10 Best Ruby on Rails Development Companies in 2024

If you want to develop a web application that is easy to manage and update, then the best option is to use Ruby on Rails development.

For this, you need to look out for a Ruby on Rails software development company. As a trusted Ruby on Rails development company, we understand that selecting the right company is challenging in such a competitive market.

To help you with this, here is a list of the top 10 Ruby on Rails development companies in the USA.

Let’s cover each in detail.

A List of Top 10 Ruby on Rails Development Companies

Here is the table with an overview of the top 10 Ruby on Rails development companies.

CompanyClutch RatingRoR Services OfferedDirections
map location marker Space-O Technologies
  • Custom RoR Development
  • RoR Consulting
  • RoR Maintenance and Support
  • RoR Migration & Integration
map location marker LaunchPad Lab
  • RoR Fullstack Development
  • RoR Web Development
  • RoR Testing and QA
  • RoR Maintenance & Support
map location marker Flatirons Development
  • Custom RoR Development
  • RoR MVP Development
  • RoR APIs Integration
  • RoR SaaS Development
map location marker SumatoSoft
  • RoR Web App Development
  • RoR Migration and Porting
  • RoR Upgradation
  • RoR Scaling and Optimization
  • RoR App Support and Maintenance
map location marker RailsFactory
  • RoR Consulting
  • Custom RoR App Development
  • Migration to RoR
  • RoR MVP Development
map location marker Syndicode
  • Custom RoR Website Development
  • RoR Web App Development
  • RoR Testing and QA
  • RoR Maintenance & Support
map location marker The Gnar Company
  • RoR Consulting
  • Custom RoR Web App Development
  • RoR Migration
  • RoR Maintenance & Support
map location marker RailsCarma
  • RoR Consulting
  • RoR MVP Development
  • RoR Web Development
  • RoR Integration
  • RoR Support
map location marker Rubyroid Labs
  • RoR MVP Development
  • RoR Custom Web Development
  • RoR Support
map location marker Railsware
  1. Space-O Technologies

    Space-O Technologies

    Hourly Rate$25 – $49/hr
    Valuable ClientsNike, McAfee, NAQEL, and Saint Gobain
    Top RoR Solutions DevelopedSmart Procurement Chatbot, Image Classification System, Personalized Product Recommendation System
    Total Employees50 – 249
    Founded Year2010
    Contact Information+1 (650) 666-3071 or [email protected]
    LocationTempe, AZ

    Space-O Technologies is one of the leading Ruby on Rails development companies with over 13 years of experience. With over 500 successful project deliveries, Space-O has extensive experience building complex, scalable Ruby on Rails web applications for clients across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East.

    Space-O Technologies has delivered many award-winning consumer web apps for clients using Ruby on Rails. This expertise has led the company to be recognized and featured by leading brands including Bloomberg, TechCrunch, BBC, and The Guardian.

      Recent Ruby on Rails Projects Developed by Space-O Technologies:-

    • Concierge Hospitality Assistant – An elegant text/voice bot for hotels.
    • Smart Inventory Forecasting System – An advanced time series forecasting model.
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Powered Inventory Management System.

    Space-O Technologies consists of over 100 expert Ruby on Rails developers who follow agile methodologies and best practices for custom web development. The developers are proficient at using the entire Ruby stack including frameworks like Rails, RSpec, and Sidekiq.

    Also, the developers excel at crafting scalable REST and RPC APIs for smooth integration and migrating legacy systems written in Java, .NET, and PHP.

      Book your consultation with this top Ruby on Rails development company and validate the idea feasibility of your project.

    • Leverage 13+ years of experience in building scalable Ruby on Rails mobile applications.
    • Access 100+ best Ruby on Rails developers and engineers who are experts in developing AI-powered conversational interfaces, chatbots, and NLP solutions using Ruby and Rails.
    • Get end-to-end Ruby on Rails development services including consulting, UX/UI design, custom development, extensive QA testing, deployment, and maintenance.
    • Follow agile methodologies like Scrum for iterative development, rapid prototyping, transparency, and on-time delivery.
    • Offering Ruby on Rails consultations at zero cost and with 24/7 support available.
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  3. LaunchPad Lab

    LaunchPad Lab

    Hourly Rate$150 – $199/hr
    Total Employees50 – 249
    Founded Year2012
    Contact Information+1 (312) 888-9651 or [email protected]
    LocationChicago, IL

    LaunchPad Lab, based in Chicago, excels at providing web and mobile app development using the Ruby on Rails framework, effectively utilizing this human-friendly and logic-based coding language to transform ideas into web applications. This Ruby on Rails company specializes in developing solutions including, internal and external portals, SaaS products, and eCommerce stores.

    With such experience and expertise in using RoR for web development, LaunchPad Lab has served leading brands including Whirlpool, CDKGlobal, Millennium, Veritext and Prosci. The dedication and commitment to serving various industries such as eCommerce, IoT, tourism, and real estate has resulted in receiving awards like Top B2B Companies by Clutch.

  4. Flatirons Development

    Flatirons Development

    Hourly Rate$50 – $99/hr
    Total Employees10 – 49
    Founded Year2017
    Contact Information+1 (800) 300-6001 or [email protected]
    LocationBoulder, CO

    Flatirons Development is a top-notch company to offers software development services using advanced technologies like Ruby on Rails. The team of Flatirons consists of Ruby on Rails experts who provide various services such as backend REST API development, stunning UX/UI design, maintenance & support, staff augmentation, and QA & testing with libraries like MiniTest and RSpec.

    Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, Flatirons Development focuses on the scalability, developer-friendliness, and security inherent to Ruby on Rails web applications. Not only just the RoR development services but the company also offers experienced Ruby on Rails developers who are experts at providing tailored web and mobile solutions to your unique needs.

  5. SumatoSoft


    Hourly Rate$50 – $99/hr
    Total Employees50 – 249
    Founded Year2012
    Contact Information+1 (857) 288-8799 or [email protected]
    LocationBoston, MA

    SumatoSoft is a software development company specializing in providing software solutions using the Ruby on Rails framework. The company has over 11 years of experience in delivering RoR web and mobile app development services tailored to various business needs. This Ruby on Rails web development company has served well-known clients including Toyota, LPSolutions, and Beiersdorf.

    With a rich portfolio of over 150 RoR solutions, SumatoSoft offers several services including developing software and apps from scratch, dedicated RoR teams for smoother project transitions, and additional services like code audits, refactoring, and consulting. Along with that, the company is also featured on Techreviewer among the top Ruby on Rails companies in 2023.

  6. RailsFactory


    Hourly Rate$25 – $49/hr
    Total Employees250 – 999
    Founded Year2006
    Contact Information+1 415-903-3658 or [email protected]
    LocationSunnyvale, CA

    RailsFactory is one of the best Ruby on Rails companies when it comes to building scalable Ruby on Rails solutions. With 16+ years of experience in software development, the company has served famous clients, some of which include Apigee, Born, Regal, CareMonkey and Alignable. The flexibility of providing various engagement models makes the company an exception.

    With a team of 450+ experts, RailsFactory has completed around 500 applications, and some of the applications are featured on Techcrunch. The company claims to be the largest RoR company offering domain-specific expertise, full-stack capabilities, global delivery centers, and 24/7 continuous support during the entire web or software development process.

  7. Syndicode


    Hourly Rate$50 – $99/hr
    Total Employees50 – 249
    Founded Year2014
    Contact Information+1 (903) 502 11 11 or [email protected]
    LocationSan Francisco, CA

    Founded in 2014, Syndicode is one of the famous custom software development companies providing exceptional RoR development services. Syndicode excels at developing profitable web applications for different industries including education, logistics, eCommerce, entertainment, healthcare, and retail. With cost effectiveness, reduced risks, and vast experience, Syndicode stands apart.

    Whether you are a startup, medium-level business, or enterprise, Syndicode excels at offering RoR development services including consulting and migration to RoR. The company has successfully delivered more than 100 projects to well-known clients including McCarthy, Fuzu, ThredUp, and Movinga.

  8. The Gnar Company

    The Gnar Company

    Hourly Rate$150 – $199/hr
    Total Employees10 – 49
    Founded Year2015
    Contact Information+1 (617) 202-2222
    LocationBoston, MA

    Since 2015, Gnar has been providing development services using Ruby on Rails to provide scalable software back-ends. The RoR experts at Gnar have delivered web and mobile solutions to leading clients across the globe including Dispatch, Fitbit, Salsify, Whoop, and Workbar. With positive client feedback and high ratings on platforms like DesignRush, Google, and Clutch, Gnar has built a strong reputation in RoR development.

    Gnar’s team is an expert at providing secure, scalable mobile and web-based software products to different industries. These industries include eCommerce, financial & business services, government, healthcare, and lifestyle. The attention to detail, robust technical process, and ability to understand industry-specific technical requirements make Gnar an ideal choice.

  9. RailsCarma


    Hourly Rate< $25/hr
    Total Employees50 – 249
    Founded Year2006
    Contact Information+1 (888) 394 0048 or [email protected]
    LocationBrooklyn, NY

    RailsCarma is known for its custom software development services. With over 18 years of experience in RoR web and mobile app development, RailsCarma has delivered 200+ RoR projects successfully all over the world. Along with RoR software development, the company emphasizes offering RoR web developers, consulting, cloud hosting and 24/7 management.

    RailsCarma has been developing RoR custom web and mobile applications since 2008 and has served more than 100+ clients in 20+ countries. A global customer network, following Agile methodology for development, flexible engagement models, and consistent response are just a few of the advantages that make RailsCarma the best choice for your RoR project.

  10. Rubyroid Labs

    Rubyroid Labs

    Hourly Rate$25 – $49/hr
    Total Employees10 – 49
    Founded Year2013
    Contact Information+1 (609) 224-5549 or [email protected]
    LocationLisle, IL

    Since 2013, Rubyroid Labs has been one of the best companies to provide the best Ruby on Rails software development services. These services include vendor transition, MVP development, building custom software from scratch, and providing dedicated developers for projects. RoR experts at Rubyroid Labs are well-versed in the technology and have successfully delivered 300 RoR applications.

    Rubyroid Labs has served various industries including eCommerce, travel, automotive, real estate, marketing, and fintech. Rubyroid Labs’ RoR software solutions are remarkable, and the firm has been named one of the top 3 RoR development companies globally by Clutch. Such an experience helped the organization get well-known clients like Volvo, Toyota, MasterCard, Airswift, and Seedcamp.

  11. Railsware


    Hourly Rate$100 – $149/hr
    Total Employees50 – 249
    Founded Year2007
    Contact Information+1 (646) 397-4918 or [email protected]
    LocationDanbury, CT

    With 16 years of experience, Railsware specializes in providing the best Ruby on Rails development services. The team at Railsware are experts in building cutting-edge software solutions powered by RoR some of which are SendGrid, Mailtrap, and Brightbytes. Using RoR expertise and end-to-end software development services, the company excels at building proof of concept or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) rapidly.

    Railsware is partnered with some of the well-known clients in the industry including Calendly, BrightBytes, SendGrid, TennisHub, and BackOps. Railsware makes use of Ruby on Rails’s ability to integrate without any issues with other technology stacks or third-party libraries. Such competence has allowed the organization to provide services to clients ranging from startups to enterprises.

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Now, you have a handy list of the top 10 RoR software development companies. If you are still not clear about the Ruby companies you can check out the FAQ section.

FAQ About Ruby on Rails Development Companies

How to choose the right RoR development company for your project

Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing the right RoR software development company for your project.

  • Make sure the portfolio of the company includes comparable RoR projects.
  • Read client reviews and testimonials to gauge their reputation.
  • Verify that their developers have strong Ruby on Rails expertise.
  • Choose a company with transparent and effective communication channels.
  • Consider your budget and find a company that offers competitive pricing.

Where to find reviews and ratings of RoR development companies?

Here are the listed platforms where you can find the reviews and ratings of Ruby on Rails software development companies.

  • Clutch
  • GoodFirms
  • The Manifest
  • Upwork

Choose the Appropriate Ruby on Rails Development Company

Having such a list of 10 RoR Development Companies helps you in selecting the firm that fulfills your technical requirements, budget and timeline. This list of Ruby development companies is provided to you so that you can choose effectively and pick the right company that will work on your project.

After covering this list of Ruby on Rails development firms, if you are still confused, you may contact us for assistance. From startups to enterprises, our team makes sure to provide innovative software solutions using well-known frameworks like Ruby on Rails. Let’s connect and discuss your project needs.

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