Smart TV Remote App

About the Smart Remote TV App

Smart Remote TV is an alternative to physical remote control devices for worldwide iOS users. You can use the Smart Remote TV app for top brands like Samsung, LG, Mi, Sony, and Roku. Our team is also working on an upgrade to this app that will make it compatible with Fire TVs as well.

Our iOS developers have created this app with the use of Apple’s SDKs and Swift technology. You can get powerful personalized features using this app such as a 3-layer user navigation interface (remote, touch, and numbers), the smart casting of photos and videos, auto-detect smart TV devices on the same WiFi network, complete playback control, and a 100% no ads enabled system (only show ads that are allowed).

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Key Features of Smart Remote TV App
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Quick & Easy Connection Set-up

Unlock the new ways and possibilities of controlling smart TV devices with your own iPhone/iPad using this app. The app auto-detects television devices in the same WiFi network which makes it a one-tap job to set up a connection between the iOS device and a smart TV. So, leverage the most out of your iPhone/iPad with this Smart Remote TV app.

Quick & Easy Connection Set-up


Smart Casting of Photos & Videos

View photos and videos from your iOS device to smart TVs using this app’s smart casting feature. There is a broadcasting section in the bottom user navigation panel of the app that makes sharing your pictures and videos with friends and family a larger-than-life experience.

Smart Casting of Photos & Videos


Personalized Ads

Have an enjoyable video streaming experience on your smart TVs with ads customized to your preferences. Smart Remote TV app has a unique 100% no ads feature available with an in-app Apple subscription. Only the ads you allow to stream will get displayed during your video streaming sessions on TV.

Personalized Ads


3-Layer User Interface

Play with your iOS device and smart TV using this app’s 3-layer user interface feature. Smart Remote TV makes it easy to navigate on your television with three different types of operational control screens on the iPhone/iPad that includes a smart touch bar, remote control, and easy-to-enter numbers. These interfaces are created keeping in mind the comfort and ease of use among different categories of users with varied preferences.

3-Layer User Interface


Full Remote Control Access to Your iOS Device

Make the most of your very own Apple handset with a premium subscription to the Smart Remote TV app. Personalize your television video streaming experience with full remote control access to your iOS mobile device. A full smart TV remote access will lock the physical TV control device with no one else having access to your television other than you. This gives you one-point control and complete personalization opportunity over the smart TV in use.

Full Remote Control Access to Your iOS Device


Premium Features With Apple Subscription

Leverage the premium features of Smart Remote TV like 100% no ads, smart casting, and full-remote control access available with an in-app Apple subscription. The app provides a 3-day trial version with full premium access to all in-app utilities. iOS users can get a demo of the features of this smart TV remote app to know about premium features.

Premium Features With Apple Subscription

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