How to Make Your Taxi Service Stand-Out From Competitors With Taxi Booking for Outstation?


Nowadays, booking applications are growing everywhere because mobile technology has made it a lot easier for entrepreneurs to run their business with just a mobile application.

Whether it is a need to book cab, hotel room or a table in any restaurant prior to your visit, there is an app for everything today. Among all these booking apps, taxi booking apps have gained huge popularity because of the increased demand from the users.

Passengers across the world find it a lot simpler to book cabs without waiting on the road and refusal. In fact, they can hire cabs instantly without going out of the home, and the cab will reach passenger’s exact location.

But what if passengers are planning an adventurous trip with their friends on any tourist place or they want to travel to another city to attend a family function or business meeting.

No matter whether they are foreign tourists or local jetsetters, booking outstation cabs are like a blessing for them as they can book a taxi from one city to another city without leaving the comfort of their home.

How Can You Stand-Out From Your Competitors?

The simple answer to this question is – Taxi Booking for Outstation Service.  Taxi service providers can allow their passengers to book a taxi from one city to another city using their smartphone.

By opting for a cab booking for outstation, passengers can have multiple stop-overs, explore the far-flung areas of another city or place, and travel at their own pace and convenience.

But how will you give a great riding experience to your outstation passengers? What unique features should you include in your outstation cabs booking service? Here’s the list of top features that you can deliver to your passengers and enhance their riding experience.

Features to Include in Your Taxi Booking Outstation Service

1. Advance Booking

No matter whether your passengers are planning to spend their weekend at the farmhouse or want to attend any business meeting, you can allow them to book their trip in advance with your advance booking feature. They just need to enter a pick-up to drop location and departure date with exact time, and they can easily book a taxi without any hassle.

By offering an advance booking in your taxi app solutions, you can help your passengers to avoid rush and inconvenience in the last hours. Moreover, people, who often travel from one city to another city, can book a cab in advance and sit back relax without any tension of getting late.

2. Economical One-way and Round Trip

It is highly important to understand that people look for both one-way and round-trip when it comes to booking a taxi for outstation. Undeniably, every passenger has its own requirements and you must consider them while offering a taxi booking service for outstation.

There are lots of travelers, whose journey is uncertain like they know their departure date and exact time, but they are not sure when they will return. For those passengers, you can provide one-way ride with fix rate for the particular distance.

However, people, who travel with complete planning like they know their return date with exact time, so they will surely opt for a round trip that can help them to visit the city and come back to their destination without any hassle.

3. Safe & Secure Rides

Whether your passenger is travelling alone, with family or with their friends, safety is all they expect from you. You can allow your passengers to ride with you with complete security irrespective of the type of booking like a one-way or round trip.

You can always be there for your passengers and show them that you care for their safety. Allow them to enjoy the safe and secure ride by offering security features like 24*7 roadside assistance, live ride tracking, live location sharing, SOS emergency button, etc.

4. Vehicle Options

The most important feature that you can offer to your passengers is vehicle options to choose from. No matter whether they have planned to go with their partners, family members or travelling with a group of friends, you can allow them to choose from different car types like Mini, Prime Sedans, Hatchbacks, SUV, LUX cabs, etc. According to your passengers’ need, you can offer them different vehicle options and deliver them a comfortable riding experience.

5. Trained Drivers For Outstation Cabs Booking

Whenever your passengers prefer to travel with their family, they always bother about the driver’s background, riding experience, etc. These things make them worried and they think twice while booking cabs for outstation, but you can ensure your passengers about your drivers.

Always have high-rated and verified drivers, who have the outstation driving experience to give your passengers a smooth traveling experience. Moreover, you also make sure to let your passengers know that you have verified and trained drivers with you to deliver the best riding experience.

So, these are some of the main features that you can include in your outstation cab booking app like UberHire. Prior to this, we covered the top features to include in your taxi booking app to survive against Uber and Lyft.

Now, What’s Next Step?

If you are one of those taxi businesses, who offers taxi booking services targeting outstation or tourist places in different countries like Australia, New Zealand, etc., you can have your own standalone taxi booking app with the outstation feature, allowing your passengers to book a one-way or round trip to any destination.

In case, if you already have a taxi booking app like Uber, you can also integrate an outstation feature in your app, allowing your passengers to book a ride to another city. Now, you might have one question in your mind. Right?

How much does it cost to make an outstation taxi booking app like UberHire?

Well, the exact cost of developing an app like UberHire depends upon various factors like features, functionalities, and the platform (Android & iOS) that you want to develop on. But, any professional Uber-like app development company takes approximately 290-hrs to develop a full functional ride-sharing app for outstation.

Still, if you have any confusion related to taxi app development cost for outstation or do you have a list of features to know the exact cost of developing, feel free to contact us through the below-given form as we are specialized in Uber Clone app development.

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