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About One8 Transportation Management Software

One8 is a transportation management system we developed for our client based in Saudi Arabia. We built a complete solution for supply chain management in logistics. There are three components – Driver’s App, Company Admin, and Super Admin.

The Driver’s app is an Android application that informs the drivers about new trip requests along with all the details. The drivers can accept or reject a request based on their availability. The drivers get information like goods details, pick-ups, drop-offs, and routes. They can start and complete a trip while tracking their route with GPS tracking in this transportation management system. The Company Admin allows the registered companies to make shipping requests by adding pickup- drop off details and goods details. The Super Admin can manage registered companies, drivers, shipments, and shipping trips.

Our client from Saudi Arabia runs a transport system management business. He came to us as he wanted to digitalize his business. The business was done on paper and excel sheets. We developed transportation management software that has replaced this and completed automated the entire shipping and warehouse management system.

one8 management software

Features of the Transport
Management System


Sign Up

The first screen that is displayed to any driver is the onboarding or sign up screen. The driver needs to sign up by creating a profile. In order to create a profile, the driver needs to add details like first name, last name, verified phone number, driver license details like license number, and expiry date.

one8 signup


Shipping Trip Requests

The drivers are alerted about new trip requests via notifications. Each request has details like the number and location of pickup and dropoff points, date and time of the trip, and the company that made the request and description of goods. The driver can choose to accept or reject the trip by giving a reason.

one8 shipping trip request


My Trip

Using this TMS app, he can view the details of the shipping trips. He can view today’s trip and see when the trip is going to start, the number of pickups and dropoffs, vehicle type, number, name of the requesting company, and choose to start the trip. He can view the details of scheduled upcoming shipping trips as well.

one8 my trip


Shipping Trip Details

The driver can click on the ‘View more’ option to get more details about the shipping trip. The driver can view if the address of the pickup and dropoff locations along with the entire optimized route. The driver can also see goods details like the type and quality along with any specific notes that the requester has added.

one8 shipping trip details


Track Shipping Trip

We have integrated the Google Maps API into this cloud-based transportation management system. The drivers can track their vehicle on the route in real-time while making the shipments. The drivers get an optimized route to deliver shipments. They can see if they’re following the same route or going on another route.

one8 track ship


Start and Arrive

The driver starts the shipping trip at a predetermined time. He can view the map view of the pickup and dropoff locations and drive on the suggested optimized path to get to the destination as fast as possible. The driver has an option to call as well as notify the admin when he arrives at a location by just one click.

One8 Start and Arrive


Picking Up and Dropping Off Shipments

After a driver makes his pickup or dropoff, he needs to load/unload the shipments and verify the status. They can do this with this supply chain management system. Drivers mark the goods that they have picked/ dropped or state the reason for not dropping or picking something. The last step is to enter the OTP to verify the activity.

One8 Picking Up and Dropping


Trip Summary

After the driver has picked up all the shipments and dropped them off at proper locations, he ends the trip by clicking on “End Trip”. After this, he can choose to view ‘Trip Summary’. This summary includes information like trip date, time, pickups, drop-offs, vehicle type, vehicle number, requesting company, and good details.

One8 Trip Summary


Completed Trips

This section shows the drivers all the past shipping trips that the driver has completed. The driver can see multiple trip details which can help with customer service as well as his payment. He can view information like trip date, time, number and of shipments, vehicle type and number, and name of the requesting company.

One8 Completed Trips



Any company that needs transport for their shipments can register for this service. The company needs to provide its details like name, email address, phone number, goods type, and type of vehicle needed. After approval from super admin, the company admin gets access to various features of this shipping software.

one8 register screen


Create Trips

The company admin can create a trip for its shipments. The admin needs to add vehicle type or add a new vehicle if the vehicle of choice is not available. The company admin needs to add vehicle information and goods type. After that, the admin adds pickup and dropoff information in detail and creates a trip.

one8 credit tips


Shipment Details

After creating a trip, the admin can either create a route for the driver or go for an optimized route created by the route optimization algorithm. Then the admin adds shipment details like trip date, time, goods details, vehicle type, driver name, and checks for availability of the driver. This request goes to the drivers.

one8 shipment detail


Tracking Drivers

After a driver accepts a request and begins a trip, the company admin can track the driver. We have integrated Google Maps API which helps the admin to track drivers in real-time. This lets them keep a check if the drivers have reached the pickup and dropoff locations completely or face any issues during the trip.

one8 tracking driver



The first screen that the super admin sees is the Home Screen or the Dashboard. On this screen, the admin can view the current month’s details like Total Kilometers, Total Trips, Total Drivers. This screen also shows details like On Going Trips. When the admin clicks on an ongoing trip, he will see ee the map of the tapped trip.

one8 admin dashboard


Manage Companies

The super admin can either add a new company or view the details of all the registered companies. The admin can view information like company name, email address, phone number, current trips, completed trips, total drivers. The admin can send a message to any company, hide, edit, or delete any company as required.

one8 manage compiens


Manage Vehicles

The admin can add or delete vehicles to the list. The super admin of this supply chain management software has access to the information about shipping vehicles. The admin can view information like vehicle type, vehicle registration number, vehicle model and make, and the year of manufacture.

one8 maange vehicle


Manage Drivers

The super admin has the authority to approve or reject a driver’s request. The super admin can view and manage information like driver name, phone number, activity status, requested trips, accepted trips, completed tips, authentication status. The admin can also send a custom message to any driver.

one8 manage driver


Manage Trips

The super admin can manage all trips in this cloud-based supply chain management software. The admin views information about scheduled, active, unassigned, past trips. The admin can view information like company name, driver name, total distance, duration, pickups, dropoffs, date, time, and activity status.

one8 manage trips

Want to develop a transportation management system with real-time GPS tracking and route optimization features? Tell us a bit about your idea and get a free quote.

One8 app screen

Want to know more about the client, his idea, how he contacted us and how we developed this as a solution?

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