2020’s 7 Best Money Making Apps in the On-demand Category [Gig Economy Champions]

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Looking to make some extra money? Or are you planning to create a platform that can offer Gig economy jobs? We have curated the best money making apps development ideas which will help you decide which genre to opt for a side hustle.

With the growing population in the economy, there is a lack of employment opportunities and recession laying off a huge number of jobs. This situation gave rise to the money-making app genre in the form of “Gig Economy.” It allows a flexible employment approach for freelancers, talented individuals, who really are keen to hustle alongside their jobs without disturbing the daily schedule.

Let us go for a broader look at what actually are gig economy jobs. Here, the market system is about temporary positions where organizations contract with independent workers for short- term engagements. This is on-demand staffing where workers, instead of getting a regular wage, get paid for the “gigs” they do, such as food delivery or dog walking.

Basically, there are two advantages of gig economy apps:-

  • Users of such apps can get benefit from flexible hours, with control over how much time they can work along with other priorities in their lives.
  • Here users can use it on a temporary basis when they face a monetary crisis from their primary employment, or they spend an unexpected amount on expenditures. Gig economy gives them appealing benefits. For people who are not made for long-term jobs, routine, this is the source of income.

Gig Economy Statistics – Money Making Making Apps Development

No hotels can afford to lose online clients on a busy working day. 

Here where such apps come in the picture. These apps provide independent contractors and side-hustlers. Currently, the Gig economy platform is experiencing just as well for themselves as compared to the people working at a regular shift in a job. 

  • The freelancer union has 300k members, which is over 35% of the total U.S. workforce and freelancers. This equated to about $1.4 trillion last year in 2018.
  • There are over 57million workers as a part of the Gig economy.
  • There is an all-time consistent growth in the part-time employment sector.

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Now, let’s move on to the on demand app developments in the app world who have aced the balancing income game between themselves and freelancers working with them.

2020’s 7 Best Money Making Apps Development Which You Should Look Forward too as a Side Job App Platform 

#1 Turo- Car Rental App

Now, the question in every individual’s brain is how much could I earn? With the inception of “money making apps” along with our routine jobs, you can opt for a side income. It can be anything based on your talent, profession, any home product rental. The beauty of the gig economy is to perceive a job as long as you are willing to, which expands your skill sets too.

With Turo app, one can list his car into the peer to peer car sharing genre. The app itself calculates the price of your vehicle based on market value, location, time of year, and other data sets to maximize your income and boost your listing’s competitiveness. If you prefer, you can manually set your own daily prices in the car-hailing app. They also provide 65% to 85% of the trip price along with up to $1 million in liability insurance. And your car is contractually protected against theft and physical damage.

best money making apps development

Image Credit: Turo

#2 Soothe- Uber for Massage

After an outrageous workaholic week, people are dying to have relaxing experiences. The demand is more and supply of massage providers is less. If you are professional massage services, connect with such massage apps. Soothe is a platform where monetary balance is achieved for professionals and users. It is a Los Angeles based on-demand massage company which is now available in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia.

Soothe is an authentic platform for therapists like you. It can open new industry connections and a well-leveraged gig economy alternative in the form of money-making apps. People are searching more on “ in-home massage therapist near me,” use the advent of massage app developments. Establish your own client base by using the platform aptly.

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Image Credit: Soothe

 #3 Bevy- Alcohol Delivery App

We all know opportunities provided by food delivery apps, the same is catered along with the alcohol delivery app. Traditionally you would have gone for a bartender’s job, now instead of serving you can deliver liquor at a user’s doorsteps. The Bevy app delivers all over London, U.K. & is a side job app option for people with a good Gig economy setup. If you are eyeing to get into some side hustle for earning a pocket full of income, this is a good option.

We forgot to mention something! This app is developed by us at Space-O Technologies and is featured in TechCrunch. Our client had a very clear vision of expanding his liquor business, and thus we made an on-demand alcohol app for him.

money making apps development

Image Credit: Bevy

#4 DogVacay- AirBnB for Pets

Are you a dog lover? Want to have a part-time career in it? Pet apps like Dogvacay are a great opportunity for you. It has now become a part with Rover, dog care app. Sign up for the pet sitting job, you can also decide which type of dogs are you comfortable to care based on their age, size, and breed. 

The dog app gives the flexibility to set your own rates and offerings. The dog daycare has a very systematic signup process and profile setup where you can easily set up your availability and services and get to work. The good news is you can decide whether to watch pets at your place or at the owner’s home and offer an array of services like dog walking, grooming, overnight care, and more. Here one can easily earn $1000 per month.

Top money making apps development

Image Credit: Rover

#5 Foap App- Photography App

“Turn your photos into cash.” The photo and video app, Foap, is all set with a platform for camera lovers. Here, you can upload your photos and videos and put it for sale. When a brand or agency finds your work outstanding seeing from the portfolio in the photo app, they can buy at the stated price. There is no negotiation and the purchase is divided 50/50 between you and the app.

The money-making app development has a community of over 2.9million creators. The app has a “Mission” feature that allows people to get more profitable. Simply by following the Mission brief and uploading one or multiple video or photo that reflects what kind of imagery the brand is after. 

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Image Credit: Foap

#6 Glovo App- On Demand Food Delivery App

Glovo app is the most downloaded Spanish app made by us at Space-O Technologies and is also featured in TechCrunch. Glovo, courier delivery app, the app has made it easy for residents to order anything from food items to pharmacy and groceries to alcohol. You can be a part of it and serve to deliver at a user’s doorsteps.

The food delivery app has a widespread network over 20 countries and needs such employment. This is by far the best money making apps, it is balanced in both the genres of affording good pay to the employees and deliver anything at convenient rates. The main service which it has to ace at is fast delivery in real-time. Thus, the app will always have raging employment needs for employment in the delivery genre.

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Image Credit: Glovo

#7 Houzz App- Interior Design App

The interior design app, located in the U.S.A, is a huge platform for home design enthusiasts, professionals, and homeowners. It is designed to provide a visual online platform for professionals and homeowners to find & share home design ideas and advice. The app is inviting new talents to come on-board and create home styler interior design.

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Image Credit: Houzz

How to develop money-making apps in the on-demand category?

After having a gist about the top money-making app developments, we are here at your disposal to help you out with such money-making apps development. One research shows that an average person spends about 4 hours a day on their cell phone, and about 90% of that time spent on apps. So why not turn your mindless scrolling into hard cash? 

Space-O Technologies has come a long way, developing over 3500 apps, striving hard in the mobile app development from the past 9 years. Dealing with native mobile apps and web solutions we know the exact way to cut through your competitors. Contact us and we can know chat more on your idea.  

For any further queries like money making apps development cost, iOS app development, how to make an Android app, fill out our contact us form and we will consult you for free.

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