complete retail app development guide to develop their own retail mobile[...]

video streaming app development
August 5, 2017

The What, Why, and How of Live Video Streaming App Development

Who should read this content: Entrepreneurs – Who have a unique idea for video streaming app development or wants to build a clone of popular[...]

August 4, 2017

5 Healthcare App Ideas from Our Healthcare App Developers

Who should read this content: Hospitals & Wellness Centers – Who wants to gain technology advantage in order to provide more efficient healthcare services and[...]

photo sharing app like instagram
August 3, 2017

Would It Make Sense to Create a Photo Sharing App Like Instagram? (And Some Important Considerations Before Getting Started)

Who should read this content: Everyone – who thinks creating a photo sharing app like Instagram won’t make any sense. Individuals – Who have creative[...]

food recipe app
August 2, 2017

How Building a Food Recipe App Can Still Make Over $2 Million Dollars?

Who should read this content: Professional Chefs – who wants to share their secret recipes for creating culinary masterpieces. Culinary entrepreneurs – who wants to make[...]

July 31, 2017

Best 3 Ideas For On Demand Food Ordering App Development That Always Work!

“What should I have for lunch?” It’s the perfect dilemma to solve. And the best part is: it affects everyone, it’s something that everybody are[...]

make an android app
July 29, 2017

How to Make an Android App Compatible With Android O

The final Android O developer preview is out. This means, the official consumer release of Android O isn’t far away. However, there’s still time left[...]

July 28, 2017

3 Fitness App Ideas To Develop in 2017 And Ways to Earn Money From Them!

Are you an Entrepreneur trying to discover an idea for fitness app, or a fitness enthusiast using a fitbit type of fitness app, but have[...]

I am extremely happy that I went with Atit and his team. I was a little weary at first since his team did not have encryption experience, so when I followed up with him after not hearing from him for two days, he had apologized and informed me his team was testing out the encryption before responding to my inquiries. I was fairly impressed. Throughout the project, Atit has been very responsive and e-mailing me back every night if not every other night. It was due to my inexperience that the project finished on time. If I had known the importance of flowcharts and providing every single screen step by step, I believe Atit's team could've finished the project within two to three weeks (I had projected 4-5 weeks). If you'd like to view what his team has done, feel free to check out "Pocket Wallet". Thank you so much Atit!Jenn