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Creating Movie with Photo & Video

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‘I want to create such app that creates videos of maximum 5-minutes – combining pictures and videos.” Is it possible for you to develop such type of video-maker app?

Without thinking for a single minute, we said: “Yes”. We can create video maker application. And thus, make.r born. It’s not easy to develop an application with such features. It takes around 3-4 months to develop the first version of an application. However, client didn’t get success with his app with the number of downloads.

We discussed with clients and create the marketing plan to increase downloads. We tested App Store Optimization by trying 5 different app icons, screenshots, titles, description and so on. This application firstly launched in 2 languages, English and Spanish and after that, we have added 3 more languages, i.e. Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese. Surprisingly, make.r gets 4k-5k download daily and getting huge popularity.

Story behind Slideshow maker app

App Description make.r is an iOS application that turns your photos & videos into sensational movies by adding beautiful animations/transitions and music to your beautiful photos and videos.

Choose Themes/Effects – Select Audio- Create Stunning Video and Share on social media networks.

Create slideshows with this application by using your photos and videos from Gallery, Instagram, Facebook and add your favorite music. It's simple!

General Features

  • Import Photo or Video from Instagram, Facebook or Gallery
  • Make video with adding Music (or recordings) up to 5 minutes
  • Make slideshow with 45 photos or videos
  • Drag to trim the length of video
  • Upgrade to a Plus or Premium account to unlock full-length shows
  • Rearrange your photos by dragging
  • Export the video to your camera roll and share on Instagram
  • Create videos for Instagram of maximum 60-seconds.
  • You can directly Share your Slideshow with friends on social media
Slideshow app description
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Free version

  • 5GB of storage only
  • Same limit on number of photos and videos as today
  • Same limit as today in maximum time that a movie can last once finished
  • Saving the video locally for 1jQuery (same as magisto)

PRO version

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Unlimited HD downloads to your device
  • Upload 30 photos + videos per movie
  • Create longer movie of 5 minutes
  • Download your created movie from desktop or app devices

Services and Technology Used

User growth and demand of make.r increases gradually and thus, we have added more innovative features like:

  • Aviary SDK
  • Video editor SDK
  • Music/Sound SDK
  • Animations
  • Social icon Integration

And, many more innovative features. The application is developed with Objective-C and available for iOS users.

Challenges make.r commissioned Space-O to develop an effortless way of creating video by combining pictures + videos along with the music. Clients wanted to create a video of around 5 minutes with 20+ different transition.

Solution make.r is developed with Objective-C. This application creates video by taking videos and pictures from Facebook, Instagram or your own gallery. Users can also add stickers, text, etc. Once a video is created, you can share it to your social networks.

How to Use an App?

Your Videos

In ‘Your Videos’ option, all the videos are available that users have made with this application. When you start an application, you will land on the screen on the left. When you open an application, you will land on “photos” option.

Make My Movie

You have already created a slideshow when you are here. Now, click on “make my movie”. The app processes the video and uploads it to our back-end. After that, you will reach to “your videos” page.

These saved videos need to be hosted on a server. If you click on a video, it takes you to the next screen (share and save). The user won’t be able to edit his video once it’s been created.

Add Sound and Music

Users can add music from given “music library”. There’s 8 moods on audioblocks. Users can integrate 5 free sound tracks per mood. Users can also add paid tracks that have a little star on. A search bar is also added to find the sound tracks.

Interestingly, users can have voice recording option to add in the video. Users can add several voice on the same video and can also edit sound by recording another voice.

Media Time

Before picking the media, users can see how long the movies are (see “2:18”). If users try to edit the video, it should open the video editor.

20+ transition in video

Add 20+ different transitions when creating a video. A video or a slide a transition is an effect that happens between each photo, slide, or video clip. For example, a fade transition can be used to fade in or out of each picture in a slide show.

20+ Effects in Video

Give any effect to your video from 20+ different given effects to make it more appealing.

For e.g. you can keep video simple by clicking to None, or can change to Monochrome, Noir, Vignette, Softlight, etc.

Add Text

Users can add different types of font to their videos. Text type, size, colors are changeable. It is also rotatable.

Share Socially

Once you click on a video, you will land on this screen. When you click on one of the sharing function (like share to instagram), you’re prompted to sign in via facebook / gmail /email. That way they create an account and can have access to the videos anywhere.

If you click on ‘save’ option, you will reach to the “sales page”.

Update Soon


A website will also launch in May 2016 for users to create video from their desktop. Just like Instagram, you can access your account, but registration can be done through app only.

Users can download their video through website, if they upgrade to the pro version. They can view their videos (and download them to their computer only, if they are using the premium version)

Even if, users have a free version of the app: they can have access to the videos online (up to 5gb).

Video Edition

Import SDK to create own video editor. Previously, users only use music from their phone gallery, after this update, they can select music from the list included in an application.


An upcoming update allows users to create per video for jQuery1. Users have to take a monthly subscription.

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