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Gallery Guardian is designed and developed by our developers that help you to protect your child against receiving and sending inappropriate images. In addition, parents can track sexually explicit images in real-time through push notifications. Have an app idea that solves real-life problems?

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Gallery Guardian

Client approached us because he wanted to create a tool to fight back against the most dangerous phenomenon of today’s modern world – ‘Sexting’.

Sexting is the exchange of sexually explicit images between two users (mostly teenagers).

Gallery Guardian is an app for parents to monitor text messages of their kids in order to keep a watchful eye on their smartphone activities.

The app is installed on parent’s device as well as on child’s device. To pair child with parent’s device, Parent needs to generate a login code, which is used in child’s app to pair them.

Once Parent and Child’s app is paired, The Gallery Guardian allows parents to track the inappropriate images in their child’s smartphone, monitors those received, and notifies parents in real-time by push notification every time they send or receive such images.

The sole purpose of developing Gallery Guardian is to protect teenagers from sharing and receiving inappropriate images, which is a serious problem in the modern world.

Today, Sexting is the most dangerous modern craze in teenagers that terrifies every parents in the world. Therefore, Client decided to build Gallery Guardian, a text monitoring app, as a simple and transparent solution.

The Gallery Guardian uses Visual Recognition Technology to detect sexually explicit images sent or received on a smartphone and notifies parents in real-time.

Most of the time, parents are last to know, and often thinks that their child would never engage in such Sexting activities until their child is exposed online. So, the main intention behind this text monitoring app was to lower the risk of sexting or being exposed online while securing a child’s privacy

Behind This App


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How it works

App Development Process

We’ve always enjoyed working with successful Entrepreneurs having innovative ideas for mobile app development. And when the client for Gallery Guardian approached us with his text monitoring app idea, we were really excited.

The application development process started from the basics. We designed several mock ups for Gallery Guardian and sent them over to client to get his approval. We made the changes required in the design part as per client’s recommendation, and passed it over to our design team to create wireframes.

Parallelly, we started frontend development on both, Android and iOS, platforms, and our backend development team studied client’s code carefully and enhanced it to deploy in the iOS and Android version.

Since we already had experience in creating complex dynamic logics for several features in our past projects, we did not really face any difficulty, except making this app run 24×7 in the background in users devices.

Now, most of the times, an app is removed from background process after 15 minutes of kept idle. So, in order to make this app run in background 24×7 in users devices, we conducted couple of brainstorming sessions, came up with an ideal solution, and published the app in just 6 months on both, Apple App Store and Google Play Store, including 24×7 background support.

The Result

Gallery Guardian is a one of a kind text monitoring app developed solely for parents to track their child’s smartphone activities and reducing the risk of Sexting in this digital age. Within just 3 months of its launch, Gallery Guardian has received quite a success.

App Development Challenges

24×7 Background Support

As mentioned earlier that most apps are removed from device’s background process after 15 minutes of kept idea. So, the biggest challenge we faced in this project was ensuring that the app runs 24×7 in the background process.

The challenge was to make sure that app does not get suspended, even after 15 minutes of kept ideal, and automatically gets activated, in case the app is being killed. Though, this wasn’t the hardest part…

The hardest part was to get this app approved in the Apple App Store with 24×7 background support. But, our iOS app developers made the necessary changes to meet the requirements of Apple App Store Approval Process and got this app published in the App Store.

Detecting Same Image Multiple Times

While this wasn’t the most challenging part of this article, but the logic was quite complex. However, our iPhone app development team created and applied number of logics, tested out every single scenario, and resolved the issue successfully by writing the right logic for the issue.

Technologies Used


XCode 7.3.1

Supports iOS 9 and above.


Android Studio 2.3.3

Supports ICE CREAM SANDWICH (4.0.3) – Nougat (7.0.1)

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