How Gokada, Motorcycle Taxi App, Raised $5.3M With These 4 Powerful Solutions


This blog embraces information for the transportation service startups and entrepreneurs who want to create motorcycle taxi apps like Gokada, bike taxi service situated in Nigeria, Africa. Check these 4 solutions, which you can also consider during motorcycle taxi app development.

The human race is addressing two major issues throughout the globe. Population explosion and traffic congestions. The demand for rapid transportation is becoming the need of every individual. People are now going for more than one job to meet their economic needs, which enables effective transport services. Buses, trains, taxies, e-scooters and now motorcycles too. Last-minute commute facilities are significantly making their way through transport app development like Uber, Taxify, and Lyft.

The motorcycle taxi app development market is becoming a significant sub-sector in countries across the globe. One of the finest examples is Gokada, motorcycle ride-hailing app based in Nigeria, Africa.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, ride-hail startup, Gokada, has raised $3.5M Series A, led by Rise Capital. The investment was joined by Adventure Capital, IC Global Partners, and Illinois-based First Midwest Group. The financing was made to increase it’s fleet and ride volume while developing a network to offer goods and services to its drivers.

Some Gleaning Insights of Gokada, Motorcycle Taxi App

  • Gokada was co-founded in 2018 by Fahim Saleh and has completed nearly 1 million rides since then.
  • The bike taxi app has trained and on-boarded more than 1000 motorcycles & their pilots on its app.
  • By raising the funds, its main aim is to increase fleets and facilitate drivers with a Gokada shop that has regular necessities such as plantains, yams, and rice.
  • The motorcycle taxi business plans to create an Amazon Prime-type membership. It strives for an ecosystem around the driver where other services like motorcycle insurance, maintenance, personal life-insurance, and micro-finance loans.

After, having an insight into the Gokada app, let’s now understand the scope for your motorcycle taxi startup. The stats will give you a clear vision of success or failure, and may also provide a bike taxi business plan.

Scope of  Motorcycle Taxi App Development

With the raging traffic, no one wants to wait in queue for a bus or hail a taxi & get stuck in the traffic for long. Ahead of all other on-demand transportation app developments is, the motorcycle app. If you look at the commute time of a cab or bus, bikes are obviously a much quicker, affordable, and inexpensive option for daily travel.

We have some interesting stats related to bike taxi service that shows the overall increasing search interest of such motorcycle taxi app development. The keyword “motorcycle taxi” is searched a lot. The stats are a recent report from the past 12 months of the country U.S. from June 2018 to May 2019. It shows substantial growth over the months, which can be said as a wider scope of apps like Uber bike taxi app.

motorcycle taxi app development

Image Credit: Google Trends

The major issue that the world is facing with every passing day is rising fuel prices. The demand for two-wheels is increasing due to their higher fuel efficiency and is booming the requirement of motorcycle taxi business. Backed by rapid urbanization, the segment is anticipated to maintain its dominance over the next five years as well.

Another interesting fact we came across is about the data from the U.S. subregions that are actually searching bike taxi app for their travel. These facts are showing revenue and profit for the bike taxi app service. The demand is clearly visible, but the scope of supply is not up to the point, which indicates a good motorcycle business startup.

motorcycle taxi app development

Image Credit: Google Trends

After knowing the scope and importance of such motorcycle taxi app development, let’s understand the solutions offered by Gokada app which you as a motorcycle taxi business startup can take into consideration.

Give a Thought to These 4 Powerful Solutions Before Creating Motorcycle Taxi App Development like Gokada

1. Request Ride & View Fare Estimates

The very first solution which is a must in every transport app is requesting a ride. A user always feels important when he is asked whether he is sure of booking the selected mode of transport. The ride request does two jobs; firstly alerts the user for booking a motorcycle, and secondly allows a user to book for someone else.

motorcycle taxi app development

Image Credit: Gokada App

Gokada makes sure to have a “fare estimation.” Such estimates clearly state the pricing as per fuel price, KMs, and discounts if any. The user never complaints nor bargains, thus motorcycle app earns both revenue and credibility of its targeted niche.

Being a transport service startup, such a solution gives a proper structure to the drivers and riders of a particular ride with stipulated time and fare estimates. This makes the on-demand transport app as an apt option for users to book last-minute transports.

2. Safety of the Riders

The Gokada app promotes the “safety” of its riders. What if someone tells us that we are here to protect you no matter what it takes. The same thing is portrayed by motorcycle app brand, which has helped user retention rate for the app.

The motorcycle taxi app is DOT (US Department of Transportation approved) certified, which is able to withstand forces typical during a motorcycle accident. It is the best motorcycle app, which also includes hairnet for each rider to wear before the helmet. Such a hairnet protects the hair of clients and they actually feel pampered and intrigued by these small efforts.

3. Selection and Training of a Driver

Being a transport startup, this solution is like filling good quality petrol into your vehicles to avail good mileage and less engine damage. Drivers are blood for the transportation business, goodwill is generated as per the driver’s service.

motorcycle taxi app development

Image Credit: Gokada App

Gokada- bike taxi service, tests their drivers through an extensive psychometric and driving test. This approach satisfies the motorcycle business of hiring the right drivers and also riders to sit behind without any fear. The app thoroughly trains the selected drivers into defensive driving skills with safety always in mind.

Being a cab, bus, motorcycle or e-scooter transport service startup or entrepreneur, keep in mind to select drivers with a very peculiar test. The drivers are the only tangible experience that a user can react on for feedbacks to the firm.

4. Perks for the Drivers

The transport business runs well because of its drivers and vice-versa. But to retain drivers,  the company has to avail some perks to be their support as Gokada provides pension plans, recreational services, and health services. The motorcycle ride-hailing app also gives desirable income with incentives to the drivers.

Drivers can also own the bike after working for a year with the bike app. These perks work as a constant booster for the drivers to serve through the digital platform.


So, being a transport startup, if you ever found yourself stuck with any particular idea on transport apps and you believe that idea could be a great hit, don’t let it fade away. Because you never know where a simple thought or idea can take you! If you want to build an on-demand app solution for bikes and e-scooters, then it is a high time to develop a bike ride-sharing application.

All you can do is consult us and discuss your idea as we are a leading mobile application development company and have successfully developed more than 3500 apps for top enterprises and startups.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding battery technology, motorcycle taxi app development cost, and on-demand transport app development, how to develop an app for motorcycle travelers, how long does it take to create an app like Gokada, mobile app development cost, or how much time it takes to develop Uber like transportation model, just fill-up our contact us form and our team is always happy to advise you on the best technical solutions. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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