Share your sounds. Hear what's happening on the internet. In 30 seconds.

Story behind

Share your sounds! Know what is happening on the internet! In 30 seconds.

Verbal expression is becoming more and more difficult, day by day. Client wants an app which allows you to express any thing, in the least self-conscious manner possible. Whether it be a poem you wrote , a story you want to tell or just your views on the weather, Make an application which is the easy way to get your voice out there and be heard by the world.

Discover, create and collect 30 second audio snippets ("Croaks") from around the world. You can also follow the people you want to stay updated about.

"! It's so amazing, I cannot imagine life without it" - LiteracySparks (@1stgradethinks)

Recording made easy.

The talk button provides you with the simplest way to record a voice message. With just a few clicks any user can leave a voice message and all this without change the tab. Owing to the experience of our developers we could avoid having any glitches in the app.

Defining User Experience

During process of creating the app, we spent a lot of time thinking about the users and their needs. We really wanted to define and execute a solution that would benefit both; enterprise users as well as personal users. To do this, we needed to outline what was important to them as a consumer as well as a professional which we have managed to achieve.

The Bones & Muscles

Recording made easy and accessible.

The talk button provides the users with a ‘one click away’ experience to record a voice message. Croak It follows a four stage procedure; upload, mix, share and collect, to provide an experience, that enriches.


Use our super slick iPhone app to croak anywhere, anytime.

One can have the mood to sing, shout or recite anything, anywhere. Using all the features from the website, the app makes it easier than ever to express yourself whenever the mood strikes !

"Just when you think there is nothing left to invent, there is something fun like!" -

Color Palette


App Design

Recently a Cloud telephony firm, Exotel, acquired, a Singapore's voice-based social media startup. It feels as if all our hard work behind the development of this app has paid off.

I can not stress how great the team is. They've already made 4 apps for my company. Development is spotless, theses guys can do anything, they know what they're talking about! I haven't any of my apps crash, design is surprisingly good. It's really high quality at a competitive price. Also the relationship with the team is great, they speak awesome english, understand everything perfectly, they're available on Skype: if you're hesitating with another company: hire SpaceO!Gabrial Muller
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