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Graffiti Maker

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★★★ App Store “New and Noteworthy” 10/2012 ★★★

“Everyone has to scratch on walls somewhere – or they go crazy”.

This is a great app which allows you to design your own name or logotype in graffiti based style. App comes with several fonts from throwups to bubble letters or wildstyles.
It also has lots of different tools which will help you to enhance your GRAFFITI.


  • Unlimited number of input text letters.
  • 10 different funky and stylish fonts to select.
  • More then 70+ different graffiti backgrounds to choose.
  • Each text created with 7 different parts (sunset Top, sunset bottom, bubbles, stripes, keyline Outline and shadow).
  • Functionality to convert your selected Image into Graffiti Image.
  • Change the color of base, outline, texture, shadow, and highlight.
  • Using RGB slider bars, user can change graffiti text parts colors for better text editing.
  • Select on any of the text and change the color of single letter.
  • Move the letter anywhere you like on screen.
  • Two finger zoom in/zoom out for selected letters using pinch option.
  • Additionally set the background from camera, default phone Library & Instagram.
  • Tag your own image placed on graffiti.
  • Functionality for converting selected images (from gallery or camera) into Graffiti style.
  • Save & Share your Graffiti Masterpiece through FB/Email/Photo Gallery.

Go ahead, explore new possibilities and make your statements by your own designs…

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"No task is too small! This project was a dream of mine and I couldn’t have brought it to life without Space-O‘s assistance. This is the fourth app that we have created together and each one has been a great success. Anytime I have a problem, they are always right there on top of it to provide the best solution. I have already turned a profit on the first app we have created which stands as the #1 education app in its class. I can’t say enough as to how thankful I am to stumble across them. I will definitely come back for more projects as soon as another golden idea pops up. ? Thanks again Space-O!"Michael Cameron
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