ZOI – iPad Mini Based Solution for Improving the Efficiency of Emergency Medical Workers and Firefighters


This case study attributes Space-O’s expertise and experience of creating patient-care app for emergency medical services in alignment with real-time event in iPad mini.

Client Profile

The clients were from US. Etched their name for last 30 years in EMS profession in the US. They are technology enthusiasts and wanted a data tool that would support their EMS data in real-time event through iPad mini.

Business Need

  • There was a need of data tool that would support EMS, where the doctors in hospitals could get beforehand history of the patient, his critical situation, securing images and videos. Paramedical voice recording of the patients condition along with their body graphs and the injury spots on his body, tele medicines administered on a patient in the ambulance van.
  • In rural areas especially, where receiving cell phone signal – let alone wireless capabilities for sending and receiving information is a problem. They were a need for an electronic patient care reporting system that could be used when there was no immediate transmission of data available, that enables them with better care facility for the patients quickly.


When on Scene of Accident or fire or major health issue like heart attack and patient is in Ambulance, they are administered with first aid medicines and further investigation, analysis, scanning, blood test and many test of the patient will take another few minutes or hours. There are high chances that the person may collapse before this.Understanding the time limit and importance of a life, Space-O analyzed the problem and developed the data app for the first-hand documentation of an emergency medical scene to reduce time consumption and encourage preparedness of doctors/hospitals for further treatment. Space-O came up across the following features:

  • Secure Image & Video Capture: With the help of iPad mini, patients picture and videos of injuries are taken and quick data entry is done with the help of data tool (ZOI) created by Space-O.
  • Driver’s License Scanning/ Insurance card Scanning: Quick and accurate personal data captured with the help of the card barcode and patients personal information are gathered.
  • Wireless Monitor Integration: can draw graph of the body, and can also wirelessly connect to a heart monitor.
  • Enhanced dictation engine: A dictation feature in the app allows doctors to speak in the iPad to record the initial vital signs of patients. The words are fed into the device using the vocal of a medical dictionary.
  • Accurate documentation: The data collected, is stored in a Cloud, which can be accessed through the internet in real time in the form of web pages.
  • Powerful interoperable admin tool: that is designed for everyone and facilitate secure hosted data.

Take a closer look at the revolutionary app through this video

Technology & Frameworks used

  • Built in CQI
  • 10X tougher than other products


  • The health system taken to an entirely new level. Use of iPad platform is familiar, light and convenient to use.
  • Able to make people available for better patient care with less time spent on the documentation.
  • Able to make a difference in patients’ lives with accurate data collection and hospitals charges which are within the patients reach.


Space-O developed an app Zoi that can be leveraged by any EMS data collection and feature in any iPad mini.

An alternative solution of building custom device that would have required a hundredfold investment in hardware and software with huge operating costs, but Business application developer team at Space-O created ZOI – An iPad mini based Revolutionary solution which improve the efficiency of Emergency Medical workers and Firefighters.

Space-O delivers on-target results, focusing on work with a clear purpose and attentive response that is primarily designed to enhance the project. If you are looking for making a new application, we look after to create the app for you aptly, as per your requirement. Drop us email for free initial consultation.

Sanela Radoievici
Great company to deal with and an excellent quality app was produced. Space-O did the design and development of the app and we couldn't be happier with the end result. The three-month guarantee they offer post app upload is great for peace of mind. I will be using them again in the future. Extremely happy with the end result.Sanela Radoievici
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