Mobile App RFP Template [Free Download]

If you are an appreneur, you may need to hire a mobile app development company to get your app developed. In that case, you may have a number of questions like

  • What services does the company provide?
  • What is the general team structure?
  • How much does it cost to develop a native app/cross-platform app?
  • How much time does it take to develop an app?

Above are the general questions that you need to list down and start the search for a mobile app development company. However, when you search for companies, you need to have your clear requirements ready in a structured format.

But, listing out each detail is a tedious and time-consuming task. What if you get a handy mobile app RFP template that provides you all the details?

Mobile app RFP ensures that you meet all the project requirements and choose the best fit as per your goals.

Let’s understand some of the things you need to consider before sending a company.

Things to Consider for Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

RFP is a document between the client and a mobile app development service provider to understand the project requirements. To have a good bidding process, you need to ask the following things and send it to the list of vendors.

  • About your company and its scope of activity
  • Your business goals
  • Project requirements
  • Non-functional requirements of your app

Let’s understand each in detail.

  1. Company Overview

    In this section provide a summary of your organization, and the core business issue that your mobile app will address. Define how your company works, your goals, and vision for your app.

    Include the following details in your document:

    • About your company
    • Services that your are offering
    • Brand name
    • Target audience and customers
    • Industry verticals
    • Competitors
    • Location
  2. Scope of Your App

    Once you have described the overview of your company, mention the concept of your app idea. Address the problem you are trying to solve with your app and even state the target audience. Provide the detailed outline so that your vendors can understand your requirements easily.

      Here are some of the points that you can include:

    1. Your app’s competitors
    2. App downloads you require
    3. Long-term goals
    4. Short-term goals
  3. Provide Your Project Requirements

    Know your audience better to identify the need. Mention a few user cases that help to understand the app idea better. Check if your app demands third-party integration and share any design template if you have. Write down the below project requirements that include:

    • Basic and advanced features of the application
    • Design that you need for your application or share any template if you have
    • Type of platform you want your mobile application to build and the devices the app should support
    • Backend requirements like CMS, APIs, and web services
    • Preferred languages the mobile application should have
  4. Budget of the Project

    Decide the minimum budget for developing a mobile app for your business. Include a realistic budget plan in the RFP template for the providers to understand what services do you need. While finalizing a budget, consider the below factors:

    1. The app development company’s size
    2. Number of resources involved in the project
    3. Complexity of the project
    4. The number of features and functionalities required
    5. The type of platform required

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  5. Project Timeline

    You need to define a said timeline for the project. Include every detail about your project deliverables. Check the below list that you need to include to answer the timeline of your project.

    • Proposed start date and completion date
    • Deadlines with respect to each stage of app development
    • The launch date of the mobile app
    • Overall duration of the project
  6. Preferences or Restrictions of the Project

    Mention any technical preferences or any legal requirements the app needs to comply with. Ensure to specify your budget for the project and timeline decided for the launch.

5 Tips for Crafting an Effective RFP to Select a Mobile App Development Provider

Read the following tips to build a strong RFP questionnaire for the potential and capable mobile application providers. Here are some of the basic guidelines you need to follow.

  1. Do not send an email that looks like you have sent to multiple vendors. It should not look like a government tender bidding for project approvals.
  2. Understand that the vendors who are more anxious to receive a RFP from you are the reliable ones. They will understand your budget and offer you the lowest margin quotation.
  3. Ensure that there is not copy paste information or marketing information in your proposal.
  4. Mention any constraints you may have regarding budget, features, or legal compliance.
  5. Figure out the right place to publish the RFP to reach the right people.

If you are planning to develop a mobile application for your business, you need to save this RFP template. Download our free template and get started with the questions one by one. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the mobile app RFP.

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