3 Important Lessons to Learn from Wonolo (On-demand Staffing App) Which Has Raised $32M in Series C Round of Funding


This blog includes information for staffing startups & entrepreneurs. Scroll down to know more about important solutions that startups can learn from Wonolo during on-demand staffing app development.

Undoubtedly, the rise of on-demand services fuels the workforce of freelancers who usually look for temporary jobs and can work for small hours, which are more suitable for them.

Well, the on-demand staffing services can help both job seekers and those who need staff, including general labor, warehouse operations, delivery drivers, for events and administrative tasks. Well, there is an application named Wonolo, which provides on-demand staffing platforms. According to the report from Crunchbase, “Wonolo, an on-demand staffing app, has raised $32M in series C round of funding.”


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Wonolo: On-demand Staffing App

Wonolo provides an on-demand staffing platform in terms of the mobile app, which connects users (job seekers) with different temporary jobs. Plus, it also lets businesses to fill their immediate hourly or daily labor needs. In short, Wonolo app provides the online platform for both job seekers who need freelancing jobs and businesses who look for temporary staff for an hourly or daily basis.

Launched back in 2013, the headquarters of Wonlo is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. This on-demand staffing platform fills businesses’ immediate labor needs for an hourly or daily basis.

  • According to the latest report from Similar Web, “The Apple App Store rank of Wonolo app is #91.”


The app also claims to solve the last-mile staffing problem for small-to-medium businesses, including merchandising, eCommerce fulfillment, event staffing, and hotel housekeeping.

  • According to the latest report from App Annie, the graph of the download rank is going upward.


Now, scroll down important lessons by Wonolo that every staffing startup can consider while developing an app for on-demand solutions.

3 Important Lessons to Learn from Wonolo (On-demand Staffing App)

1. A Flexible On-Demand Business Model

To develop an app like Uber for staffing, the important lesson is to consider a flexible business model as what Wonolo did. Being a tech startup, if you are planning to develop an app for short-term staffing business, then keep in mind a flexible and scalable business model that can do wonders for your business. So, the first thing is cleared that you can’t afford to miss it in order to achieve Uber-like success.

Talking about the on-demand niche, this sector is absolutely booming. The reason behind its growth is the increasing total number of people, who are accessing some sort of on-demand service through the app. According to the report from Harvard Business Review, “The largest category of on-demand spending is the online marketplace with 16.3 million consumers each month spending almost $36 billion annually.”


In a nutshell, the on-demand economy is also going to boom in the upcoming years. However, your business needs to decide how this change can be adapted by your business.

The takeaway is that you need to consider a flexible on-demand business model like Wonolo, an on-demand staffing app if you want to take your business in a long way.

2. Find Out Real-World Problems of Your Target Customers

For every startup or business, it is important to solve the real problems that both job seekers and businesses are facing and simplify their lives. So, what is the best way to provide solutions to them? All you just need to start with providing solutions in terms of features in an on-demand staffing app. If you are all set to take a plunge in on-demand solutions, listen to your customers and find out solutions for the same.


In order to get success, tech startups need to think out of the box when it comes to offering solutions to job seekers as well as businesses. This is what Wonolo app does.

3. Solution-Oriented Approach

To stand out your business, don’t forget the concept of solution-focused approach. If you want to succeed in the on-demand business, make sure that the solution focus approach must be simple and effective to adopt by both job seekers and businesses.

On-demand-staffing-appImage Source: wonolo

Similarly, Wonolo is an app like Uber for on-demand staffing, focusing on solutions of problems that job seekers and businesses face. All you just need to provide effective solutions to your consumers/app users in terms of online platforms. Plus, you just need to work at the surface level in order to help your users with effective solutions.

Alike Wonolo, create an online platform that connects workers or app users with businesses, which need staff quickly specifically in labor-based roles such as retail, manufacturing, and shipping. Well, with this on-demand staffing platform, your users can save a lot of time, especially blue-collar workers who look for freelancing jobs for themselves.

Furthermore, with the temporary staffing solution, your users are allowed to find jobs in diverse areas like warehouse operations, delivery drivers, merchandising, event staff, administrative tasks, and general labors.

Wrapping Up

The key factor for any startup company is to make things simple for your customers or app users. One of the main factors is considering app features, which generally decide the ease and effectiveness of your app. Being a staffing startup, all you just need to build an online platform for your customers, who are seeking solutions as the way you think.

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