99 & Yandex (Uber Clone Apps): 3 Tips To Boost Your Taxi Booking App Development

uber clone app development

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If you are facing the major issue of logistics management, fleet management, or are running a taxi service which needs an accurate boost in the market, you are in the right place. Herein we have curated 3 important lessons from Uber alternatives Yandex & 99, who have recently made their place in the top Uber clone app development market.

Taxi service was once a royalty.

The time of booking taxis through calls and booking agencies has long gone. With the emergence of apps like Uber, Lyft, Grab, DiDi made it a need by making it affordable. These Uber alternatives not only disrupted the traditional transport service but also impeded the way people carry out their business.

Right from the time of ride-hailing apps, the taxi booking app solution has seen a rapid expansion. There is no doubt that the digital world has emerged to produce more convenient and better Uber clone app developments. Recently, two more apps have gained their limelights in taxi booking app business. As per the SensorTower report, 99 & Yandex have made their place into the top ride-sharing apps and taxi apps worldwide for May 2019.

uber clone app development

Image Credit: sensortower

Now, before discussing the takeaways of these Uber alternatives, let’s go into the past to find what has actually given such hype to these taxi app developments.

Challenges in the taxi business

  1. In the past, every taxi company used to have multiple operators designated to handle a stream of calls, from different people in different cities. This resulted in employee fatigue.
  2. There was immense paperwork and records to be kept for fleet management. The process of booking a taxi consisted of:
    • Calling and informing whereabouts from the caller.
    • The operator would fill out the address.
    • Locate nearby taxi and allocate it to the caller.
    • Tick “dispatch” on the side of the available driver

3. This resulted in human errors, the process required precise listening and accurate actions for the taxi to reach their customers.

4. With the increase in the number of users, taxi booking through call became quite hectic. To constantly manage calls, became less productive and inconvenient for both customers and operators.

The revolution that Uber and Uber-like apps brought was just a mere online taxi app solution, that reduced the manpower fatigue up to 90%. It fastened the taxi booking service and maintained records in an orderly manner. The on-demand transport industry has been able to provide logistics services at its very ease. Bus, taxi, e-Scooter, bicycles all have their own ride-hailing app developments. Out of all these, the most experimented and explored niche is on-demand taxi apps.

There are immense opportunities that can give great exposure to your logistics and transport startups. Here we are going to discuss the opportunities 99 & Yandex created in Brazil and Russia with their Uber clone app development.

3 Takeaways From 99 & Yandex Successful Uber Clone App Developments

#1 Business for Local Drivers

We all are facing a global problem with the increased population, “unemployment.” The taxi apps like 99 and Yandex, simply spotted the monetary problem prevailing in the suburbs. Both the apps have effectively provided a platform for the local population to earn their money through taxi booking business.

In Brazil, the transportation problem was really big. The locals had to rely on overcrowded and unreliable buses, as the metro station was 5 miles away. The taxi booking apps, provide service to the excluded areas of the country. Yandex app provides the facility of booking a taxi using taxi dispatch software. The Yandex business model differs from Uber, as it connects self-employed drivers, with potential customers.

Being a logistics and transport startup, a spy for raging needs that you can provide through your app. For Uber-like app development, you need to have a clear vision of how your app will benefit customers, and bring business for localities.

Pro-Tip: Approach a successful Uber clone app development company, with your ideal taxi app solution. The team of dedicated developers can guide you through the mobile app development process. Your app can get a boost with some unique features like GPS traffic tracker, and make your app outstanding.

#2 Accurate & Advanced Search Results

Nowadays, people are becoming digitally sound, and looking for filtered searches. Yandex app was the first taxi app in Russia to provide traffic alerts in their in-app map. With its cutting-edge algorithms, the taxi app is an all-in-one combo, from Russian language services to weather forecast, and taxi app with traffic notifications.

uber clone app development

Image Credit: Yandex.Taxi

On the other hand, the biggest e-hailing app in Brazil, 99, has the most seamless user interface and navigation features. Such app design makes searching of the users accurate and saves their time too. The uber clone app development helps commuters reach their destination on time with private drivers, or ride billed to the company, through corporate vouchers.

Through taxi app development for your transport business, you will create a digital brand, and grow your business in autopilot mode. In a short time span, you can reach different corners of the world and increase your customer base.

#3 Multiple Stop Facility With Child Car Seats

If you are planning for creating a taxi app, this point is the most important. Your app should have a multiple stop facility for a user who has to complete his chores coming along the chosen route. Now, with the taxi industry growing rapidly, child car seats are also made available by taxi apps. Such Uber for children’s security features can create immense goodwill in the market for your brand.

The Yandex app gives flexibility for both things. The app plans a complete route for drivers and calculates the price for the entire trip beforehand. It also promotes “drive safe with your child on-board” under the kids’ tariff. You can also analyze such facilities that your app can seamlessly provide to the targeted niche.

Are you ready with your own uber clone app development idea?

After discussing the takeaways from the top taxi app developments, there is a huge market revenue penetrating in the ride-hailing segment. According to a statista.com report, US$82,437m in 2019 is the online taxi business revenue growth. The growth rate is consistently increasing till 2023 resulting in a US$133,473m.

There is a huge opportunity to start with an Uber clone app development, to reach the masses at large. After developing over 50 Uber-like applications, our mobile app developers have gained a lot of experience in developing different features like GPS tracker, push notification, payment gateway integration, live traffic display map. If you are planning to create a taxi booking or taxi management solution like Uber using any of these features, you can directly contact us to get a basic overview of it.

In this cluttered logistics and transport industry, we make sure that your app has outstanding features that can set you apart from your competition. If you have any queries regarding Uber app development cost, or what to do with your Uber-like app development idea, you have come to the right place. Simply fill the contact us form, and one of our sales representatives will contact you soon. Consultation is free.

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