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Last week, Jack, along with his few friends, was enjoying the football game. But, in that process, they skipped out dinner time, and they were in no mood to go out and hunt for a food place.

Suddenly, Rachel shouted “Pizza… anyone”?

Everybody nodded Yes.

“20 minute guys, The pizzas will be here”, said Rachel.

Out of curiousity, Jack asked, “how is it going to happen”?

Rachel simply replied “Doordash App buddy. They will deliver the pizzas here”.

Now this didn’t end there. Rachel then sent a link to all of them over Whatsapp and said “Add this referral code, and I’ll get a discount on my orders once you all download the app”.


This is the beauty of on demand apps. These on demand mobile apps now sit in our pockets to cater each and every need of ours within few minutes of time.

The growth of on demand economy is the result of mobile app development companies thriving on the consumer demand by developing mobile apps to provide immediate goods and services.

This new collection of on demand services based apps have made the lives of urban cities more resourceful by offering conveniency. From food delivery to laundry pick-up, and from taxi on demand to plumbers, all these gets delivered almost instantly with the mere taps of fingers.

Most of these on demand startups are managed by billions of dollars in funding. Take Uber for example. The transportation startup alone has raised $5 billion in funding. In fact, other industries have also received good amounts of investments.


Now, there is no doubt that whether on demand economy can revolutionize the way people are living and transacting on daily basis because…it is already happening.

Point is, the on demand services apps have remarkably evolved the way of doing business and Entrepreneurs are digging into every industry possible to establish a successful startup by building an on demand app.

Taskrabbit, the on demand handyman app startup, falls under the same category.

What is TaskRabbit?

In simple words, Taskrabbit is a two-sided marketplace where it connect ‘TaskPosters’ (people who need help) with ‘TaskRabbits’ that are pre-approved individuals who have skills and time to complete the tasks listed by ‘TaskPosters’.

Basically, Taskrabbit aims to outsource small jobs and tasks to other in their neighbourhood. It’s about taking back lives, becoming your own boss, helping people out, and make money.

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How TaskRabbit Was Born?

It was cold night of February in 2008 when Leah Busque, founder of Taskrabbit, realised that she has ran out of her dog food. And, at that moment, she thought of building a platform where people could outsource such petty tasks to others and save time.

Since then, Taskrabbit is hailed as a revolutionary platform that brings neighbours closer and give a helping hand to people in need want to pay.

Today, the platform runs in 19 cities, and the app has made a remarkable mark in the on demand economy with its innovative idea of outsourcing small tasks.

The following graphic will give a clear insight about Taskrabbit’s growth over the years.


How Does TaskRabbit Work?

Basically, the TaskPoster posts a job on app and Taskrabbit suggests three contractors (Taskers), along with their hourly rates.

The Tasker can accept or reject the job offer as per his/her convenience and flexibility. Once the task is done, the job is completed by Tasker and payment is transferred through TaskRabbit app.

TaskRabbit User Segments


Taskposters are the people who want to outsource errands can post their job on Taskrabbit and taskrabbit connects them with qualified taskers available for help. People can pay through the app once the task is completed.


Taskers are the people who are unemployed or underemployed or want to make some extra money can sign up to become a TaskRabbit.

The background is checked and the applicant is interviewed to get selected as a Tasker. In fact, the taskers in TaskRabbit are fully talented & verified, and once the task is completed, the taskposter can review and rate the service.

The Future of On Demand Handyman Apps Like TaskRabbit

As technology is evolving, we’ve also evolved from trusting people online for information to trusting to handing credit card details, now we’ve entered the third trustwave that is connecting with trustworthy strangers from all kind of marketplaces.

In fact, the whole idea of on demand apps are based on same principle of letting strangers helping each other, which is why on demand apps like taskrabbit hold a great future. Transportation, grocery, laundry, and food industries are the examples of how technology disrupted them with the arrival of on demand services apps and efforts of an app development company.

This means, Entrepreneurs not only need for a unique idea, but developing mobile app around that business idea is also necessary to stay in the competition. And, all this is just beginning. Very soon, we’ll be reaping the benefits of on demand startup apps for every imaginable service there could be available.

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