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Angular Development Services We Provide

Angular Consulting

Angular Consulting

Our team provides specialized Angular consulting, focusing on robust architectural patterns, best practices in Angular modules, lazy loading, and advanced RxJS concepts to design scalable and efficient single-page applications (SPAs).

Native and Cross-platform App Development

Cross-platform App Development

We use Angular with technologies like Ionic or NativeScript for cross-platform solutions, ensuring native-like performance. Our expertise spans creating PWAs and Angular-based hybrid applications that offer a seamless user experience across multiple platforms.

Performance Tuning and Optimization

Performance Tuning and Optimization

Is your Angular app not running at its best? We conduct thorough performance audits like streamlined code refactoring, Ahead-of-Time compilation, tree shaking, and efficient lazy loading. Our expertise in Webpack bundling ensures minimal load times and peak runtime performance.

Custom Angular App Development

Custom Angular App Development

Custom Angular web apps are our forte. From configurable content catalogs to interactive dashboards, real-time reporting, and collaborative tools with chat functions – we create integrated e-commerce experiences and admin portals designed just for you.

Single Page App Development

Single Page App Development

Transform your monolithic applications into modern microservices with us. We integrate Node.js and Express backends, incorporate REST and GraphQL APIs, and implement serverless architectures on AWS Lambda, optimizing your Angular apps for peak performance.

Migration and Upgradation

Angular Migration Services

Our services include migrating legacy applications to Angular, ensuring a smooth transition from older frameworks like Angular to the latest Angular versions while maintaining data integrity and minimizing downtime.

Build Your Web App with Our Angular Development Expertise

Unlock the full potential of Angular’s modular structure in your project. Our approach ensures a scalable, maintainable, and efficient application that resonates with your business needs:

  • checked-engagement Strategic Planning
  • checked-engagement Tailored Modular Design
  • checked-engagement Efficient Code Management
  • checked-engagement Scalable Framework
  • checked-engagement Comprehensive Testing & QA
  • checked-engagement Seamless API Integration
  • checked-engagement Robust MVC Architecture
  • checked-engagement Continuous Support
  • checked-engagement Performance Optimization

Clients Love Space-O Technologies

Space-O developed an easy-to-use portal for our company using Angular. With over 150K users, the platform needed to provide a seamless experience. They delivered an intuitive real-time feed showing user activity coupled with visually-rich elements. Within 5 months of launch, we saw a 20% improvement in customer engagement metrics directly attributable to the portal’s user experience and visual appeal.

Michael Jones


CTO, Healthcare Industry

Robert Johnson

Get a Talented Team for Your Angular Projects

As a leading Angular development company, Space-O Technologies provides highly skilled Angular developers to meet critical project requirements. Over the last decade, we have developed over 100+ complex, high-performance web apps, and SPAs using the latest Angular for startups, SaaS companies, and large enterprises across diverse domains.

With 5+ years of average experience in Angular, our developers utilize their expertise in core Angular concepts like components, services, and routing along with TypeScript, RxJS, testing, and performance optimization to craft robust solutions.

We follow an agile approach combined with DevOps practices for faster yet reliable delivery. When you collaborate with us, you gain access to some of the most proficient Angular talent offering skills, scalability, and speed to gain a competitive edge. Get in touch to leverage our Angular mastery in building or upgrading responsive web apps.

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Innovative Angular Solutions Developed By Us

Need Expert Angular Developers for Your Project?

Our Angular developers can maximize the capabilities of Angular to build smooth, scalable SPAs and PWAs. With over a decade of specialized expertise in the Angular framework, we go beyond coding to provide strategic counsel on optimizing, future-proofing, and advancing your Angular investment.

Tools and Technologies Powering Our Angular Expertise

As a leading Angular development company, we utilize a comprehensive and advanced technology stack for Angular development:


Expertise in core languages like:

  • JavaScript/ES6: Primary language for Angular apps.
  • TypeScript: Typed superset of JavaScript for Angular.
  • HTML/CSS: For building UI and styling.
  • Sass/SCSS: For advanced styling capabilities.
  • RxJS: Library for reactive programming using observables.

Platforms & Infrastructure

Leveraging robust platforms:

  • Node.js: For running JavaScript outside the browser.
  • npm: For managing JavaScript packages/dependencies
  • Webpack: For bundling and optimization.
  • Jasmine: For unit testing Angular code.
  • Karma: For running tests on real devices.
  • Protractor: For end-to-end UI testing.


Seamless integration with databases like:

  • MongoDB: Document-oriented NoSQL database.
  • MySQL: Popular relational database management system.
  • PostgreSQL: Powerful object-relational database.
  • SQLite: Self-contained SQL database engine.
  • Firebase: Google’s mobile app development platform.

Libraries & Tools

Leverage libraries and tools like :

  • NgRx/Akita: For advanced state management.
  • Angular Material: Collection of UI components.
  • Bootstrap: Front-end component library.
  • Lodash: JavaScript utility library.
  • Chrome DevTools: For debugging/performance.

Cloud & Deployment

Leverage robust cloud platforms and optimized deployment:

  • AWS: For hosting, CDN, databases.
  • Azure: Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.
  • Docker: For containerization and microservices.
  • Kubernetes: For automating deployment, scaling.
  • Git: For version control and code management.


Leverage security best practices like:

  • JSON Web Tokens (JWT): For authentication and session management.
  • Role-based access control (RBAC): For authorization to routes and UI elements.
  • Input validation: To sanitize and validate user input.
  • Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection: Using tokens to prevent CSRF attacks.
  • Error handling: To prevent leaking sensitive information on errors.
  • Data encryption: To securely encrypt sensitive data.
  • OWASP Top 10 compliance: To mitigate common web app vulnerabilities.

Building Web Apps With Angular Framework Stacks

Angular + Node + Express/NestJS + MongoDB

Angular provides front-end capabilities while Node + Express/NestJS offers scalable server-side logic and MongoDB provides flexible cloud-based NoSQL storage.

Angular + ASP.NET Core + SQL Server

ASP.NET Core MVC integrated with Angular establishes an enterprise-grade .NET backend while SQL Server provides robust relational database support.

Angular + Python + Django/Flask + PostgreSQL

For rapid prototyping ideas, Python frameworks like Django and Flask combined with Angular frontend and PostgreSQL database make for great agile stacks.

Practical Use-cases of Angular Framework

Scalable Enterprise Business Web Apps

Scalable Enterprise Applications

Our Angular development team leverages a strong typing system, component-based architecture, and extensive tooling to build complex, large-scale enterprise systems, such as ERPs and CRMs. This Angular framework ensures robustness and scalability, essential for the high demands of enterprise applications.

Single-Page Web Applications

Single-page Web Apps

We specialize in developing Single-Page Applications (SPAs) using Angular. The framework’s declarative templates, dependency injection, and powerful routing capabilities enable us to create dynamic views with real-time updates, fluid animations, and a seamless dynamic user interface.

Administrative CRUD Dashboards and Portals

Admin Dashboards & Business Intelligence

Our expertise in Angular allows us to rapidly develop front-end solutions for data-driven dashboards, CMS portals, and analytics platforms. These applications are instrumental in visualizing key business insights and aiding decision-making processes.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Apps

We utilize Angular’s features like ahead-of-time compilation, service workers, and offline data access to create Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). These apps offer native-app-like capabilities, providing an enhanced and more accessible user experience.

Instant Messaging and Chat Applications

Chat Applications

We leverage Angular’s integration capabilities with external web sockets and APIs, enabling us to build real-time instant messaging, chat, and notification modules. These modules provide constantly updated experiences and lightning-fast communication between clients and servers.

Progressive Web Applications

IoT & Real-time Apps

Angular’s compatibility with various protocols, including MQTT, WebSockets, and SignalR, makes it an ideal choice for our real-time and IoT applications. We seamlessly integrate these technologies to add real-time capabilities essential for IoT devices and stock trading applications.

Why Choose Angular for Web App Development?

Choosing Angular for web app development offers several advantages. Here are six key reasons:

Enables Productivity & Speed

We designed Angular to help you develop web apps faster. Built-in templating and two-way data binding make Angular extremely productive.

Provides Easy Maintenance

Angular’s modular architecture allows you to easily update and reuse components. Services encapsulate functionality that you can swap without affecting other code.

Delivers Full-Fledged Capabilities

As a complete framework, Angular provides all the capabilities for routing, HTTP services, testing etc. No need to assemble different libraries for full functionality.

Supports Cross-Platform Development

You can use Angular to build progressive web, mobile, and desktop apps from the same code. Angular is supported seamlessly across platforms.

Enhances Accessibility

We ensure Angular accessibility features comply with ARIA standards. Your Angular apps will have built-in accessible UI components.

Promotes Discoverability

Angular generates SEO-friendly code for proper website rendering to boost findability. Your Angular site will also have faster page load times.

Our Process to Develop Apps Using Angular Web Framework

Discover our streamlined process for creating exceptional apps with the Angular framework.


Gather Requirements

Our sales team inquired about your vision to precisely gather Angular application needs. We’ll completely understand your organizational workflow, detailed features required, UX expectations, backend integrations needed, and unique components.


Define Robust Architecture

Our expert Angular architects analyze requirements to design an optimized application architecture using the best modules like routing, and HTTP services alongside finalizing planned core components. This crystallizes how capabilities connect.


Build Reusable Components

Following established style guides, our Angular developers create reusable UI components using HTML, CSS and TypeScript. Effective coding practices ensure components easily plug and play together into full applications.


Construct Responsive UI

Leveraging libraries like Angular Material, we rapidly construct adaptive mobile/web UIs. Validated UI framework kits accelerate the development of the front-end and responsive visual interface.


Incorporate Business Logic

Collaborating with your team, our Node.js developers incorporate complex business logic in TypeScript/JavaScript within a scalable microservices architecture. Well-commented code aids future maintenance.


Automate CI/CD Pipeline

We script efficient CI/CD pipelines to automate building, testing, integrating, and zero-downtime deployment of code changes to staging/production environments. One-click sets changes live.

Why Choose Us for Angular Web App Development?

Select us for your Angular development project and collaborate with a team committed to the success of your project.

Proven Expertise in Angular

With years of experience in delivering top-tier Angular solutions across various sectors, our expertise is both deep and wide-ranging. We excel in creating modern, scalable applications.

Extensive Portfolio of Angular Projects

Our portfolio includes 100+ successful Angular projects, demonstrating our ability to meet a wide array of client requirements with precision and creativity.

Dedicated Team of Angular Professionals

Our in-house team consists of skilled developers, quality assurance specialists, and project managers, all with a focus on Angular development. This specialized knowledge ensures high-quality outcomes.

Commitment to Quality and Timeliness

We pride ourselves on our track record of completing projects on schedule and within budget, consistently achieving high client satisfaction rates.

Tailored Angular Solutions

We prioritize understanding your specific needs and developing bespoke Angular solutions that align with your business goals, enhancing both performance and user engagement.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Ensure the continuous performance of your Angular applications with our maintenance services. We offer a two-month support program, designed to keep your applications running smoothly and securely.

Our Industrial Domain Expertise

We develop industry-specific solutions using the Angular framework across domains:



We use Angular to develop medical applications, hospital management systems, and telemedicine platforms. It ensures the secure and responsive user experiences in healthcare applications that we build, facilitating efficient patient care and management.



In the financial sector, we build robust banking applications, financial management tools, and investment platforms with Angular. It enables the real-time data visualization and secure financial transactions that our finance industry clients need.



Angular is our choice for eCommerce platforms, offering the responsive and dynamic web interfaces online shops require. It enhances user interactions, streamlines transaction processes, and supports product catalog and secure payment features.

Media and Entertainment


We leverage Angular to develop content-driven websites, streaming services, and interactive social media platforms for media companies. It ensures the high performance, scalability, and engaging experiences that the media industry demands.

Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

We utilize Angular to create travel booking portals, tourism websites, and itinerary planners used by millions globally. It provides real-time updates, intuitive interfaces, and seamless booking capabilities travelers and adventure enthusiasts need.


Real Estate

Our real estate clients benefit from Angular when we build property listing platforms, management systems, and realtor websites. It offers real-time property data, user-friendly interfaces, and efficient data management for property seekers and real estate professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time to build Angular web apps varies based on complexity, scope, and specific requirements. Here’s a general guide:

  • Simple Angular Web App: Basic applications with fundamental features may take about 2-4 weeks to develop.
  • Medium-Sized Angular Web App: Web applications with a moderate level of complexity, including multiple pages and more advanced features, typically require 4-8 weeks.
  • Complex Angular Platforms: For highly complex applications with intricate functionalities, sophisticated UI/UX designs, and possibly integration with multiple systems, the development time can extend to 6 months or more.

To get a precise time estimate, it’s best to discuss your project requirements with us, and we’ll provide you with a tailored quote.

The cost of developing Angular web apps depends on several factors including the developer’s expertise, project complexity, and duration. Here’s a rough estimate based on developer rates and project complexity:

  • Simple Angular Web App: For basic apps, considering a mix of junior and mid-level developers, the cost might range from $4,000 to $16,000 (assuming 2-4 weeks of development at an average rate of $50 per hour).
  • Medium-Sized Angular Web App: These apps might cost between $16,000 to $32,000, considering a 4-8 week timeline with a blend of mid-level and senior developers (average rate around $75 per hour).
  • Complex Angular Platforms: For highly complex applications, costs can start from $48,000 and go much higher, depending on the project’s scale and the seniority of developers involved. If a project takes 6 months with a combination of mid-level and senior developers (averaging $100 per hour), the cost can exceed $100,000.

We follow industry-standard source code management practices using version control systems like Git. Our developers use Gitlab repositories to track changes, collaborate, and maintain code versions. This ensures transparency, accountability, and efficient code management throughout the development process.

You retain full ownership of the source code and intellectual property rights for the project. Our role is to develop the code based on your requirements, and upon project completion, we transfer all the source code and associated assets to you. We can also provide the necessary documentation for future enhancement or maintenance services.

We take intellectual property rights seriously and prioritize the protection of your assets. To safeguard your intellectual property, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and include confidentiality clauses in our contracts. Additionally, we restrict access to your project only to team members involved in its development, ensuring the highest level of security and confidentiality.

Our expert teams adhere to stringent information security guidelines compliant with ISO 27001, and 9001 specifications. Developers follow secure SDLC protocols focused on quality and vulnerability prevention aligned to OWASP Top 10 standards.

We implement security best practices including input validation, output encoding, implementing CSRF tokens, XSS protection by using Angular’s DomSanitizer, defending against cross-site scripting attacks, integrating OAuth authentication, HTTP interceptors to prevent injection threats, recaptcha bot detection, and hosting only on secured cloud infrastructure having the latest security patches.

Yes, our project execution is aligned with Agile and Scrum methodologies with a focus on iterative delivery, continuous testing, end-user feedback incorporation, and complete transparency through tools like Jira and Basecamp. We follow short 2-week sprints to demonstrate functional enhancements early and often prior to moving towards a production-ready app.

Using principles like DRY (don’t repeat yourself), modular component design with high cohesion focused on single responsibility, abstraction layers for services, clean interfaces, detailed documentation along with following best practices recommended by the Angular team at Google and an agile development process accommodating change – we build flexible Angular architecture that prevents accumulation of technical debt.

We are a specialized Angular-focused firm with 100+ full-time Angular talent with 5+ years of experience each. Dedicated developers allow you to scale teams seamlessly while we handle all recruiting, HR, operations, infrastructure, and compliance needs. This support and expertise offer a significant advantage over freelancers, ensuring not just quality development but also valuable knowledge transfer and long-term commitment to your project’s success.