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On-demand Delivery App


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Design, Development

Abstract of Jabrool Courier Delivery App

Jabrool is an on-demand package-delivery app solution that allows Saudi Arabia residents to get in touch with nearby package delivery vers in real-time. Using Jabrool customer’s application, customers transport goods and other packages from one place to another place within the estimated time period and even same-day delivery.

Moreover, Jabrool is one such Uber package delivery app that allows customers to select the delivery type from Jabrool Budget and Jabrool Express for the best user experience and send it to anywhere across Saudi Arabia. In short, this courier solution has made it easy for Saudi Arabia residents to transport goods and packages without any hassle.

App Development Idea

How our client got this on-demand package delivery app idea

Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, our client is running a big courier delivery service, allowing people to transport goods from one place to another. Along with the courier delivery business, he has expertise in the IT industry, operations, and management.

As he is running the courier delivery business for the last 8 years, he realized that the mobile application could lead to a revolutionary change in his parcel-delivery business. He wanted to be a delivery specialist. In fact, he aims to be the leader of the digital delivery revolution by standardizing the same-day delivery process through on-demand courier application and great customer service.

So, he decided to develop an on-demand courier delivery application that connects customers and package-delivery drivers in real-time. Through the mobile application, our client wanted to enable Saudi Arabia people to transport items and manage deliveries easily whether it is small, medium, or large.


How he found us

After deciding to make an on-demand courier delivery application, our client started looking for the mobile app development company, which turns his idea into a successful application. Initially, he found one mobile application development firm from Ukraine and decided to work with it.

Then, the Ukraine based company started working on his courier app development project and developed one or two features; however, our client did not get the expected results. So, he decided to stop working with the Ukraine-based company and hire a better team of mobile developers, which meets his business requirements.

Ultimately, he found us in his contacts as he had already worked with us for one of his projects. Then, he directly contacted us, described the whole situation about his project, and handed-over the partly developed application.

Our Client’s Requirements

We, at Space-O Technologies, have already developed over 40 on-demand delivery apps with different features and functionalities. And our client also wanted to develop an on-demand package-delivery platform, including customer’s application, delivery driver’s application, and admin panel.

With the main aim of making it easy and convenient for his customers to get instant delivery services, our client wanted to develop a complete on-demand package-delivery solution that provides instant access to courier services and deliveries no matter the type and size of customer’s shipment items. Through this parcel delivery app, our client wanted to connect his customers and delivery drivers in real-time.

The Very First Step We Took

Initially, we decided to spend some time analyzing the partly developed application and review the code provided by our client. Then, considering our client’s business and requirements, our sales representative made one proposal, suggesting important features and functionalities to include in both the apps.

Also, we suggested our client to re-skin the design of both the apps (Jabrool Customer’s & Jabrool Diver’s Application) to improve the overall look and feel. After reviewing our suggested features and functionalities, our client instantly got ready for the things we suggested and asked us to proceed ahead.

Ultimately, we started designing and developing both the apps that connect drivers and customers. The customer’s application allows customers to transport goods from one place to another across Saudi Arabia whereas the delivery person gets appropriate requests that fit safely in his vehicle and has a chance to earn money.


Top Features of Jabrool

Customer’s Application


Set pick-up location

Customers need to set a pick-up location from where they want to make a pick-up of the item or goods. Including the type of package from small, medium, and large, customers enter the location.


Add package detail

Customers need to add package data like the type of parcel, drop-off location, and delivery-type as per the need and urgency for all delivery jobs. All this information is used to calculate the estimated price to deliver the courier by the shipping service.


Price quote

Customers will get a price quote as per the type of package-delivery. The application shows two shipping types, including Budget and Express. In the budget, the parcel will be delivered in some time whereas Express-delivery will be delivered on the same day based on the driving distance.


My orders

It allows customers to view the previous and current orders or deliveries under “My Orders”. They can view orders with complete detail like Order ID, date, receiver name, pick-up & drop-off location, tracking number, no. of items, payment type: credit card or cash, and status.


Real-time tracking

The package tracker feature lets customers track drivers in real-time and check estimated arrival time. In fact, it is like a parcel monitor, and customers track the parcel and current location of the driver.


In-app chat

Customers can chat with the drivers through an in-app chat option and talk about the package-delivery, price quote, base pay, and drop-off location.


Call driver with one tap

Make a call to the driver with just one single tap. Customers just need to click on the “Call Driver” button and talk about the shipment.


Notifications & alerts

Customers get real-time notifications and alerts about their requests, including an order confirmation, package-delivery alert, and other important alerts.

Driver’s Application


Pick-up location

Drivers will get a pick-up location of the parcel. From his current location to pick-up location, he can check the driving direction and estimated time to reach the location.


Request detail

Driver can check the request detail that he has accepted. The driver will get the complete detail about the request like pick-up location, type of package, shipping type, no. of packages, and weight.

Manage packages

The new request arrived

Drivers will get a new request pop-up that he can accept and decline. In the new request pop-up, drivers can check pick-up location, drop-off location, item description with delivery-type, number of packages, and weight.


In-app chat

With an in-app chat option, the driver can directly talk with the requestor about the package-delivery or drop-off location. With just one tap, the driver can start the conversation.


Call requestor

In any case, if drivers have any query or confusion regarding the drop-off location, they can directly make a call to the requestor with just one tap on the screen.


Push notification & alerts

Drivers will get alerts and important notifications about the arrival of a new request and other updates.

Looking to Develop an On-demand App Solution?

Share it with us and let our mobile app consultant suggest the best possible solution. Our technical professional will develop on-demand app solution as per your needs.

Custom iOS Application Development

As our client decided to develop Jabrool apps on both the platforms, including iOS and Android, we initiated with the iOS development. For iOS application development, we assigned our Sr. iOS developer, who has over 4 years of experience, with special expertise in Objective-C, Swift, and CoreData.

Our assigned iOS programmer initially spent some time analyzing the partly developed code and understood its structure. After that, he started developing the application as discussed with our client.

While developing the application, our developer faced one small issue in the socket as it disconnected many times when the application was running in the background. Our developer resolved it by updating the latest code of Socket-IO. According to our iOS developer, Socket-IO was used very smartly in this courier-delivery application to make an instant effect like:

  • Sending a new request to the courier.
  • Opening a one-time password screen when the courier reaches to pick-up address.
  • Giving smooth chat experience to courier and customer.

Moreover, our iOS developer spent almost 6 weeks to develop Jabrool (Customer & Delivery Driver apps) using the following tools and technologies:

Programming Language:

objective c







Socket.IO for socket related actions

Android Application Development

To develop Jabrool application on the Android platform, we assigned one Android developer, who has more than 3 years of experience in the Android development field.

Our assigned Android programmer spent only about 3 months to completely develop Jabrool apps solution on the Android platform. Here’re some tools and technologies he used while developing this app:

Programming Language:


Core Java



Android Studio



Android SDK (Version 27)

Third-party Libraries:

  • Rx Java library (Thread Management)
  • Dagger library (Reduce Dependency)
  • Socket IO library (Maintain Socket Connection)
  • Retrofit library (API Calling)
  • Country code picker library (Display Country Name and its Code)
  • Fabric library (Crash Analytic)
  • ButterKnife library (Binding-view)
  • Glide library (Load Image)


Ultimately, the hard work of our mobile app developers shines on the Jabrool Application. Our teams of Android and iPhone developers successfully developed Jabrool apps solution, including required features and functionalities that demanded by our client.

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