6 Insurance App Ideas To Streamline Your Business Operation Process and Increase Productivity

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  • Insurance companies and agencies who want to eliminate the paper-based outdated process and increase ROI with their own mobile apps for insurance.

Smartphone technologies have a tremendous effect on our lives. Nowadays, mobile apps are a great tool for hailing a cab, ordering food, and for health-related alerts. In fact, these mobile apps for insurance companies don’t just allow taking care of our health, but they can also be helpful in difficult situations.

Many insurance companies, as well as agencies, are partnering with various top mobile app development companies to build their own insurance mobile app and make cooperation with customers more transparent and user-friendly. Instead of waiting for a customer care representative on a toll-free number, the customers can download the insurance mobile app to get all the needed assistance. And at the same time, an insurance mobile app can also be beneficial for insurance companies and agencies as it can reduce all the call-centre maintenance costs.

Moreover, the insurance industry is also becoming well-aware of the benefits of mobile apps, and many insurance companies are already offering best insurance app to their customers. In just a few years, most insurance companies will be obliged to have a feature-rich mobile app, so as not to be an outsider in the market.

In this blog, we’ll share 6 different insurance app ideas to help you streamline your business operations and deliver better services to your customers. Most of these insurance app ideas have still not been implemented, thus it represents a great opportunity for top insurance companies such as AXA, Zurich Insurance Group, China Life Insurance, Allianz SE, etc to be the first one to provide it to their customers. Now, let’s move on the main subject.

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Insurance App Ideas

  1. Claim Adjuster App

    The claim adjusters have most of their work outside the office. For example, a claim adjuster has to investigate insurance claims by interviewing the claimant, consulting police, checking hospital records, and inspecting overall damage to determine the extent of the company’s liability. And with a claim adjuster app, you can empower your claim adjuster employees to be more productive, and they can also access resources more easily.

    In simple words, a claim adjuster app can be designed to fit all your adjusters’ needs with following features:

    • Documents’ Library: All the important and necessary documents can be stored within the claim adjuster app to access as per the needs. In addition, the claim adjuster can also upload the claim documents as soon as they become available on-the-go.
    • Latest Information on Claims: Up-to-date information on the claims could also be provided to claim adjusters with a ‘Latest Claim Updates’ feature to have all the information they need right in their pocket for daily visits.
    • Image Upload: For reference purposes, the feature to click images of damages and upload them directly into the app can also come in handy.
    • Customer Communications: In-built chat functionality could be quite useful to enable claim adjusters to easily contact the relevant customers with their visit updates.
    • Signature Capture: The feature to allow customers to sign documents directly on the smartphone or tablet can eliminate the need of chunky paper-work such as printing the document, get it signed by the customer, and scanning it back and storing it digitally.
  2. Broker Apps

    insurance mobile app

    For insurance brokers, the company can create any of the following two types of insurance mobile app to increase productivity.

  3. News App

    As we know that an important part of any broker’s job is to be updated about all the latest information on environmental, economic, and other issues, to best advice their customers.

    Usually, this gets done by feeding brokers the latest information from a wide variety of sources, networks, and information sent by analyst team from the office. But, many times this often results in too much information being fed and the broker sometimes becomes unable to read all the news, and misses out something important.

    This is why, a news app for your insurance company can be created to provide only important news affecting to existing customers by taking the broker’s calendar into account and feeding the only information which is relevant to each of them.

  4. Sales Support App

    Brokers face many difficulties such as accessing and capturing information, because most of the times they’re working away from the office.

    Here, a sales support app can help brokers by making it as easy as possible for them to access sales and marketing materials, to track and capture leads, and cross-sell across providers and services.

    The features of sales support app could include:

    • Lead Tracking: The sales support app could have a section with all information relating to each customer, so that brokers can ensure they’re up-to-date before leaving for meeting. They can also track how each case is proceeding to make sure optimal customer service.
    • Lead Capture: A lead capture feature could enable brokers to easily capture lead information and save it straight into the database using their smartphone. This could help to save time of transferring lead information.
    • Material Access: All the marketing and sales related materials can be kept at one place to ensure that brokers can access anytime they want.
  5. Employee Training App

    Any company or business can benefit from a training app, but for the insurance companies, a training app becomes quite useful. This is mainly because there are many regulations and best practice guidelines that the employees must abide to, for providing better customer services.

    A training app can help insurance companies by making learning as convenient and engaging as possible, with the features of audio/video lessons to empower employees to complete their training whenever it is most convenient for them.

    Moreover, being able to engage with different forms of multimedia also encourages the retention of knowledge. This is specifically the case when Gamification elements are implemented. For example, you can make a game out of learning with quizzes to self-asses, and giving them points when they successfully complete their training. You can also create a leaderboard to promote healthy competition among employees, and thereby also motivate them to engage with your app even more.

  6. Customer Apps

    As we said in the beginning, insurance apps for customers can revolutionize the way customers access information about insurance provider, and also buy the insurance policy. This is why, the customer apps here can be quite helpful in providing better customer experience and also make it easy for customers to access their company’s services.

    Now, there are basically 2 types of customer apps for insurance that can be created. And to give you a better understanding, we’ll discuss each of them one-by-one.

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  8. Claim Submission App

    Being able to submit a claim as soon as an issue arises can significantly improve the customer service and provide customers with a much more positive user experience.

    With your claim submission app, your customers can submit claims and provide as much supporting information as possible using the device’s native functionality. In addition, this can also reduce the need for claim adjusters to visit incident sites in person, which could help in saving time as well as expenses.

    Customers can also use the app to check on progress and status of claims directly within the mobile app.

  9. Car Insurance App

    In the events of accident, an auto insurance app could prove to be useful for collecting information. For example, drivers can use their smartphone’s camera to click pictures of the scene, take other driver’s insurance details and claim for the insurance by submitting all these information.

    Besides this main feature, you can also incorporate the feature of monitoring car behavior to provide driving tips to driver and reduce the risk of accidents as well as amount of petrol needed.

Final Thoughts…

With these 6 insurance app ideas, any insurance company can benefit from a wide range of insurance mobile apps to encourage their work processes and improve customer experience.

Moreover, by implementing the mobile technology into your insurance business, you can kill two birds with one arrow. First of all, you create an effective tool that can replace a person’s visit in many cases, and save time and effort. Second, you’ll have another channel for your customers to reach you at any time, and at any place.

Now, we understand that every insurance company needs their own, specific set of features and functionalities depending on their insurance app ideas. But, when you hire iPhone app developers from Space-O Technologies, we get them ready assisting you with custom mobile app development and emphasizing it on your service preferences. Just fill out the below form with your requirements, and our business analyst will get back to you within 24 hours.

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