10 Top Web Development Trends to Know in 2024

There are over 1.83 billion websites on the internet, and it is consistently increasing since January 2021. To make websites interactive or to stay competitive in the industry market, it is necessary to use new web technology trends.

Being an entrepreneur, if you are using outdated technologies to manage your website and losing customers and revenue, then you certainly need to get rid of those technologies. Consider the web development trends to beat the competition and develop the best web app solutions.

We have mentioned the 10 emerging technologies in web development, which are going to revolutionize the web development industry. So, let’s discuss each trend in detail.

Web Development Trends

Being a top web application development company, let us help you to find the right trend to develop the web solution. Please check all the shared 10 best trends one by one.

  1. Serverless Architecture – Accelerate Innovation

    web development trends
    Serverless architecture is considered the latest trend of web technologies. It allows for the building and running of applications and services without managing infrastructure. In this technology, the entire server management will be done by the service provider. Hence, you don’t have to worry about scaling and maintaining servers to run your web app, databases, and storage.

    Challenges Users Faced Before Serverless Architecture

    Earlier when the serverless architecture was not introduced, businesses were facing a hard time balancing, scaling, and provisioning the infrastructure resources. Since they had to perform each task manually, it was complex and prone to errors.

    For enterprises, data and batch processes were challenging to manage because of the limited server resources.

    Why Should You Choose Serverless Architecture?

    Compared to the traditional server-centric or cloud-based approach, applying serverless architecture helps in scalability, and flexibility and allows you to release the web application at a reduced cost.

    Serverless architecture allows you to be worry-free by handling major tasks like provisioning, purchasing, and handling backend servers.

    Examples of Serverless Architecture

    • Google Cloud Functions
    • AWS Lambda
    • Microsoft Azure Functions
    • IBM OpenWhisk

    Benefits of Serverless Architecture

    The below image represents the benefits an organization has acquired after applying serverless architecture.

    benefits of adopting serverless

    No need to manage serversAs you don’t have to manage servers, you will save a lot of time and eventually development costs.
    ScalableIf your website grows, it will be easier for you to change the stages without hindering your website’s growth.
    Latest updates and faster deploymentsInstead of spending months deploying the web app, you can update and deploy the app within hours or days.
    Improve LatencyIn serverless architecture, you are free to host an app from any corner of the world.
  2. Container Technology – Build Lightweight Web Apps

    Container Technology

    Container technology is an executable and lightweight package that includes everything you need to run a web app, such as system libraries and tools, code, runtime, and settings. Even, container technology is one of the newest web development technologies and the largest innovation implemented in the shipping industry.

    A container is a method of packaging an application so, it can run with its dependencies by isolating itself from other processes.

    Challenges Users Faced Before Container Technology

    Before the launching of containers, virtual machines used to take up lots of space. Also, it was challenging to move software from one computer system to another.

    In a virtual environment, the single application had to run on a single server. Hence, you need to pay more to host multiple applications.

    Companies needed to invest more to buy multiple server spaces to host different software applications. The server was difficult to set up and manage. Hence, there was the need to hire a team of professionals to handle server setup.

    Why Should You Choose Container Technology

    • Easily develop and run the app without managing the entire infrastructure
    • You will require fewer system resources than before because container technology does not include operating system images
    • Avoid deployment issues by supporting multiple operating systems

    Examples of Container Technology

    • Docker
    • Docker Enterprise
    • Microsoft Containers
    • CRI-O
    • rktlet

    Benefits of Container Technology

    PortableA container creates the .exe file, which is portable and runs across any operating system or cloud.
    Offers agilityThe container ecosystem shifted to engines, which are handled by Open Container Initiative (OCI).
    Fault isolationEach web app that is containerized will be isolated. The failure of one container does not affect other containers, hence secures user data.
    Easy to manageContainer technology helps to automate the scaling, installation, and overall management of workloads and services.
  3. Edge Computing – Amplify Your Web App Speed

    Edge computing, a distributed computing model, combines data storage and computation by bringing technologies like local edge servers and IoT. Edge computing helps save time and costs.

    Also, edge computing helps businesses by providing faster insights, enhanced response times, and higher bandwidth availability.

    Challenges Users Faced Before Edge Computing

    Before edge computing was introduced, the system was taking several days to process the data. In fact, facial recognition of a person also used to take a lot of time to process.

    On the other hand, the centralized data center was not enough to handle larger user base data. Additionally, it was challenging to rely on the internet to transfer terabytes of data every day.

    Why Should You Choose Edge Computing?

    • Security of your data – The data will be constantly being sent to the cloud. And being a centralized resource, the cloud never compromises security
    • Fulfills real-time requirements – If the data will be stored and processed in a local database, then computing will be done in real-time, without taking much time
    • Cost of Cloud – Copying, storing, and processing the data is directly linked with higher cloud costs. If the data volume increases so do its cost

    Examples of Edge Computing

    • Cloud gaming (live stream gaming) – YouTube Live Stream and Twitch are some examples of live streaming
    • Remote monitoring – It can be deployed in gas and oil fields, where temperatures exceed 50C or higher
    • In autonomous vehicles, it is possible to gather the data of vehicle sensors and cameras

    Benefits of Edge Computing

    Latency/SpeedIf the data will be stored in the local database, the computing could be done in real-time.
    CostsIf you only store the data that is needed and backup other data, then the cloud cost will be less.
    VersatileBy partnering with local edge data centers, enterprises can target a specific marketplace to target clients without investing in costly hardware.

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  4. Artificial Intelligence and Bots – Create Everlasting Engagement

    According to Statista, the AI market is forecasted to grow around 126 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

    AI market

    Hence, the arrival of AI and AI-based bots has emerged a new web development trend across the web development domain.

    Hence, the AI-powered chatbots will provide support and information to create a higher stimulating environment.

    Challenges Users Faced Before Artificial Intelligence

    In the education industry, learning was not interactive, there were no personalized suggestions provided to learners.

    In energy sectors like oil and gas drilling, the operational cost and streamline asset management.

    Healthcare was not advanced and some early forms of diseases like cancer were extremely hard to track.

    Why Should You Choose Artificial Intelligence and Bots?

    • AI is actively helping in the different sectors like oil and gas, education, healthcare, finance, government & environment
    • AI chatbots are helping to increase customer engagement by providing value to customer’s answers
    • Without needing human help, the chatbot will help you to book orders and perform transactions

    Examples of Artificial Intelligence and Bots

    • AI-powered robots
    • AI-powered virtual assistants
    • Netflix – Offers personalized viewing experience
    • Siri – Apple’s personal assistant

    Benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Bots

    Saving costAI is being implemented in web technologies to find the latest trends, implement design principles, and create a personalized web design.
    Improving web technologiesAI is significantly helping reduce development costs and enhance the experience of using web apps.
    Helps to rank on GoogleBy smartly blending with accelerated mobile pages (AMP), AI is now helping websites to rank higher on the Google.
  5. Cloud Computing and Architecture – Process Your Data Swiftly

    Cloud computing is used by small to large companies to store data in the cloud and gives the flexibility to access it from anywhere and anytime using the internet. Its architecture consists of two parts.

    • Front end
    • Back end

    Challenges Users Faced Before Cloud Computing

    • Users had to upgrade their servers frequently based on their website traffic, it was getting hectic at times.
    • Users had to work in a specific system to access the file. Therefore, mobility was not possible.
    • In case of a server crash, power outage, and desktop crash, data was getting removed. Thus, it was directly impacting the businesses.

    Why Should You Choose Cloud Computing?

    • If you are in the healthcare business and manage data on a large level, then implementing a cloud solution is the best choice
    • Multi office companies or remote working teams may implement cloud solutions for accessing information and tools as per their need
    • Industries like education work with data. Hence, to access the data safely, automate the admin process, and streamline the communication between teachers and students cloud will surely help

    Examples of Cloud Computing

    • Google Cloud
    • Salesforce (SaaS solution)
    • Slack

    Benefits of Cloud Computing

    Helps to scaleYou have the flexibility to scale up and down your storage and functionalities as per your business needs.
    Reduce IT costsIt reduces the managing and maintaining of the server cost by only paying for the server resources your business has used.
    Collaborate effectivelyCommunicate and share files and information easily.
  6. Cyber Security – Be Alert About Your Website Security

    Cybersecurity or computer security protects computer systems, personal or business information from the network, devices, programs, and data from attacks like malware, phishing, and zero-day exploits. Additionally, cyber security helps businesses to avoid losses such as investment loss, and financial and customer loss. Even, cyber security enhances your website security, secure wifi connection, and prevents hackers to track data.

    Challenges Users Faced Before Cyber Security

    Ransomware attacks were increasing day by day. There are a total of 304 million Ransomware attacks in 2020.

    Online internet threats like spam, adware, and trojan were consistently increasing, redirecting users to malicious pages and collecting data without their consent.

    Why Should You Choose Cyber Security?

    • To avoid sensitive data exposure
    • To save your web project from cross-site scripting (XSS)
    • To protect your database from SQL injection, XPath, and NoSQL

    Examples of Cyber Security Threats

    • Malware
    • Man in the middle
    • SQL injection
    • Zero-day exploit

    Benefits of Cyber Security

    Efficient business managementEnhance business continuity and improve information security.
    Data protectionProtect your data from data breaches and manage your business information effectively.
    Security controlImprove the control of data security without compromising company details.
    Software development securityProtect your application and systems internally by performing code analysis, overseeing the procedure and processes.
  7. SaaS – Software as a Service – Cost Effective with Easy Deployment


    SaaS is known as software as a service which is a subscription-based software license and delivery model. It is also known as on-demand software which was previously known as software plus services.

    It is the simplest way of delivering web applications over the internet as a service. With SaaS, you no longer need to worry about installing and maintaining your software. You can directly use the app using the internet without worrying about managing software and hardware. For a better understanding of the concept, you can also read our post on SaaS examples.

    Challenges Users Faced Before SaaS?

    Before SaaS, businesses had to install the software on their computer to use it. Hence, usability was capped, and it was challenging to manage multiple logins from different places.

    Businesses had to pay a higher cost to maintain servers and hire programmers to continually update the software.

    Why Should You Choose SaaS?

    • SaaS model offers vertical scalability by offering clients to access specific features or services as per their preferences
    • No need to purchase new software every time, rather SaaS helps to perform the updates and patch management automatically

    Examples of SaaS

    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Zendesk
    • Google Apps
    • Amazon Web Services

    Benefits of SaaS

    Lower costAllows flexible payment by paying the recurring amounts, which will help users to avoid paying all the costs at once.
    CustomizationBy adopting SaaS, you will be able to customize your business application according to your business needs.
    Easy upgradesIn SaaS, the provider will be responsible for upgrading the solution. Also, the cost of the upgrade will be lower than traditional models.
  8. Machine Learning – Automate Smartly

    Machine learning is a type of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that helps software apps to predict outcomes more accurately without specifically programming them.

    Machine learning is currently used in email filters, internet search engines, and personalized recommendations.

    Challenges Users Faced Before Machine Learning

    Users consistently had to monitor their projects and update algorithms to help them perform a specific task.

    Before machine learning emerged, it was too complex for programmers to recognize the patterns and trends to write alogirthm for a computer.

    Why Should You Choose Machine Learning?

    • If you want to use the same algorithm to allow the computer to learn without being specially programmed, use machine learning
    • To remove security threats, this is the best technology to use
    • Applying algorithms to consistently improve user engagement and conversion

    Examples of Machine Learning

    • Smart recommendation engines like Netflix and Facebook
    • Self-driving cars like Waymo cars
    • Gamified learning and education experience like Duolingo language lessons

    Benefits of Machine Learning

    Consistent improvementMachine learning consistently improves its accuracy and efficiency to make better decisions.
    Identify patterns & trendsHelps to find the trends and patterns like choosing the right product, deals, and reminders to enhance the browsing experience. Amazon uses this to help users to get the best deal.
    No human involvementNow, you don’t have to monitor your project constantly. It gives machines the ability to learn about performing tasks like checking algorithms and business intelligence.
  9. WebAssembly – Write Code in Any Language

    WebAssembly helps you to write code in any programming language without users installing any 3rd party software.

    WebAssembly is the latest browser technology that helps you run in the browser to boost performance.

    Challenges Users Faced Before WebAssembly

    Imagine you are sitting in front of the computer, performing a basic calculation (like 100 + 200) and for that, you have to write all the instructions in a long and complex binary language.

    Surely, it would take a lot of time.

    This process specifically was running on x86 processors. Earlier, programmers needed to write in machine code which was extremely tedious and complex and resulted in an error.

    Why Should You Choose WebAssembly?

    • Being an entrepreneur, if you are seeking performance and portability while building your application, use one of the latest web development trends, WebAssembly
    • Offers a near native-like experience to boost the performance of websites, like image manipulation, games, physics, and audio effects

    Examples of WebAssembly

    • AngryBots
    • Banana Bread Demo

    Benefits of WebAssembly

    BrowsingBeing a lightweight technology, it is perfect for mobile browsing.
    PerformanceIt brings out the native-like performance in a web app.

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  10. Dark Mode UI

    According to Android Authority, 81.9% of respondents utilize dark mode on their mobile phones and another 9.9% are switching between light and dark mode. Additionally, well-known smartphone brand, Apple has announced that Dark Mode comprises the latest look which improves focus as well as permits you to create a distraction-free surrounding around you.

    Facebook, Google, and Twitter have started applying dark mode UI on their products, apart from that, an increasing number of users are also planning to apply this technology in their products and devices.

    Challenges Users Faced Before Dark Mode UI

    • The aim of launching dark mode is to save power consumption if you are keen on power saving, then consider using Dark Mode.
    • Because your content stands out while darkened controls and windows fade into the background, Dark Mode makes it simpler to stay focused on your task.

    Why Should You Choose Dark Mode UI?

    • Dark mode decreases eye strain as brighter light is sensitive to our eyes and may cause blurred vision, and stringing eyes.
    • According to Google, if you are using a mobile with an OLED screen then you can save a huge amount of battery life.

    Examples of Dark Mode UI

    • YouTube dark mode
    • Netflix
    • Reddit

    Benefits of Dark Mode UI

    Eyestrain reductionAvoid stinging eyes and headaches by enabling dark mode as it is gentler on the eyes and requires less blue light. It means you will experience fewer negative effects while sleeping and help you to improve your health as well.
    Be productiveThe dark mode provides an energy-efficient solution even while working for longer hours. Being a user will also help you to increase your productivity and help trigger motivation.
    Battery savingDark mode employs more black pixels, which means your device requires less energy to power colorful pixels, which saves battery life.

The following FAQ section includes the important questions and answers about new web development technologies.

FAQ About Web Development Trends

How to find the latest web development trends and updates?

You can follow these 4 ways to find the latest web development trends quickly.

  • Read technology news from websites like TechCrunch and CNET
  • YouTube channels like Bloomberg Technology and CNBC International will keep you updated with the news
  • Contact experienced people who are well versed in technology
  • Join social media groups and follow news pages to get the latest tech news

What is the future of web development?

After discussing with our experienced web developers, we have concluded that AI (Artificial Intelligence), MotionUI, or Motion User Interface is the future of web development. If done correctly, MotionUI will create a long-lasting user experience that conveys the message about your brand.

What languages are used in web development?

  • Python
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • JavaScript


In this guide, you have learned about the top 10 trends in web development. All of these web development trends will help you to develop contemporary web solutions for your business.

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