About The Singing Telegrams App

A Platform That Juggles Performance Arts In The Best Way

This application is designed to give one’s event management skills some rest and to avoid chaotic bookings for the party charmers/telegrams. This particular singing telegram app is available on iOS & Android platforms for telegram performers. Singing Telegram allows a telegram performer to list his characters, availability preferences, task acceptance or denial options through the mobile booking app.

For the customers, this website is a piece of pleasure to hire singing telegram services. It has listed down varieties of performers with their budget, time availability, payment integration system, cancelation option as well as a one-on-one chat option to know the performer’s requirements in advance.

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Some Important Features Of The Application


Adding Characters (For Telegrams)

Many performers can perform more than one character flawlessly. This mobile app development feature allows them to list down all of their performing identities limitlessly. Singing telegram for birthday, singing telegram for valentine’s day, and more such singing telegram characters are available through the mobile app.

Adding Characters


Displaying The Art (For Telegrams)

To build a trustworthy relationship with the customers, this booking app allows singing midget telegram performers to add their photos and videos as a reference work. The end user can easily relate to their art form after witnessing their performance proof on the website.

Displaying The Art


Availability Of The Performer (For Telegrams & Client Both)

The telegram website has a very sane feature for checking the availability of telegrams in the said week. Customers can easily book a telegram as per his/her availability and choose the desired date, time slot, and specify the event to perform for. With such a specification, the life of a telegram becomes easy as he does not have to keep on notifying people about his availability individually.

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Acceptance/Denial (For Telegrams)

Once a customer sends a booking request through the website, it is completely in favor of a telegram to accept or deny a job for the said date, function or time through this scheduling app.



Cancelation From Both Ends (For Telegrams & Client)

The telegrams can easily cancel or deny a job offered. In case of a customer, if one decides to cancel the telegram after booking him for the particular occasion he can cancel it without any charges.

Cancelation From Both Ends


Stripe Payment Integration System (For Clients)

This payment gateway integration in the mobile app is the most promising feature for the client as he can schedule the payment on the day of telegram’s acceptance for the function. However, the payment is made on every Monday. Thus the performers have to wait for their payment to release on Monday. The client has every right to cancel the scheduled payment before Monday if he is not satisfied with the work or because of a sudden cancelation of the telegram.

Stripe Payment Integration


Auto-Decline For Bookings

There are some set time intervals where the telegram has to accept the said job. If he fails to respond on the same, it declines automatically from the performer’s side to the client.



Chat Option (For Telegrams & Client)

This feature enables both customers and telegram performers to understand each other’s perspective clearly and discuss their issues if any. Confusions have no room in this telegram booking application!

Chat Option

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