Sight Selector

A Medical App for the Eye Doctors

We Did NOT!

Before we take you to the journey of Sight Selector, we want to make it very clear. We only upgraded Sight Selector to iOS 8, we did not develop it.

But, the question is, why our client wanted to upgrade it? Did he find any issue? Before we answer these questions, you need to know a little bit about the Sight Selector.

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Sight Selector

- One of the Best Medical Apps for Eye Doctors

Sight Selector is an application for the eye care professionals, which helps them to demonstrate various eye diseases, conditions, and treatments to their patients. Sight Selector, an eye app, allows doctors and counselors to educate their patients using 3D images or narrated videos.

On the other side, Sight Selector allows its users to draw on the 3D images, create, and save videos. See this video, created by our client. It clearly explains the application features.

Stoppable Success

stoppable success of app

When our client, who is currently handling his Healthcare business in the USA, launched Sight Selector for the first time, he earned a higher ROI than expected. Everything was working flawlessly when our client noticed 2-3 issues in the application.

Issues which can, in the future, create the problems to the end users, and stop the money flow driven by the success of Sight Selector.

To avoid this situation, finally, he decided to hire full stack iOS developers. And he started the search. You know how did he find us?

The Google Gate

how to hire iPhone app development company

Yes, client Googled top iPhone app development companies which can assist him to resolve these technical issues, and upgrade its existing application to iOS 8.

He found Space-O Technologies in the Google search result. Checking our iOS portfolio, he contacted us directly via Skype. First of all, he wanted to know our development expertise.

And second, how much does it cost to upgrade mobile application to iOS 8. Within few hours, we finalized the whole project. You know why? It all happened because of this simple reason.

Finalizing the Project

The client had clear expectations from our side. He knew what exactly he wants.

So the finalization part didn’t take much time. But, the real story has not started yet. Because upgrading Sight Selector to iOS 8 was not easy as it seems till now.

Finialization of project

Upgrading Sight Selector to iOS 8

We knew the complexity when we started upgrading Sight Selector to iOS 8. So we assigned 1 dedicated iOS developer, with more than 3 years of app development experience, for this project. He took around 3 weeks to upgrade this app to iOS 8.

Technologies used to upgrade an app to iOS 8

Objective-C language icon


RestKit Framework

RestKit Framework

But, that’s not the complete story. There is another side of the coin.

Backend Development of Sight Selector

As mentioned earlier, we knew, without experienced backend developer, this project won’t be completed on time. So we assigned 1 full stack backend developer, who had already worked on the similar project.

Still, the complexities of this project immensely tested his app development ability. During the backend development, he faced these 2 critical issues.

  • 1. Syncing video downloads from server API to app sid
  • 2. Server-side receipt validation

Eventually, without using any third party libraries, he manually resolved these issues.

Technologies used for the backend development

PHP MVC Framework

PHP MVC Framework

Mysql Database

Mysql Database

Success After Upgrading

Sight Selector to iOS 8

The main problem with this app was its size. It was around 800MB, initially. It used to occupy a lot of space in the mobile memory.

So first, we worked on it and moved all the videos to the server. Now, it takes only 49.8 MB. Also the app has an average 4+ rating on the App Store.

New iOS 11

- Endless Opportunities

iOS 11 compatible app development

Recently, Apple has launched iOS 11. So a lot of our past and present clients contacted us to update their application, and make it compatible with iOS 11.

Considering the demand, we decided to create a team of dedicated iOS developers. A team of developers who assist our clients to make their iPhone application compatible with iOS 11.

This opportunity is open for all. If you want to make your application compatible with iOS 11 and don’t want to lose your current App Store ranking, you can contact us by filling the following form. Let us analyze your app, and give you a free estimation.

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