Top 10 Android App Development Companies

Looking to build an Android app for your business? With the right development partner, you can tap into Android’s vast user base to drive engagement, loyalty and revenue.

Being a leading Android application development company, we understand that finding a reliable company is so tough. Just to address your concern, we have compiled the below list of top Android development companies.

The list is curated by reviewing multiple factors that include.

  • Client-approved Clutch reviews and ratings
  • Expertise in Android app development
  • Minimum Android project size
  • Hourly rates for Android app development

So, this list will save you time, effort and money, ultimately providing you with the perfect partner for your Android app.

Let’s check out the list of top Android app development companies.

A List of 10 Best Android Application Development Companies

Company NameClutch Rating (Reviews)Android App Development ServicesDirections
(59 Reviews)
map location marker Space-O Technologies
( 59 Reviews)
  • Custom Android App Development
  • Android Development Consultation
  • Cross-platform App Development
map location marker Goji Labs
( 24 Reviews)
  • Android App Development
  • Cross-platform App Development
map location marker Mercury Development
( 66 Reviews)
  • Android App Development
map location marker Praxent
( 23 Reviews)
  • Custom Android Development
  • Android UI/UX Design
  • Android Watch Development
  • Android App Development Consultation
map location marker Wve Labs
( 37 Reviews)
  • Custom Android App Development
  • App Cloud Integration
  • Android App Development Consultation
map location marker Dedicated Developers
( 37 Reviews)
  • Android App Development
  • Cross-platform App Development
map location marker Atomic Object
( 48 Reviews)
  • Android App Development
  • Native App Development
map location marker Surf
( 45 Reviews)
  • Custom Android App Development
  • Android UI/UX Design
  • Cross-platform Development
  • Android App Migration and Updates
map location marker BairesDev
( 60 Reviews)
  • Custom Android App Development
  • Native App Development
map location marker Jafton
  1. Space-O Technologies

    Space-O Technologies

    Space-O’s USP in Android app development
    • Follows Agile and Scrum methodologies
    • 1600+ Apps Live on Google Play Store
    Top Clients Nike, McAfee, NAQEL, Saint-Gobain, MowSnowPros
    Hourly Rates$25 – $49 / hr
    Minimum Project Size$15,000+
    Total Employees50 – 249
    Founded Year2010
    LocationTempe, AZ
    Contact Information+1 (650) 666-3071 or [email protected]

    Space-O Technologies is one of the leading Android application development companies, developed over 1600 custom Android app solutions. With 13+ years of experience in Android development, Space-O excels at delivering Android apps to funded startups and Fortune 500 companies. The entire Android app development process at Space-O is simplified, from app ideation to deployment.

    With experienced Android application developers, Space-O excels at delivering engaging and user-friendly Android app solutions. Our developers and designers are well versed with the latest technologies including Java and Kotlin, Android Studio, and XML while following Google’s Material Design Guidelines. Along with this, developers are experts at using tools including Gradle, Retrofit, Picasso, Firebase, Google Cloud, Git, SQLite, and Crashlytics.

    Recent Android solutions delivered by Space-O Technologies:

    Such successful projects of Android apps makes Space-O an ideal choice for mobile application development. One of our successful Android apps, Glovo, has achieved global recognition with over 50 million downloads and operations in 25 countries and 1500 cities.

    Our team is an expert in implementing various app architectures like MVC, MVP, and MVVM resulting in highly maintainable and scalable Android applications. Not just offering Android app development services, Space-O also excels at offering dedicated Android app developers.

    Why Choose Space-O for Android App Development?

    • Holds more than 13 years of experience in Android development.
    • Maintains a diverse client base of over 1200 clients worldwide.
    • Uses Agile and Scrum methodologies to develop powerful and scalable Android apps.
    • Has a team of over 50 Android app developers skilled in the latest technologies like AI, IoT, and AR/VR.

    Space-O has been excellent at developing tailored mobile solutions which helped in gaining positive recognition. Check out one of the testimonials of our well-known client

    I chose Space-O Technologies to build a user-friendly Android app. Their team’s expertise in Agile development and advanced technology ensured the timely completion of our Android app. The app launch went incredibly well, without any issues or bugs. In just a few days, we saw a remarkable 20% increase in user engagement and downloads. Also, they consistently provided support to ensure the app performs at its best.

    Harris Stone review-star
    Director – EcoApps Startup

    Space-O is the best choice for Android development, regardless of whether you are a startup or an established company. With Space-O, you get a trusted partner specializing in crafting customized mobile apps. Whether you are looking to develop an MVP or a full-fledged application, Space-O Technologies has the expertise to meet your needs.

    Looking to Develop an Android App?

    Our team of 50+ Android app developers follows advanced methodologies like Agile and Scrum to build Android apps.

    Cta Image
  2. Goji Labs

    Goji Labs

    Top ClientsWorld Wildlife Fund, Kangarootime, UCLA
    Hourly Rates$100 – $149 / hr
    Minimum Project Size$25,000+
    Total Employees10 – 49
    Founded Year2014
    LocationLos Angeles, CA
    Contact Information+1 (213) 787-7640 or [email protected]

    Goji Labs has been one of the best Android app development companies with 10 years of experience. Goji Labs has launched more than 214 products from startups to Fortune 500 companies. The company is proficient at building top-notch Android apps and has served multiple verticals including EdTech, FinTech, nonprofit, and social media.

    The mobile app developers at Goji Labs are well-versed in the latest tech stack for developing powerful mobile apps. This tech stack includes Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, Gradle, Android SDK, Firebase, and Git. This dedication has helped the company to serve international clients such as WHO, World Wildlife Fund, UCLA, and Mitsubishi.

    Recent Android solutions delivered by Goji Labs:

    • ADAK – An app aimed at sparking a community among former competitive athletes.
    • Pocket – An app designed to make home buying and selling easier.
    • Jugo – An app that enhances organic collaboration in virtual 3D environments.

    The reasons behind such an extensive portfolio are that the experienced team of Goji Labs prioritizes high-fidelity designs, an admin dashboard for insights and tasks, codebases on GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab, and Play Store submission guidance. Consider Goji Labs if you are looking to build an Android app, or MVP, or require support and guidance for your existing Android solution.

  3. Mercury Development

    Mercury Development

    Top ClientsFitbit, Burger King, Kensington
    Hourly Rates$50 – $99 / hr
    Minimum Project Size$25,000+
    Total Employees50 – 249
    Founded Year1999
    LocationAventura, FL
    Contact Information+1 (305) 767 2434 or [email protected]

    Mercury Development is a top mobile app development company specializing in providing Android apps solutions. Mercury Development’s team of professionally trained developers and designers has developed over 200 Android apps by utilizing the most advanced technologies.

    The technologies utilized by these mobile app developers and designers at Mercury Development include programming languages like Java and Kotline, frameworks like Android Jetpack and Firebase, development tools like Android Studio IDE and Android SDK, and Git and GitHub/BitBucket/GitLab for version control.

    Recent Android solutions delivered by Mercury Development:

    • Thnks: Cross-platform gifting app integrated with popular gift card platforms.
    • GreenLinks: Golf GPS rangefinder and game of skill app for course maps, challenges, and wins.
    • Mayday: Emergency app for sending distress signals to contacts or nearby users.

    With this outstanding portfolio of Android mobile applications, the company has a wide network of international clients. These clients include Cisco, Google, Fitbit, Mercedes-Benz, Burger King, and Philip Morris. Whether you are looking to develop an Android app or just need guidance on your existing solution, connect with Mercury Development.

  4. Praxent


    Top ClientsNEWITY, Meriwest, Point Health
    Hourly Rates$50 – $99 / hr
    Minimum Project Size$25,000+
    Total Employees50 – 249
    Founded Year2000
    LocationAustin, TX
    Contact Information+1 (512) 553-6830 or [email protected]

    Praxent is the premier mobile app development firm, focusing on providing excellent Android app solutions. Whether you want to create, update or customize your Android app, then the expert team of 70+ designers and engineers at Praxent can help you with appropriate solutions.

    Praxent aims to deliver mobile applications that provide high ROI. This is made possible with their talented team who are experts at using the latest Android technologies and tools including Kotlin, Android Studio, Firebase, Retrofit, Material Design, and Git for version control.

    Recent Android solutions delivered by Praxent:

    • Endex: Interactive prototype to fundraise for a wealth management social networking app.
    • NEWITY: Reimagined member portal dashboard for loan servicing and small business services.
    • Alooola: Robo-Advisor app for millennials with customized investment services and education.

    This portfolio shows the dedication and commitment of their Android developers. Such expertise has helped Praxent to serve famous clients including Bluestar, Newity and Amherst. Not only for developing a new Android app, complete overhaul or upscaling your app with advanced features, Praxent is the best Android application development option.

  5. Wve Labs

    Wve Labs

    Top ClientsLUBU Technologies, Neurocycle, PlayUp
    Hourly Rates$50 – $99 / hr
    Minimum Project Size$10,000+
    Total Employees50 – 249
    Founded Year2015
    LocationIrvine, CA
    Contact Information+1 (800) 588 9094 or [email protected]

    Wve Labs has been one of the best mobile app development companies, having excellent expertise in Android app development. Their award-winning Android developers are experts at transforming your idea into Android solutions that attract millions of downloads in the Google Play Store.

    Wve Labs offers several Android app services, including design for an intuitive UI, Android Watch app development, and hybrid app solutions for seamless performance on both iOS and Android devices. This is effectively carried out with their team’s focus on adhering to the latest Android development standards and using powerful technologies.

    Recent Android solutions delivered by Wve Labs:

    • ADAK – An app aimed at sparking a community among former competitive athletes.
    • Pocket – An app designed to make home buying and selling easier.
    • Jugo – An app that enhances organic collaboration in virtual 3D environments.

    The hard work of the developers has helped Wve Labs to have such an extensive portfolio. Their dedication has led to building a wide network of clients including Neurocycle, Sony Entertainment, PlayUp, Homer, Caremoli Group, and Ripples, covering several industries including real estate, healthcare & lifestyle, and IoT.

  6. Dedicated Developers

    Dedicated Developers

    Top ClientsHenessy, Spotify, Kripalu
    Hourly Rates$50 – $99 / hr
    Minimum Project Size$25,000+
    Total Employees10 – 49
    Founded Year2007
    LocationAtlanta, GA
    Contact Information+1 (770) 274-4482 or [email protected]

    Dedicated Developers is a leading mobile app development firm specializing in offering Android app services and experienced Android developers as well. Their Android development team is highly qualified and has in-depth industry knowledge which has helped them serve various industries including transportation, healthcare, fitness, entertainment, and eCommerce.

    Their team excels at creating scalable and user-friendly Android applications by leveraging open-source development. When it comes to Android app development, their qualified full-stack developers guarantee flexibility and on-time delivery, backed by 24/7 technical support for your Android app needs.

    Recent Android solutions delivered by Dedicated Developers:

    • 6PM: The Android App, which puts the top brands and deals you love in your pocket.
    • Thelconic: A user-friendly app for browsing and purchasing a wide range of products.
    • SAMPA: An app related to food or delivery services, with information about items and orders.

    Building high-performance and powerful Android apps becomes easier with Dedicated Developers just because of their simplified development process. This process involves, posting your project idea, discussing details with their expert analysts, choosing engagement terms, and securely paying online.

  7. Atomic Object

    Atomic Object

    Top ClientsPriority Health, Steelcase, NeuroMetrix
    Hourly Rates$150 – $199 / hr
    Minimum Project Size$25,000+
    Total Employees50 – 249
    Founded Year2001
    LocationGrand Rapids, MI
    Contact Information+1 (616) 776-6020 or [email protected]

    Since 2001, Atomic Object has been the best Android app development agency offering exceptional services. Several factors make them a strong competitor including their focus on providing apps that maximize your ROI and delivering Android apps on time and within budget with their smart budgeting and reliable process.

    Atomic Object’s team of developers and designers excels at using an advanced tech stack that involves Java/Kotlin, Android Studio, Android Jetpack, Firebase, and Flutter for UI development, along with Git for version control. This makes them serve various industries including education, nonprofit, consulting, financial services, and automotive.

    Recent Android solutions delivered by Atomic Object:

    • ArtPrize: An app that helps users find venues, and vote for artworks.
    • Quell Mobile App: An Android app which empowers chronic pain management with therapy control.
    • MESSA: An app simplifying complex health benefits information for Michigan education professionals.

    For Android app development, Atomic Object offers a complete process, including technology strategy, user-centered design, Agile development, rigorous testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring a user-friendly Android app. Such an approach makes them partner with clients including Priority Health, ArtPrize, and Steelcase.

    Do You Want to Transform Your Idea into a Powerful Android App?

    Contact us. We have an experienced team of developers who are well-versed in programming languages such as Java and Kotlin to build powerful Android apps.

  8. Surf


    Top ClientsKFC, MARS, Yandex
    Hourly Rates$150 – $199 / hr
    Minimum Project Size$25,000+
    Total Employees50 – 249
    Founded Year2011
    LocationWilmington, DE
    Contact Information+1 (917) 728-1789 or [email protected]

    Surf, being a leading mobile and web app development firm, excels at delivering competitive Android products with a 4.83 rating on Google Play. Whether you are a startup or a large-scale enterprise, their team expertise provides scalable and secure Android app solutions.

    Their Android app development process is efficient which includes planning, designing, building, testing, launching apps, and post-launch support to meet your needs and user expectations. Their developers leverage a powerful tech stack, including RxJava, Kotlin, Jetpack Compose UI, Dagger 2, Retrofit 2, and more.

    Recent Android solutions delivered by Surf:

    • Bank from SBI Group: Family banking app for SBI, simplifying banking for the whole family.
    • Burger King: Enhanced Burger King app with improved reliability and user experience.
    • Online Book Shop App: Online bookshop’s feature-rich app, known for pioneering Instant Apps implementation.

    This portfolio shows the hard work of their skilled team. Their dedication has allowed Surf to work with various industries like construction, finance, entertainment, IT services, and online shopping. Serving these diverse industries has led to partnerships with top brands like KFC, Yandex, MARS, Delivery Club, and Forbes.

  9. BairesDev


    Top ClientsGroupon, Whirlpool, Pinterest
    Hourly Rates$150 – $199 / hr
    Minimum Project Size$50,000+
    Total Employees1,000 – 9,999
    Founded Year2009
    LocationSan Francisco, CA
    Contact Information+1 (408) 478-2739 or [email protected]

    BairesDev specializes in Android app development, providing access to top-tier tech talent. Outsourcing Android app development to BairesDev is beneficial since you get access to specialized expertise, accelerated development, security compliance, scalability, and enhanced user experiences through UX design and quality assurance services.

    BairesDev’s team is proficient at developing custom mobile applications for both Android and iOS by following industry best practices, focusing on user-friendly design, responsiveness, accessibility, and adherence to Google’s Material Design Guidelines. With this expertise, BairesDev has served popular clients including Google, Square, Adobe, Chime and NextRoll.

    Recent Android solutions delivered by BairesDev:

    • Abra: Secure crypto platform for buying, selling, and managing investments globally.
    • Instructure: Edtech platforms for streamlined learning and career development worldwide.
    • R/GA: Innovative custom app development for brand marketing excellence worldwide.

    BairesDev’s streamlined process, coupled with the expertise of the top 1% of Latin American Android developers, ensures efficient and top-tier Android app development. Not just this but they also offer flexible engagement models making them the best option for Android app development tailored to your needs.

  10. Jafton


    Top ClientsAllbirds, Shein, Goalsetter
    Hourly Rates$150 – $199 / hr
    Minimum Project Size$25,000+
    Total Employees10 – 49
    Founded Year2013
    LocationNew York, US
    Contact Information+1 (212) 499-0000 or [email protected]

    Jafton is a leading mobile app development agency, offering user- friendly and high-performance Android apps. The development team at Jafton uses recent technologies and resources to build Android applications. These include Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, Retrofit, Room Database, and Firebase.

    The proficiency and skills of Jafton’s team have helped the company develop more than 200 apps and serve leading brands ranging from visionary startups to well-established enterprises. These brands include Alaska Airlines, Kia Access, Allbirds, Kroger, and Cleo.

    Recent Android solutions delivered by Jafton:

    • Kroger: A shopping app for a faster and more rewarding shopping experience.
    • Allbirds: An app for the world’s most comfortable shoes, flats, and clothing made with natural materials.
    • Cleo: An app that helps users budget, save, build credit, or get a cash advance.

    This portfolio reflects Jafton’s dedicated team and their streamlined Android app development process, which includes idea discussion, budget estimation, proposal, coding, testing, and app release. With such dedication, Jafton has served multiple industries including education, financial services, transportation, IT, and entertainment.

    Now, you have a list of top Android app development companies. If you need more information about Android companies, then check out the FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find the best Android app development company?

Here are the platforms where you can find the best Android app development companies for your business.

  • Clutch: This platform is great for finding trustworthy Android and iOS app development companies. It has detailed reviews and ratings from clients to help you make a choice.
  • GoodFirms: GoodFirms gives you a list of the best mobile development companies. You can see their skills and past projects to find the right Android app developer.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional network where you can connect with different Android app development companies. You can also check their work and see who they’re connected with.
  • AppFutura: AppFutura is all about connecting businesses with trusted mobile app development agencies, particularly those that specialize in Android apps.

How to choose the right Android app development firm

Here are the steps to choose the right Android app development company for your business.

  • Clearly outline your project’s objectives and what you want your Android app to achieve.
  • Thoroughly research and identify Android app development companies with relevant expertise in your industry or project type.
  • Review their portfolio to assess the quality of their past work, especially projects similar to yours.
  • Read client reviews and ratings to gauge the company’s reputation and client satisfaction.
  • Contact multiple Android agencies to get Android cost estimates and project proposals. Compare these quotes to make an informed decision.

Choose the Top Android App Development Company

You now have a list of the top 10 Android app development companies which will help you find the right partner for your Android needs. We know that picking the right company from this list can make a big difference in your Android app’s success. So, the list you have covered is curated by analyzing various criteria like expertise in Android development and hourly rates.

Each of these companies offers a unique set of strengths and capabilities, tailored to diverse industries and client requirements. If you do not want to waste your time looking for a reliable Android mobile app development company, contact us. Whether it’s eCommerce, healthcare, or gaming, our Android app development expertise tailors your project to your industry and user needs.

Bhaval Patel

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Bhaval Patel is a Director (Operations) at Space-O Technologies. He has 20+ years of experience helping startups and enterprises with custom software solutions to drive maximum results. Under his leadership, Space-O has won the 8th GESIA annual award for being the best mobile app development company. So far, he has validated more than 300 app ideas and successfully delivered 100 custom solutions using the technologies, such as Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, PHP, RoR, IoT, AI, NFC, AR/VR, Blockchain, NFT, and more.