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Baloora is a school bus tracking app, developed by our iOS and Android developers. The app uses GPS technology that lets parents track their kid’s school bus in real-time. The app also sends alerts in case of any rerouting or emergencies. The school administrators can also use this app to track school buses and track student safety.

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Country: Qatar

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iOS, Android

Platform: iOS, Android

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Baloora is a school bus tracking app for the parents as well as the school administrators. The parents can have peace of mind as they can easily track their child’s school bus. The school administrators, on the other hand, can stay assured of their students’ safety.

The entire solution has four components. 1)The User or Parent’s App is for the parents to track their kid’s location on the school bus. 2) Crew or Bus Driver’s App is for logging on student’s attendance status, 3) The School Admin for the school administrators to keep track of the school bus. 4) The School Admin manages all the partnered schools and reports.

Client and Requirement

Our client is from Qatar and he is an entrepreneur. He is also associated with the transportation department of his country. This association made him notice a universal problem. The problem of kids’ safety faced by all the parents and school administrators

This is why he decided to resolve this problem by developing a GPS vehicle tracking system to track kids when they are on the school bus. He wanted a cloud-based school bus tracking solution that the parents can use and be at peace of mind. The school admins are also aware of every movement of the school bus using this tracking GPS app.

Baloora app Client and Requirement

Solution We Provided

After understanding the client's requirements, we proposed a solution to him. We discussed it in detail and finalized 4 components for the solution.

Parent's or User App: The user app is used by the parents for tracking their kids on the bus. This app has GPS for tracking the school vehicle in real-time. The parents are also notified via alerts in case there is an emergency or rerouting.

Crew or Driver App: This Android app is for the GPS vehicle tracking device. The driver or the bus crew use this GPS tracker app to log the student's attendance when they board the vehicle. The app also informs the child's status to the parents.

School Admin Panel: The school administrators use this panel to manage the school vehicles and route for any vehicle.

Super or Baloora Admin: The Baloora admin is handled by our client. The super admin manages all the partnered schools and reports generated by them.

baloora app solution

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iOS App Development

We assigned a senior iOS app developer with 4+ years of experience in the iOS app development field. As the app is based on Google Maps so the major part of his research on maps and routes data. He created a list of some factors like how to access the app, who will use this app, how can he make it easy for everyone to use it. He developed the app keeping usability and better performance in mind.

The major challenge he faced was in route optimization. He created algorithms for different types of test cases and checked the data in real-time on the route. Finally, he solved the issues and the entire app development was completed within 4 months.

iOS Technology


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ios App Development

Android App Development

We assigned an Android app developer with 2+ years of experience in Android app development for developing this vehicle tracking app. He started his research on Google Map API and created a demo app for the client proposal. The client approved the demo app and the developer began his work.

The client wanted the application within 3 months, just before the summer ended. This is because he wanted to take his idea and propose it to the schools before the school year began after the summer holidays. This gave our developer only 2-3 months. He divided the project into two phases and completed the first phase within 2.5 months. This was beneficial for the client as he could get in touch with schools to discuss his app. The next phase was completed within 1.5 months.

Android Technology


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Android Studio


Android Studio




Android App Development


We developed a complete online solution as per the client's requirements. The main purpose of the app was to bring peace of mind to the parents. The parents can now be aware of each and every movement of the school bus, just like GPS tracking in cars or fleet vehicles. The parents do not need to worry as they will be sent alerts in case of any emergencies or rerouting as well.

Similarly, the school administrators can keep a track of the school students on the bus along with school bus drivers, a fleet of buses, other data, and assets.

Want to check all the features with its screens? We have covered that in our portfolio.

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