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Abstract of Travel Cutter Expense Tracker App

Travel Cutter is an easy-to-use expense tracking application for travelers, allowing them to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable traveling experience. Now, travelers do not need to keep track of their pocket while traveling as this app assists users with travel budget and tracks traveling cost as it occurs.

In addition to this, this application displays multi-currency conversion, send limit reminders, track previous transactions and gives a complete report on expenses to assist users. In fact, travelers check expense report in bar and graph layouts and export to different formats, including xls and pdf.

App Development Idea

How our client got this travel expense tracker app idea

Based in Australia, our client is a passionate traveler, who loves to explore different countries across the world. Being a passionate traveler, she is traveling a lot and visiting many new countries every year.

While traveling from one country to another, she realized that it is quite difficult to track travel expenses country-wise. She was facing difficulty in maintaining a record of all the expenses that occur during traveling. Additionally, she was also facing problem in converting currency from her home currency to another country’s currency.

Realizing these many problems of travelers, our client decided to develop a mobile application that helps travelers to maintain and track travel expenses, convert currency through a currency converter, and check past records instantly.


How our client found us

After deciding to make a travel expense tracking application, our client started searching for the travel app development company on Google. So, she found one of our travelling blogs in Google and contacted us with her requirements.

One of our sales representatives contacted her to discuss the requirements and app idea that she wanted to develop. It took a very little time to understand the concept as she described it clearly and in detail.

Our Client’s Requirements

We, at Space-O Technologies, have already developed over 20 travel applications, so we were excited to work on this traveling expense tracker app. Our client wanted to develop an expense tracking application, allowing travelers to maintain and track travel expenses.

Her main aim was to help all those travelers, who might be facing the same problems while traveling. So, this application will help the travelers to keep constant track of the expenses, get limit reminders as per their setting, and check historical transactions.


The First Step We Took

Based on our client’s requirements, one of our sales representatives made a proposal, suggesting Travel Cutter – an expense tracker app. This application helps travelers to note-down traveling expenses, convert home currency in different currencies, get limit reminders, history tracking, dynamic and detailed reporting on expenses.

In addition to this, this travel expense tracker also works in offline mode, allowing travelers to convert currency, make expense entry, and get reminders. In fact, travelers can export travel expense report to PDF/XSL formats and email it.


Want to Develop a Travel Expense Tracker App?

Contact us today and share your requirements. Our app consultant validates your travel app idea and provide you roadmap to proceed further.

Custom iOS App Development

Our client decided to develop Travel Cutter application on both the platforms, including iOS and Android. For iOS development, we assigned our Sr. iOS app developer, who has more than 3 years of experience in the iOS development industry.

Initially, she spent some time researching because it was her first expense tracker application that gives a report in both graph and pie chart layouts. After researching and comprehending the project, she started developing the app. While developing this app, backup and restore data feature took much time of our assigned iOS developer.

She also spent some time on trip reporting feature that allows travelers to export the report to PDF and XLS format. Ultimately, our developer successfully developed Travel Cutter app on iOS platform within four months only. Here’re some tools and technologies she used:



Swift 4






Google Mobile Ads SDK




Custom Android App Development

When it comes to developing this application on the Android platform, we assigned our Sr. Android developer, who has over 4 years of experience in the Android app development. While developing this app, file backup and restore feature took much time of our assigned Android developer.

Apart from this, he did not face any issue while developing Travel Cutter app. His overall experience was good as our team implemented cross-platform (Android & iOS) backup restore functionality via Google Drive API that is not even provided by popular apps like WhatsApp. Here’re some tools and technologies he used while developing this app:






Android Studio 3.1


Google Drive API3

Google Drive API3


Dropbox SDK for Backup

Dropbox SDK for Backup


After facing one or two complexities, our mobile app developers ultimately built this travel expense tracker app successfully as required by the client. The users of the app track their travel expense while traveling, convert currency, get reminders and alerts and more.

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