Our Success Stories

Explore our portfolio of successful projects showcasing our expertise in mobile apps, web applications, and custom software development for enterprises, medium-sized businesses, and startups.


Glovo: A Courier Delivery App

Having a $1.2 billion valuation, Glovo is the most downloaded on-demand delivery app with over 50 million downloads.
Fyle Video Lab Educational Video Maker App for Students

Fyule Video Lab: Online Learning Platform

Fyule Video Lab is an online learning platform for mobile and web interfaces, developed using Flutter, PHP, Laravel, and MySQL.
GPT Vix AI Recruitment Software

GPT Vix: AI Recruitment Software

GPT Vix is an AI recruiting software built for HR professionals to improve candidate selection, unbiased hiring, and simplified interview management.
AI-based Image to logo Portfolio Cover

ReadGenie: OpenAI-based Image-to-Text App

ReadGenie is a reading assistant app that extracts text from images using OCR and GPT 3.5 model.
Gelatogoes A Delivery Management Software

GelatoGoes: A Delivery Management Software

GelatoGoes is an all-in-one delivery management software that optimizes door-to-door delivery operations.
Fyule Animate A Stop Motion Animation App

Fyule Animate: A Stop Motion Animation App

Fyule Animate is a stop-motion animation app that allows students to create engaging animation videos.
Gride On-demand Taxi Booking and Food Delivery App

Gride: On-demand Taxi Booking App

Gride is a super app for on-demand taxi, food delivery, grocery shopping, and handyman services in the USA.
Fyule Editor A Video Editing App

Fyule Editor: A Video Editing App

Fyule Editor is a video editing app that helps create videos using the available library of templates, stickers, fonts, images, and music.
The Parent Pilot Co-parenting App

The Parent Pilot: Co-parenting App

A Caribbean-based app that connects separated parents for easier communication and to stay updated with their children’s daily activities.
IronSight On-demand Heavy Vehicle Inspection App

On-demand Heavy Vehicle Inspection App

An app to connect customers with certified technicians for inspections of heavy equipment & machinery.
Delishry app

Delishry – Food Delivery App

Delishry is an online food delivery app solution like UberEats and GrubHub to help you manage your restaurant business efficiently.
Smart TV Remote App

Smart Remote TV

Downloaded by over 300 times within just a month's launch, Smart Remote TV is the most convenient iOS-enabled global utility app.

Aesthetic Editor

Downloaded by over 3 million users, the Aesthetic Editor app helps you customize your iOS home screen with over 10K icons and widgets.
best vpn for android

VPN App for Android

Downloaded by 100K+ users within a year, the TOR app offers safe VPN services worldwide to enjoy country-restricted platforms.

On demand Water Delivery App

H2GO is a web and app-based on-demand water delivery system helping thousands of consumers quench their thirst by delivering filtered water.


Sahanbooks, an eCommerce website like Amazon, offers online book delivery and pickup services to the residents of Somaliland.
Weather Radar Live

Weather Radar Live

Weather Radar Live App offers real-time animated weather radar images on a highly interactive terrain and satellite map.
Laundry App development

EasyClean: Laundry App

EasyClean is an on-demand laundry service app solution that offers customers the ability to find the nearest laundry shops and vendors.


Travel Cutter is the best app for budgeting that allows users to track their travel expenses while traveling for a comfortable journey.


Nuzhah is an Airbnb-like app for booking hotels, chalets, & resorts. It comes in 2 variants – Nuzhah for guests and Nuzhah for hosts.


Conduet-Med is a cloud-based doctor on-demand app solution for the patients to see a doctor even from thousands of miles away.

Ninja Delivery

Ninja Delivery is an on-demand application for package delivery services, where users can request package delivery services like Uber.


Bevy is a London-based on-demand alcohol delivery app, delivers alcohol to the customers from the local wine store within 30 minutes.


Jabrool is an Uber package-delivery app solution that connects delivery drivers and parcel senders in real-time across Saudi Arabia.

Singing Telegram

Singing Telegrams is an app specifically designed for party telegram performers in Los Angeles, allows residents to hire singing telegrams.

Lacy- Alcohol Delivery App

Lacy is an online liquor delivery app to order alcohol, beer, wine online from local stores and get liquor delivered wherever you want.
dhaw - Photographer Booking App


Dhaw is an on-demand photographer app available for photography enthusiasts to find and hire the best photographers near you.

Game Set Stat

Game Set Stat app allows tennis players to capture professional-level stats in real-time by using Apple Watch to maintain stores.

Bada Property Exchange App

The Bada Property Exchange is a property management app, allows Indians to exchange their properties against the home, office, or land.


Reposit is a unique rental app for landlords and tenants to share important information to track house repairs and deposit deductions.

Photo Translator

Picture Translator App is an AI-based image translator app that allows users to translate text from images, printed files, or objects.

PayNowlink: Payment App

PayNowlink, a payment app, generates a link to complete transactions using Stripe checkout instead of getting manual invoices.


One8 is a cloud-based transportation management system to make transport requests, get an optimized route, and track drivers.

School Bus Tracking App

Baloora, a vehicle tracking system, helps parents and school administrators track kids' school buses in real-time with GPS technology.


With Teezr, users can send pictures or messages and tease about anything. This community app lets you tease your friends or fans.

PDF Scanner App

PDF Scanner App scans documents and converts them into PDF files. Add watermark, eSignature, or translate texts with OCR technology.
QR scan

QR Code Scanner

QR Reader & Barcode app scans any QR code or barcode and displays specifications of the product like information, photos, & pricing.
pos application development

PayNow For Stripe

PayNow for Stripe is a secure and quick NFC payment app that offers users to accept credit card payments on their phones.

Gallery Guardian

Gallery Guardian is an app for parents to keep an eye on their children, protecting them from sharing and receiving inappropriate images.
SlideShow Portfolio

Photo SlideShow Creator

SlideShow Maker allows users to turn photos and videos into sensational movies by adding beautiful animations and music to them.


Peekee is an eBay-like app that helps French people to buy and sell second-hand products at a glance near their local areas.

Counting in Japanese

Counting in Japanese is a language learning app that helps users count different objects in Japanese with the 27 most common ways.