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Want to create an app like Instagram on Android and iOS platforms? Want to create a custom Instagram-like app with advanced features? Let’s get in touch. We have experience in developing over 40+ photo and video sharing applications.

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Instagram Clone App

The rapid growth of photo-sharing apps like Instagram has influenced a lot of entrepreneurs and startups to develop their own custom Instagram clone app, letting people share pictures and videos publicly.

So, if you are also looking to hire best mobile app developers to create native Android and iOS Instagram like app, we have an experienced mobile app developer team to customize and develop Instagram like application. Making use of advanced tools and technologies, we reinvent internet-based photo and video sharing apps for iOS and Android platform.

With the main aim of building the best user experience, our team follows agile app development process to build top photo-sharing app like Instagram, allowing users to upload pictures & videos with just a few simple taps on the screen.

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Core Features of Photo & Video Sharing
App Like Instagram

Want to make an app like Instagram? But thinking of how to build app like Instrgram with top features? We have developed over 40 photo and video apps, and many of them have successfully secured their places in the top Photo Video apps category. To make best like app for Instagram, we included many useful features. Features that help your users to share photos/videos, manage profile, and stay connected with friends through messaging.

Authorization with Email & Social Media Platform

Allow your users to sign-up/login into the app in different ways, including email, mobile phone, and social networks like Facebook and Google+. As per the convenience, users prefer to sign-up and login into the app.

Email Authorization

Activity Log

It enables your users to check all the recent activities performed by them on the app. Following/unfollowing people, commenting on the photos, and checking other users’ post are easily possible in the activity.


Enable users to search for another user, including friends, relatives, or anyone using their name and user-name. To search people, your users just need to click on the search feature and enter the user’s name or user-name.

instagram clone app features

Filters to Edit Pictures

Editing pictures using different filters and editing tools like crop, color combination, rotate, straighten and perspective correction is easily possible using this feature. Your users can apply filter and upload picture/video on the app.

User Profile

Users can maintain a complete profile, including detailed information like name and email address, followers, following, the total number of uploaded photos/videos, and tagged pictures.

Upload Photos/Videos

Users upload photos and videos directly from the library or using the camera of the smartphone. By following a few simple steps, allowing users to upload multiple photos and videos.

Push Notification

It allows users to get real-time notifications when someone likes their pictures/videos, send an add request, mentioned them in a comment or any activity related to them.


Integrating geolocation plays an important role when your users want to share a place where a photo/video was taken. Even users can search the images with different locations.

Chat feature

Direct Messaging

In-built messenger helps users to communicate with friends, followers and following. They can send messages to their followers and people, whom they follow.

Social Media Integration

Integrate other social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, and WhatsApp in the app to enable your users to directly share photos and videos with friends and relatives.

Want to Create App Like Instagram?

Ready to bring your app idea to life? Let’s turn your vision into reality with our expert app development team. Contact us today and create an app like Instagram!

Process We Follow to Develop Instagram like App


Analyze Client’s Requirements

  • Discuss your idea
  • Make a detailed report
  • Discover the solution


  • Prepare a blueprint
  • Make a wireframe for each screen
  • Design a solution


  • Start app designing
  • Design all the screen
  • Get your freedback


  • Start app development
  • Module development
  • Delivering milestone


  • App performance testing
  • Code evaluation
  • 100% bug-free app


  • Deploy app to Play Store & App Store
  • Transferring app ownership
  • App maintenance

Technology Stack Behind Photo Sharing App like Instagram & Flickr



Programming Language

Java programming language


kotlin for android development



integrated development environment

Xcode 9.4 (iOS)

android studio

Android Studio

Web Development Language

PHP Web Development Language



MySQL Database


Hosting Server

ubuntu hosting server

Ubuntu 16.04

Mobile App Design

Adobe XD

Adobe XD



Wireframe Design Tool

wireframe designing tool

Adobe XD

HTML – CSS Conversion Tool

Visual Studio

Visual Studio

Top Photo & Video Apps Developed by Us

9 out of top 200 photos apps in “Photos/Videos” app category are developed by us, and here are some of those top apps that enable users to edit photos, apply filters, and share it on social media networks. Based on our experience and expertise, we do know how to make a new Instagram like app.

Censored Photo Sharing App

Teezr – Censored Photo Sharing App

Teezr is a photo sharing app that allows users to send censored pictures and messages to friends and relatives. The censored pictures will become uncensored once the set timer reaches zero. Using this app, users can take a picture or write a message, add censors, set the time and tease away. Once the full content is seen, it will disappear forever. Here are some of the top features of Teezr app:

  • In-app Messaging: It allows users to send direct messages to their friends and loved ones. They can have a one-to-one chat with any user they want.
  • User Profile: Users can maintain their profile, where they can check their friends and fans.
  • Upload Pictures/Videos: The app allows users to directly send pictures and videos to their friends and loved ones from the gallery.
Slow Motion Video Editor

Slow Motion Video Editor –
A Slow Motion Video Editing App

Developed by our app experts, SlomoLapse is a video editing app that allows users to create slow-motion videos by applying both slomo and timelapse. Users can slow down part of a video and make the rest part quicker.

In short, the app is designed and developed to adjust the speed of videos, so users can create some of the beautiful videos that are created in slow-motion. Check out some of the exclusive features of the app:

  • Video supporting with Slo-mo & Timelapse: Users can capture videos by applying both slo-mo and timelapse in a single video.
  • Social Media Integration: Share captured videos with friends and relatives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.
  • Save to Gallery: Users can save videos directly to the gallery.
Text Caption on Photos

Text Caption on Photos –
Add Caption on Photos & Videos

Listed in the top 200 photos app in the “Photo Videos” app category, Text Caption on Photos is a caption adding application that developed by our team. Using this app, users can add real-time text and filters to pictures and videos and share it on social media networks.

Within just a few seconds, users add captions, quotes, and custom typography directly to the camera, click it and share it with friends. Here’re some of the unique features of the app:

  • Editing Tools: Using different editing tools, users edit pictures and videos as per their choice.
  • Real-time Filters: The app allows users to apply real-time filters to the camera, allowing them to click picture or video using any filter.
  • Social Media Integration: Users can directly share the editing pictures and videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

App Store

Insta Banner App

InstaBanners – An Insta Banner App

InstaBanners is a banner application, allowing users to post banner pictures on the Instagram. Using this application, users can create some of the amazing banners to get more followers, get more likes and amaze their friends. The app comes with some of the top features, including:

  • Image Converter: It allows users to convert their best pictures into InstaBanners to share on the photo-sharing app.
  • Import Picture: To convert your picture into InstaBanner, you can directly import your pictures from your device.
  • Edit Pictures: Users can edit, zoom and rotate their pictures to make perfect.

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How Much Does it Cost to Create an
App Like Instagram?

So, you want to know the cost of making an app like Instagram. From the table, you can know the estimated development hours of Instagram like app. This table highlights all the features of the photo-sharing app along with its development, designing, and testing hours.

Estimated Man Hours
DevelopmentGraphics DesignQC/TestingProject ManagementTOTAL
(I) iOS Application1. Business Analysis & Communication162.42.41.622.4
2. Base Code & Architecture243.63.62.433.6
3. Screens:
3.1. Sign Up/Log In243.63.62.433.6
3.2. Tab Bar60.
3.3. Home:
3.3.1. Feed182.72.71.825.2
3.3.2. Photo324.
3.3.3. Comments4066456
3.3.4. Stories253.753.752.535
3.3.5. Videos304.54.5342
3.3.6. Direct60.
3.4. Search:
3.4.1. Photos152.252.251.521
3.4.2. People121.
3.4.3. Search223.
3.4.4. Search Results101.51.5114
3.4.5. Hastags20.
3.5. Capture:
3.5.1. Camera182.72.71.825.2
3.5.2. Editor: Editor121. Filters162.42.41.622.4 Manage Filters101.51.5114 Tools60. Lux, Brightness, Contrast, etc.101.51.5114 Adjust304.54.5342 Tilt Shift121. Cover Frame81.21.20.811.2
3.5.3. Share To Followers162.42.41.622.4
3.5.4. Share Direct324.
3.5.5. Tag People2033228
3.6. Activity263.93.92.636.4
3.7. Profile:
3.7.1. Posts182.72.71.825.2
3.7.2. Map284.24.22.839.2
3.7.3. Photos Of50.750.750.57
3.7.4. Followers/Following81.21.20.811.2
3.7.5. Edit Profile243.63.62.433.6
3.8. Options:
3.8.1. Options60.
3.8.2. Follow People304.54.5342
3.8.3. Liked Posts30.450.450.34.2
3.8.4. Feedback60.
3.8.5. Help, About, etc.101.51.5114
3.8.6. Share Settings2033228
3.8.7. Notifications81.21.20.811.2
3.8.8. Video Options101.51.5114
3.8.9. Story Settings101.51.5114
3.9. Tip Popups243.63.62.433.6
4. Business Logic & Data Model:
4.1. Data Model355.255.253.549
4.2. GPUImage Integration142.12.11.419.6
4.3. Video Recording182.72.71.825.2
4.4. Video Playback81.21.20.811.2
4.5. Filters Engine304.54.5342
4.6. Adjust Straighten152.252.251.521
4.7. Adjust Perspective101.51.5114
4.8. Tilt Shift253.753.752.535
4.9. Lux, Brightness, Contrast, etc.
4.10. Photo Filters (2 x 24)487.27.24.867.2
4.11. Video Filters (1 x 14)
4.12. Web Service Interaction6099684
4.13. Social Networks:
4.13.1. Facebook Integration152.252.251.521
4.13.2. Twitter Integration182.72.71.825.2
4.13.3. Tumblr Integration121.
4.13.4. Flickr Integration152.252.251.521
4.14. Address Book Interaction81.21.20.811.2
4.15. Push Notifications162.42.41.622.4
4.16. Appirater Integration50.750.750.57
5. Graphics Design Integration253.753.752.535
6. NameTag2033228
(II) Android ApplicationAndroid considered as 120% of iOS development1910.16
(III) Web Services (API)1. Business Analysis & Communication162.41.620
2. Base Code & Database121.81.215
3. Web Services (API):
3.1. Auth81.20.810
3.2. Social Networks Integration40.60.45
3.3. Recommendations81.20.810
3.4. Hashtags/Likes-related Functionality81.20.810
3.5. Posts / Comments81.20.810
3.6. Flag50.750.56.25
3.7. Followers50.750.56.25
3.8. Profile81.20.810
3.9. Search60.90.67.5
3.10. Direct40.60.45
3.11. Push Notifications81.20.810

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