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Artificial Intelligence Development Services We Offer

AI Development Consulting

AI Development Consulting

Want to redefine your business workflow? Need guidance from a top AI consultant? Get our AI services. We analyze your requirements, recognize possibilities, and provide you ideal AI solution that fits your business. We have skills and experience in developing AI solutions across various industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and manufacturing.

Custom AI Solution Development

Custom AI Solution Development

Want to gain valuable insights into your operations and customers? Leverage our expertise in data processing, model development, and integration to create solutions that deliver tangible results. With a focus on ML algorithms and stringent security, you get custom AI solutions that help you in decision-making.

Chatbot and Virtual Assistants Development

Chatbot and Virtual Assistants Development

If you are looking to develop chatbots or virtual assistants, we have a team who integrates features to simulate real-time conversations. Having experience in using ML and natural language processing algorithms, we have developed chatGPT-like search bots using OpenAI technology that improved site search by 23%.

Machine Learning Model Development

Machine Learning Model Development

Want to make the most of your data? Our team of machine-learning experts extracts valuable insights from unstructured data using natural language processing algorithms from various sources. So, whether you need a question-answering tool or a site search system, we have the team, expertise, and skills to deliver your project efficiently.

Computer Vision Development

Computer Vision Development

If you want to automate tasks and gain insights from visual data, get in touch with us. Our AI team is skilled in developing computer vision solutions like object detection, image recognition, and video analysis with TensorFlow and PyTorch frameworks. With our AI services, you get a computer vision solution that recognizes objects in images and videos, contact us.

Predictive Analytics Solution Development

Predictive Analytics Solution Development

Looking for a solution to analyze large datasets and provide future predictions? We can help. Using data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques, our AI developers identify patterns, and trends and predict future outcomes. Get our predictive analytics service today and develop models that predict future outcomes.

Want to Develop an AI-based Solution for Your Business?

Get in touch with us. Our AI developers have the experience in speech recognition, image recognition, and natural language processing.

Clients Love Space-O Technologies

We are immensely grateful for the exceptional AI development services provided by Space-O Technologies. Their expertise in AI and machine learning, particularly in reinforcement learning and natural language processing, has been a game-changer for our startup. They’ve not only accelerated our product development but have also empowered us to offer cutting-edge AI solutions. Our business is thriving, all thanks to their invaluable guidance in model selection and hyperparameter tuning.

David Hughes


COO, Tech Company

David Hughes

Artificial Intelligence Solution Development Company

If you’re looking for an AI development company that can help you to process and analyze large amounts of data in real-time, get in touch with us. Our team of skilled AI developers is skilled in using frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch, which helps to build robust and scalable AI solutions.

Since we have expertise in using Python and R programming languages to develop complex machine-learning applications, you can improve your business’s operational efficiency easily. From chatbots and virtual assistants to predictive analytics and machine learning, we have the expertise and skills to deliver a customized solutions for industries like healthcare, finance, logistics, and eCommerce.

So, let us help you to leverage AI technology to achieve your business goals.

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Innovative AI-based Projects We Developed

eComChat: eCommerce Search Solution

eComChat: AI-powered eCommerce Search Solution

Our AI developers have developed eComChat – a ChatGPT- like eCommerce search bot that provides relevant search results based on the user’s intent. This solution increased the speed of site search by 23% and eliminated zero search result queries.

document scanner app

ReadGenie: AI-based Image to Text App

It is an AI-based reading assistant app that scans the image and converts it to text using OCR technology. This app uses GPT 3.5 model to summarize the key points and generates new content. In just a week of launch, it received over 525+ downloads.

GPT Vix: AI Recruitment Software

GPT Vix: AI Recruitment Software

GPT Vix is an AI recruitment software built for a recruiting agency based in the USA. To develop this app, Space-O used advanced technologies like OpenAI for natural language processing, OpenAI Whisper for video-to-text conversion, and Synthesia for text-to-video generation.


Photo Translator: AI-Based Picture Translator App

Our AI app developers have developed an AI-based photo translator app similar to Google Lens. This AI-based image translator app translates text, text from images, printed files, objects, or directly captured images from the camera into any language.


Nuzhah’s VR Tour of Hotels for Best-staying Experience

Nuzhah is an Airbnb-like app for hotel booking, developed by our iOS developers. It comes in two variants, including Nuzhah for guests and Nuzhah for hosts. Guests can check and book different resorts, whereas the hosts can submit property.

NFC Jewelry app

Smart NFC Jewelry App to Celebrate Special Moments

Memento Locket App is the most advanced smart NFC jewelry app to celebrate life’s precious moments. This fine jewelry allows for the storage of up to 3 GB of precious memories. Treasure more than 3000 pictures and memories using this amazing app.

Advance AI Technology Stack We Use

Data Infrastructure

We use various technologies for data infrastructure:

  • MongoDB – For scalable, flexible document data storage.
  • Kafka – For building real-time data pipelines.
  • Spark – For large-scale batch data processing.
  • AWS S3 – For cloud object storage.
  • Redis – For caching and real-time analytics.
  • MySQL – For relational database.
  • PostgreSQL – For open-source RDBMS.
  • Hadoop – For distributed storage and processing of large data sets.
  • Spark – For large-scale batch data processing.

Data Analysis & Engineering

We use various technologies for data analysis and engineering:

  • Python – For data preparation, cleaning, feature engineering.
  • SQL – For data analysis and querying structured databases.
  • Pandas, NumPy – For data manipulation and analysis.
  • Jupyter Notebooks – Development environment.
  • Apache Flink – Stream processing for real-time analytics.
  • R – For statistical computing and graphics.
  • Java – For versatile and platform-independent development.

Model Building & Training

We use various technologies for model building and training:

  • PyTorch, TensorFlow – Leading deep learning & ML frameworks.
  • Keras – High-level neural networks API.
  • CUDA – To accelerate model training with GPUs.
  • MLflow – For model tracking and model registry.
  • XGBoost – Gradient boosting library for efficient model training.

Model Deployment

We use various technologies for model deployment:

  • Docker – For containerization of models and dependencies.
  • Kubernetes – For container orchestration and autoscaling.
  • AWS SageMaker – Managed service for deployment.
  • REST APIs – Exposing models via web services.
  • TensorRT – For high-performance deep learning inference.

Application Development

We use various technologies for application development:

  • React – For building interactive user interfaces.
  • Node.js – Scalable server-side JavaScript.
  • GraphQL – Flexible API layer over models.
  • AWS Amplify – Rapid fullstack cloud app development.
  • Flutter – For building cross-platform mobile applications.

DevOps & Monitoring

We use various technologies for DevOps and monitoring:

  • Jenkins – For Continuous integration and delivery.
  • Prometheus – For Time-series monitoring.
  • Grafana – Visualization and analytics.
  • ELK Stack – Centralized logging.
  • New Relic – Application performance monitoring and management.

Why Choose Space-O Technologies?

We, at Space-O Technologies, are a team of thinkers and doers, which constantly looks for different ways to improve things using the latest technology.

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Process We Follow to Develop AI Solution


Problem Identification

Our AI consultant will call you to understand the requirements of your AI-based project. On the call, we will identify your goals or what you want to achieve like cost reduction, improving customer satisfaction, or process automation.


Data Collection and Preparation

The next step is to collect and prepare the data that will be used to train the AI model. We understand that the data quality impacts the accuracy of insights; so we ensure to prepare the dataset by cleaning and removing errors or missing values.


AI Model Development

Once the data is prepared, our AI app developers select the appropriate algorithm and fine-tune it to ensure that it provides accurate predictions. AI model development is an iterative process; it needs to be retrained with new data


Model Evaluation

After the AI model is developed, our AI developers ensure that the model performs well on new, data. If the model doesn’t perform well, then it is again fine-tuned by modifying data, and changing the architecture until the result is achieved.


Integration With Existing System

Once the model is developed, it is integrated with your existing system through API or a web service. We ensure to deploy your AI model in a way it is secured and scalable so that, the model can be updated, and retrained as required.


Monitoring and Maintenance

Once your model is deployed, it is monitored and maintained to ensure that it continues to provide accurate predictions. Over a period of time, we keep updating your model with new data and ensure that you can resolve the problems over time.

Appreciation from Clients

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes. We sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your idea. We understand the importance of protecting your idea; so, we ensure your idea’s confidentiality. You can even provide your custom NDA; however, it gets reviewed by our consultant before signing.

The cost of developing an AI solution starts from $50,000. However, the cost can vary widely depending on a range of factors, such as the complexity of the project, the size of the data set, the algorithm or model architecture used, and the level of expertise required to develop and deploy the project.

One of the first questions that often arise during AI development is what data is needed to train the model. However, to develop AI solutions we need structured data to store in the database while unstructured data such as text, images, or videos.

Yes. Before assigning a project, you can interview our AI developers. You can test the skills of our AI developers to check if they are perfect for your AI project. Just in case you are not satisfied, we will send you the resumes of more developers. Once you finalize the team, we will conduct the meeting to proceed further.

Once you agree with AI development, we will allocate an experienced project manager who will be in touch with you through Skype, Google Hangouts, email, and phone. The project manager we assign you will act as a point of contact, updating you about the progress throughout the project tenure.

We use Basecamp 2, Trello, and Jira to communicate and update the status of a project. Our project manager sets the milestones for every phase and updates you on a day-to-day basis about your project’s progress. Being a leading AI company, we ensure that you get each and every update about your project to avoid future iterations.