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About PayNowlink- Payment Link App

PayNowlink is an app to accept payment in just 2 clicks, without a human to human contact. We have already developed PayNow(for Stripe) app for the client, which has 50,000+ users. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, making payments using external machines and other payment methods became risky. This is why the client reached out to us to develop PayNowlink.

This app helps run business operations without any risk of infection. Further, the shop owners do not need to have an EFTPOS machine but only a Stripe account for using the app. The shop owners enter the amount to be paid and create a secure payment link. Then they share the link with the customers. The customers open this link, enter their details, and make transactions in a secure manner. After a successful transaction, the shop owner gets notified on his Stripe account.

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Stripe Security

Stripe processes billions of dollars every year for thousands of small to large size companies. It is a global credit and debit card processor or web and mobile platforms. It has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and given a PCI Service Provider Level 1 certification, the most strict level in the payments industry.

Stripe Security

Features of PayNowlink Payments App


Generate Link

In order to skip the billing queue and avoid using the EFTPOS machine, the shop owner creates a secure payment link. The shopkeeper just needs to enter the amount and click on ‘Generate Payment Link’



Share Link

After creating a payment link, the shop owner needs to share it with the customers. The shop owner has the option to copy and share the link via text message or email, whatever is suitable to both parties.

Share Link


Create a Payment Page

When the customer receives the link, he can open it by clicking on. Stripe creates payment forms with all the necessary details like amount, card information, email ID, country/ region, and the pay button.

Payment Page


App Settings

The shopkeeper can adjust the app settings like choosing the currency from over 130 types, changing email address, edit the text to copy along with payment link, try test mode, and connect with Stripe.


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