How Much Does It Cost to Hire an App Developer? A Complete Guide

    Key Takeaways

  • The cost of hiring app developers starts from $25 to $150+ per hour. However, it may vary depending on the expertise, experience, project size, and platform.
  • The approximate cost of a junior developer starts from $25 to $40. While mid-level developers could charge $50 – $100 per hour, and senior developers may charge $100 – $150+ per hour.

Do you have an app idea? Looking for an app developer? Do you want to know how much it costs to hire an app developer? If yes, – then you have landed at the right place.

It’s crucial to choose an app developer from the appropriate platform at the ideal price. However, with lots of options and numerous resources available to hire an app developer, it may be challenging for you to find the right talent within your budget.

As a leading mobile application development company, we know the importance of the ideal app developer for developing mobile apps. Consulting our dedicated developers and consultants, we have written this blog that guides you with the price of hiring developers. After thoroughly reading this blog, you will get an idea of the cost to hire developers considering the various factors.

Let’s get started.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an App Developer? [Quick Cost]

The cost of hiring an app developer ranges from $25 to $150+ per hour approximately.

The cost of hiring an app developer differs based on factors such as their level of experience, skill set, and location. To make you understand easily, we’ve created a table that presents the information on app developer costs.

Let’s explore.

ContinentEntry Level
(0-2 years)
Mid Level
(2-5 years)
Senior Level
(5+ years)
North America$60 – $75/hr$75 – $90/hr$90 – $100/hr
Australia$60 – $75/hr$75 – $90/hr$90 – $100/hr
Western Europe$25 – $50/hr$50 – $75/hr$75 – $99/hr
Eastern Europe$50 – $60/hr$60 – $70/hr$70 – $80/hr

Knowing the cost of hiring developers in different locations and level of expertise, it is time for you to know what skills you should expect from junior, mid, and senior-level developers. You can refer to the below-mentioned points to understand them easily.

    Skill Expectations From Entry Level Developers

  • Basic understanding of Android or iOS platform for mobile app development.
  • Understanding of UI/UX principles for user-friendly app design.
  • Proficiency in using collaborative tools like GitHub or Bitbucket.
  • Basic knowledge of how to deploy native apps to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

    Skill Expectations From Junior Level Developers

  • Proficient with key frameworks and libraries for Android (e.g., Retrofit, Room) and iOS (e.g., Alamofire, Core Data).
  • Proficiency in relevant programming languages (e.g., Java, Python, JavaScript) and Android SDK for Android app development.
  • Skilled in Swift , Objective-C, Kotlin, Java programming languages for iOS and Android app development.
  • Experience with testing tools/frameworks: JUnit and Espresso for Android; XCTest for Swift.
  • Ability to optimize app performance and identify bottlenecks.

    Skill Expectation From Senior Level Developers

  • In-depth knowledge of Xcode, including advanced debugging and profiling techniques.
  • Expertise in designing resilient and scalable architectures using patterns like MVP, MVVM, or VIPER.
  • Skilled in RESTful and GraphQL API integrations, including data parsing, error handling, and synchronization.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of app security protocols, including OAuth, JWT, and data encryption techniques. Well-versed in GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations.
  • A deep understanding of both Android (using Java, Kotlin) and iOS (using Swift, Objective-C) development paradigms.

You get the above skills and cost as per a mobile app developer you want to hire. You might be wondering about the credibility and authenticity of the data. Find in the next section about the data that we have taken.

How Reliable is Our Data?

Here’s why you can count on the accuracy of our app developer cost data. We have:

  • Analyzed multiple well-known websites such as Clutch and to gain an understanding of app developer hourly wages in various countries.
  • Went through different freelancers’ profiles on Upwork, Arc, Toptal, Freelancer, and Fiverr which help us to gain insights. On that basis, we calculated the range of cost to hire an app developer.

Note: These app developer costs are provided as a reference, however, they may vary or differ depending on the projects, needs, and demand.

Now, let’s discuss the factors influencing the cost of hiring mobile app developers. We explore all factors in detail. Let’s get started.

5 Factors Influence the Cost of Hiring Mobile App Developers

When hiring an app developer, various factors come into play that can impact the overall cost. From geographical location to your app development type, several variables influence the expenses associated with app developers. So let’s check such factors in detail in this section below.

  1. Cost of App Developer Based on Location

    We’ve listed the hourly rates for app developers from different locations below. Check the following table to know the average hourly rate of top app development companies for hiring a team of mobile developers. The hourly rate data is taken as a reference from the Clutch website.

    CountriesApprox. Hourly Rates
    USA$100 – $149
    India$25 – $50
    UK$150 – $199
    Canada$100 – $149
    Australia$100 – $149
    Philippines$25 – $49
    Ukraine$25 – $49
    Poland$50 – $99
    Spain$25 – $49
    Mexico$25 – $49

    Now, let’s move on to the next important factor influencing the cost of hiring a mobile app developer.

  2. Cost of Mobile Developers Based on Experience

    Experience plays a pivotal role in shaping your app’s cost and performance. Choosing a junior app developer might be more budget-friendly but could come with a learning curve. Selecting an experienced developer might incur cost more but are skilled.

    By referring to the provided table, you’ll gain insights into the average expenses associated with hiring mobile app developers and how experience levels correlate with pricing dynamics. Let’s check the table below.

    Experience LevelYears of ExperienceAverage Hourly Cost ($)
    Entry-level0-2 years$25 – $40
    Mid-level2-5 years$40 – $80
    Senior-level5+ years$80 – $150

    Now, let’s move on to the next factor influencing the cost of hiring an app developer.

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  4. Cost of App Developer Based on the App Complexity

    Factors such as UI/UX design, platform, technology stack, and other aspects play a crucial role in determining hiring costs. Developing a simple app usually requires a lower cost, while creating a high-end app with intricate UI/UX design can lead to higher hiring costs.

    Below, we have provided a table that illustrates how the complexity of app development influences the cost of hiring an app developer. Let’s examine the details:

    App ComplexityExample of App TypeJunior DeveloperMid-level DeveloperSenior Developer
    Simple App
    • Weight tracking app
    • Bill-tracking app
    • Calculator app
    $15 to $40/hr$50 to $70/hr$80 to $90/hr
    Complex App
    • Healthcare app
    • Financial or banking app
    • Travel booking app
    $20 to $50/hr$60 to $90/hr$100 to $120/hr
    Highly- Complex App
    • eCommerce app
    • Gaming app
    • AI Assistance app
    $25 to $60/hr$75 to $100/hr$120 to $150/hr
  5. Cost of the App Developer Based on the Development Platform

    The mobile app development platform is one of the key factors influencing the cost of hiring a mobile app developer. Here is the table with the cost of hiring iOS app developers, Android app developers, and cross-platform app developers.

    Development TypeJunior Developer (per hour)Senior Developer (per hour)Expert Developer (per hour)
    Android App Development$25 – $50$50 – $90$90 – $140+
    iOS App Development$30 – $60$60 – $100$100 – $150+
    Cross-platform App Development$40 – $70$70 – $120$120 – $200+

    As all three platforms require a different set of skills and expertise, design guidelines, programming language, and fragmentation. iOS app development often costs more due to strict design guidelines, specific development tools, and higher App Store fees compared to Android.

    Now, we move on to the next section which will provide you the information about the sources to find the best app developers.

Where Can You Find the Best App Developers for Hire?

There are many app development companies, online marketplaces, and networking sites that help you hire app developers as well as juniors, and freelancer developers easily. With many options available to hire an app developer, you might find it difficult to hire a professional app developer for your app.

However, to help you find the source easily we have prepared a table that covers different sources for hiring app developers, their advantages, and their suitability for short and long-term projects.

SourceWhy Choose This Source?Best For
Freelance Platforms (e.g., Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr)
  • Access to a global pool of talent.
  • The ability to review portfolios and ratings before hiring.
Short-term projects, projects with a tight budget.
Job Boards (e.g., Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn)
  • The ability to reach a large number of potential candidates.
  • Can target specific skills and experience.
Hiring full-time developers, for long-term projects.
Developer Communities (e.g., GitHub, Stack Overflow, HackerRank)
  • Access to specialized developers.
  • Ability to review past work and contributions.
Finding developers with specific skill sets, and contributing to open-source projects.
Social Media (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Reach passive job seekers.
  • Review testimonials, portfolios, and skills.
Networking, finding developers who may not be actively looking for work.
Development Agencies like Space-O Technologies
  • Provides a comprehensive solution from design to development to maintenance.
  • Ensure professional management and delivery.
Large or complex projects, projects where you want a single entity to handle everything from design to development to maintenance.

We recommend you hire an app developer from a software development company. As app development companies like Space-O Technology have experience in developing 4400+ mobile apps. Having worked with 1200+ clients, the company brings expertise in app development and streamlines your business process.

However, if you are still having difficulty finding talented mobile app developers or don’t have expertise in finding the right app developer you can refer to our blog on how to find the best app developer. This blog helps ease your task of finding the best app developers and provides all the needed information to find the right app developer for your app.

However, if you are looking to hire an app developer you can connect with our experts who will help you with your app development process and guide you to build your own app. Now, after finding the method of how to hire an app developer, let’s move to our next section.

Top 6 Tips to Reduce the Cost While Hiring App Developers

The 6 tips mentioned in this section are going to benefit you in your app development cost. By implementing these strategies, effectively manage your budget while hiring app developers and ensure a cost-effective development process. Let’s examine the tactics:

  1. Clear Project Scope

    Define your app’s features and functionalities precisely. A well-defined scope helps developers provide accurate quotes.

  2. Prioritize Features

    Focus on essential features initially. You can add advanced functionalities in future updates to manage costs.

  3. Freelancers and Remote Teams

    If you hire developers from a freelance platform consider hiring developers or development teams from regions with lower labor costs.

  4. Offshore Development

    Explore offshore development companies for competitive rates without compromising quality.

  5. Negotiate Fixed Price Contracts

    Discuss fixed-price options with developers to set clear budget expectations.

  6. Choose the Right App Development Platform

    Native app developers charge more than hybrid app developers, which can impact your mobile app development cost. Therefore, choose your software development platform wisely.

Now you know all the factors influencing cost to hire mobile app developers and tips to reduce the app development cost. Let’s address the questions that you might have about the cost for your app development project.

Want to Hire Dedicated App Developers?

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Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you clear your doubts related to the cost to hire an app developer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cost to Hire an App Developer

How much does it cost to hire an Android app developer?

The cost of hiring a developer for Android app development ranges from $20 to $150+ per hour.

However, the cost of developing an app may vary depending on the expertise and experience.

Junior developers might charge around $5 – $50 per hour, mid-level developers could charge $50 – $100 per hour, and senior developers may charge $100 – $150+ per hour.

Is it better to hire a freelance app developer or an app development company?

The choice between a freelancer and an app development company depends on your project’s scope and your preferences. Freelancers often have lower rates, while agencies offer a broader range of expertise and resources but might come at higher app costs.

Is it preferable to choose an hourly rate or a fixed project fee?

The choice between hourly and fixed pricing depends on your project’s predictability and scope. An hourly rate is suitable for ongoing or flexible projects, while a fixed fee is often preferred for well-defined, specific projects. Hence, choose your pricing model wisely that does not exceed your app development costs budget.

Let Us Help You With the Cost to Hire an App Developer

This blog has provided you with the information you were seeking regarding the cost associated with hiring an app developer. Our discussion covered the cost variation based on the developer’s location, as well as the key factors that impact this cost. However, if you still have some doubts or want to know more about the cost of app developers. We are here to help you.

We are an experienced app development company with more than 13 years of experience in mobile app development. If you are looking to hire an app developer, you can get in touch with us. We understand your requirements and provide you with the detailed cost estimation to hire mobile app developers for your business. Since we have skilled and dedicated mobile app developers, you can expect to complete your app project in time within your budget without any hidden app development costs. Hire our app developers and get your app ready that is tailored to your needs and requirements.

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