5 Best Travel App Ideas to Start Your Own Travel Startup

This post embraces information for travel tech startups & entrepreneurs. Curated a few best travel app ideas, check them out & pick the one while starting your own startup business.

Whenever it is about holidays, the first thing, which strikes our minds is that there is nothing better than a travel app. Mobile apps have become essential for all of us. While traveling, an ideal travel app is more than a lifesaver.

Being a travel tech startup, if you want to dive into this tourism industry with a travel app idea, let’s dig in and look into a few important stats of the travel and tourism industry.

The Market Size of Travel & Tourism Industry: Stats & Facts

  • Travel & tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors. Every year passes by, the global travel pool is flooded with millions of new consumers.
  • In 2021, the travel and tourism industry contributed 5.81 trillion U.S. dollars to worldwide GDP as per Statista.
  • In the year 2017, the travel and tourism industry was valued to $1.6 trillion along with the bookings.
  • Across the globe, the tourism sector has experienced steady growth almost every year. The growth of the tourism industry is expected to reach 1.8 billion by 2030.
  • Europe receives the most international tourist arrivals. On the other hand, the Asia Pacific region had more than double that of the second-largest tourist region.

Best Travel App Ideas

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During travel app development, you can pick as the go-to set of best travel app ideas in order to start your own travel tech startup.

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5 Best Travel App Ideas to Start Your Own Travel Tech Startup

  1. App for Discovering New & Interesting Places in Cities

    One of the best travel app ideas is to create an app for discovering new and interesting places in the cities for travelers. In this travel app category, the travel app allows users to search restaurants for good food, famous places to hang out, museums, cafes, photo spots, and other famous stuff for shopping, which are hard to find.

    Taking an example of a travel app, Tripadvisor, which allows users to save hotels and restaurants. However, the travel app under this category makes things easier for travelers or app users. With this travel app, users can discover the best places in the world recommended by friends and experts which users can trust.

    Tourism App Development

    Image Credits: TripAdvisor
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    Travel app simplifies the discovery of the world’s best places in order to discover places without hassle. If you have not yet decided on the travel app category, then you can pick it in order to help app users to explore more cities, especially the new ones.

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  2. App for Language Help

    This is another travel app category in which you can consider before diving into the tourism industry. Travel app for language helps users to translate different languages, which they don’t speak.

    Trip App Development

    Image Credits: Google Translate

    It enables users to translate between languages and texts. Allowing users to capture the photos to convert them to text in different languages as per they want. It also works in offline mode and gets access to users to translate into 59 languages. App users can ask questions while shopping and bargaining in new places.

  3. App for Navigating a New City

    The travel app idea based on navigating a new city enables app users to get a navigation experience in both online and offline modes. This travel app for GPS navigation will let users know where they are, the directions they are facing, and what is around them.

    Travel App for GPS Navigation

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    With real-time traffic information, users will not be stuck in traffic jams. It also makes driving easier for those who are completely new to the cities. App users can browse and navigate the city, and arrange and organize favorite spots into lists for later. And, users can gather details about the locations like the address and opening hours of the restaurants and any other favorite spots where they want to hang out.

  4. App for Finding & Booking Accommodations

    The next travel app category falls under find and book accommodations where the user is going to check-in. This app category in travel finds useful for travelers. In short, the travel app makes the traveling experience easier. Without hassle, it allows users to find out a place to rest their heads after long hours of traveling. Enabling users to book the kind of accommodation like a hotel or home-like stay like Airbnb.

    Book Accommodations

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    Source: Google Play

    It also allows users to search for hotels, motels, and vacation rentals from a wide range of properties. Users can search by city, attraction, landmark, or hotel name. Enabling users to filter by price, review score, WiFi quality, and other important things. As a travel tech startup, if you are all set to create a travel app like Airbnb or Booking.com, then this travel app category can do wonders for your travel business.

  5. App for Understanding Local Public Transportation

    In the new place, one of the things, which bother users is a lack of understanding of local public transportation. Here it comes the travel app for local public transportation to get precisely know the timings of local buses and trains.

    Travel App for Local Public Transportation

    Image Credits: my bus Edinburgh
    Source: Google Play

    It enables users to find the nearest station for hiring a bike or car-sharing vehicle. This travel app also allows users to view the next departures for each bus service at each bus stop. In addition, users can keep a list of their favorite bus stops in order to revisit them. As a travel tech startup, if you have decided on developing a travel app for understanding local public transportation, then you can go with this travel app category before travel app development.


You’ve just gone through a few best travel app ideas from which you can pick and start your own travel tech startup business. Before moving to a conclusion, it is pivotal to know important features of Booking.com app and how frequently the keyword “travel apps” has been searching for the past few years. So, we’ve decided to check the latest report from Google Trends.

The graph shows that people are interested to have a mobile app as a handy tool while traveling. This image shows the graph’s interest over time.

Travel Mobile App Survey

On the other side, the interesting regions are Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Canada. This is what you can see in this image.

Travel App Survey

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