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Abstract of MedCall WorkComp Doctor App

MedcallWorkComp is a complete doctor on-demand apps solution that is mainly designed and developed to connect patients with emergency doctors. Comes with patient’s and doctor’s apps and web portal, this on-demand doctor booking app provides direct access to emergency physicians who provide tele-emergent triage for medical events.

Patients can get in touch with the experienced doctors for any of their injury, emergency, and general check-up through a video call. As per the patient’s condition, one of the doctors gives medical advice, diagnosis, and prescription when necessary. In an emergency, patients just need to call on a specific number to medical operators, who will connect them with available doctors in just a few seconds.

Client’s Requirements for On-demand Doctor App Development

Based in Charlotte, USA, our client had a scratch idea about the medical software. He wanted to turn the whole medical system online that they were handling manually. Our client and his team were manually filling the patient’s form and data and then those forms were reviewed by doctors at the time of consulting.

Previously, patients were visiting nearby hospitals to consult general physicians and medical operators were following long procedures like filling forms, collecting patient’s data and then send those forms to doctors to get it reviewed.

This whole process was wasting a lot of time of patients and doctors, and there were many patients who were facing problem at the time of emergencies like accident and injuries. The patients used to follow a lengthy process in an emergency as well.

Therefore, our client decided to turn this manual system online and wanted to develop medical software, where patients and doctors can connect with each other online and medical operators fill patients data digitally.


What We Proposed to Our Client

After listening to our client’s requirements about the medical software solution, we suggested our client develop on-demand doctor apps solution, comprising a patient’s app, doctor’s app, and web portal for medical operators. Our suggested on-demand doctor apps for Android and iOS platform connect patients and doctors in real-time.

Using the patient’s app, patients only need to call on a specific number to medical operators, explaining about the medical issue. The medical operator will enter the patient’s data in the web portal and connect him with the available doctor.

Patient, medical operator, and available doctor connect with each other through a video call. If necessary, the patient can share the photos of the injury by uploading from gallery or camera. As per the conversation and injury, the doctor will suggest the right treatment and prescribe medication.

Proposed Client

Core Features of Our Developed
On-Demand Doctor Apps Solution

Patient’s App

The patient’s app allows patients to get direct access to ER physicians who provide tele-emergent triage for medical events. Patients will receive a diagnosis, medical advice and prescriptions for non-narcotic drugs from experienced doctors and physicians. Here’re the top features of patient’s app:

One-step Sign-up Feature

One-step Sign-up

The patients only need to follow one step for signing-up in the application. After signing up, the app will send the verification code, so patients only need to verify the code for moving ahead.


Click to Connect

The patients need to click to connect button to make a call to a medical operator and describe the problem and health issue. The medical operator will fill the form in the web portal and connect the patient with an available doctor.


Take Photos

Patients can send photos to doctors, showing their injuries or affected areas to give a better idea. They can upload pictures directly from the gallery or click using the camera.


Video Calling

Patients can do a video call to doctors directly from the application and can discuss their health issues and problems face-to-face. In fact, the doctor, medial operator and patient can communicate together in a single video call.

Doctor’s App

The MedCall doctor application allows doctors to get in touch with their patients and medical operators through video call and chat feature. Doctors can easily communicate with their patients using this app and see their sent injury photos. Let’s check out some of the top features of doctor’s application:


Easy to Login

Doctors will be added in the web portal by admin or medical operators, and they will get login credentials to log in the application. So, doctors can easily log in the app using given credentials.

Offline/Online Status

Offline/Online Status

As per the availability, doctors can click on offline and online status. When they are available to handle patients, they can set their status as online and if they are not available, they can set their status as offline.

Video Calling

Video Calling

Doctors can communicate with their patients through video call and assist them for their health issues. As per their health issues, doctors can give medical advice and prescribe medication.

Check Patient’s Photos

Check Patient’s Photos

Doctors can check the patient’s sent images of their injury and health issue. They can check the images to get a better idea and give medication as needed.

In-app Chat

In-app Chat

The doctor’s app has an in-app chat feature, allowing doctors to communicate with medical operators. Doctors can talk to medical operators with just one click on the chat button and discuss anything regarding availability.

Web Portal for Medical Operators

Easy-to-Access Portal

Easy-to-Access Portal

This web portal is easy-to-access by admin and medical operators for communicating with patients and doctors. The admin panel will handle the entire medical system digitally, making a lot of things easier.

Manage all the customers

Create a New Case of Patients

Medical operators can create new cases in the web portal based on the patient’s provided information through call. They can create new cases of patients easily and forward those cases to doctors.

Create photographer bookings

Find Nearest Doctor & Discuss

The operator will find the nearest doctor through the system and communicate with him regarding his/her availability. If the doctor is available, the operator will forward the case of the patient directly from the panel.


Arrange Video Call Between Patient & Doctor

The medical operator will arrange a video call between the patient and doctor directly from the panel. The call will be initiated by the operator from the admin panel.

Manage photographer comment

Add New Doctors & Maintain Older List

The admin panel allows medical operators and admin to add new doctors in the list and maintain the older list as well. The operator can add and maintain the list state-wise.

Looking to Develop an On-demand App Solution?

Share it with us and let our mobile app consultant suggest the best possible solution. Our technical professional will develop on-demand app solution as per your needs.

Custom iOS App Development for Doctor
On-demand Solution

Our client wanted to develop this doctor on-demand solution on both the platforms (iOS and Android). For iOS development, we assigned one of our Sr. iOS developers, who has over 4 years of experience in the iOS app development industry. Being a Sr. iOS programmer, our assigned developer preferred to read our client’s requirements in detail and then started developing this medical apps solution.

While developing this apps solution, our assigned programmer faced an issue in the group video calling feature. It was quite difficult for our assigned developer to create group video calling, where medical operator, patient, and doctor communicate together. The operator connects through the admin panel whereas the patient and doctor communicate from the patient’s app and doctor’s app respectively.

So, this feature took much time of our developer as he spent almost one week to comprehend and develop this feature. Apart from this issue, our iOS app developer did not face any other issue. He took only 3 months to develop both patient’s app and doctor app for iPhone.

Custom Android App Development for Doctor
On-Demand Solution

As we already mentioned that our client wanted to develop this best doctor app solution for the Android platform as well, we assigned one Sr. Android developer for this project. Our assigned developer directly started working on this doctor on-demand solution as the requirements were clear to him.

Throughout the development of this app, our assigned Android programmer did not face any challenge because the application was already developed on the iOS platform, so it was quite easy for him to understand the entire concept.

The developer took 2.5 to 3 months to develop both doctor’s app and patient’s app on Android platform.

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It took 3 months for our iOS and Android developers to develop this doctor on demand solution successfully. Currently, this medical app solution has around 20000 companies and sub-companies registered. And more than 200 doctors are active on this platform.

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