GPT Vix: AI Recruitment Software

GPT Vix is an AI recruitment software like Zoho Recruit built for a recruiting agency in the USA. To develop this AI-enabled digital recruiting assistant, Space-O Technologies used technologies like OpenAI’s ChatGPT for natural language processing, OpenAI’s Whisper for video-to-text conversion, and Synthesia for text-to-video generation. Want to build an AI-powered app?

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About GPT Vix

AboutGPT Vix: AI-powered Recruitment Software

Taj Haslani, a client from New Jersey, USA, approached us with a vision to utilize AI for optimizing the entire hiring process. His goal was to create software that uses AI to make video interviews easier.

Requirements of Our Client

Our client had a set of requirements for the GPT Vix software solution, which involved:

  • An AI-driven question generation system that analyzes job descriptions and generates relevant interview questions automatically.
  • Adding the functionality that includes recording and storing interview sessions for later review and analysis.
  • Integrating candidate feedback mechanisms, such as a 5-star rating system, to improve the interview experience.

Challenges Faced by Us

During the development process, the challenges we faced included:

  • One of our major hurdles was reducing the delay in converting speech to text, ensuring real-time accuracy and efficiency.
  • Customizing questions from online sources for different job roles and training AI models for candidate response analysis.

SolutionWe Developed

The expertise of our skilled design and development team helped us develop GPT Vix. We used these latest technologies with a clear understanding of our client’s requirements.

  • We used React.js for front-end development. React.js component architecture gave us the flexibility to create a simple UI with an outstanding user experience.
  • For backend development, we used Node.js to quickly build out server-side logic and REST APIs that ensure efficient data processing.
  • To ensure scalability and process audio files with on-demand resources, we used AWS for hosting and AWS Lambda for processing tasks.
  • We used OpenAI’s ChatGPT which is a sibling model to InstructGPT to generate relevant questions.
  • To analyze video content and extract text, we used OpenAI’s Whisper which is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system. This helped in providing quick and accurate transcriptions to generate questions in flow.
  • Our team used Synthesia which is an AI video generation platform that comes with AI avatars and voiceovers in 120+ languages just to create an engaging interview experience.
We Developed solutions

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GPT Vix SoftwareKey Features


Candidate Profile Creation

Candidate Profile Creation

Candidates can input and update personal information, work history, education, and other relevant details before participating in interviews.

Retake Video

Retake Video

In case a user is not satisfied with the initial response, users can choose to retake the video for a specific question to provide a better answer.

Navigation Controls

Navigation Controls

Provides previous and next options to easily navigate through the interview questions and to ensure the user can focus on the required questions and revisit others if needed.

Application Tracker

Application Tracker

Offers a built-in application tracker that allows candidates to keep track of their submitted applications, interview schedules, and follow-up dates.

Record Answers

Record Answers

Candidates can record each of their answers during the interview, allowing candidates to view their responses.


Dashboard Access

Dashboard Access

Admins have access to a centralized dashboard where they can oversee and manage all aspects of the recruitment process.

Customized Interview Questions

Customized Interview Questions

Employers can generate interview questions based on the job description and other details provided.

Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions

Perform bulk actions, such as sending reminders to multiple candidates simultaneously, for improved efficiency.

Candidate Management

Candidate Management

Manage candidate profiles, import candidate data via CSV files, and track their progress through the recruitment process.

Notification Center

Notification Center

Manages all notifications and alerts related to candidate applications, interview schedules, and system updates.

Template-Based Invitations

Template-Based Invitations

Admins can send interview invitations to employers (users) using a variety of templates for email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

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Our team of developers and designers is well-versed in AI technology and uses the best technologies and tools like MongoDB, Kafka, TensorFlow, PyTorch and Docker to build efficient AI solutions.

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