E Scooter App Development: 4 Lessons of Bird App ($548M Online Scooter App) to Consider for Developing Your Own E Scooter App

e scooter app development

E scooter apps are invading the transport industry. In the era of ‘Uberization’ and Uber for X apps, there are apps like Bird, Lime, Spine which are making some exceptions in the commutation world. If you, as an e scooter startup or the logistics company, planning to enter the commute industry, you can consider the electric vehicle app genre for your business success. Herein we have curated 4 lessons of Bird app (best e scooter app unicorn in the world) to be considered for your e scooter app development.

With the raging population explosion, e scooter is the most convenient commute facility that will result in aaffordable transport option. Recently, according to TechCrunch, Bird app raises $275 million Series D round led by CDPQ and Sequoia Capital. The round values scooter sharing app at a $2.5billion valuation and the business is now valued at $548M. 

Now, this actually makes us think about the current market trends for e scooters.  

Before going to the lessons of Bird app, let’s dive into the niche scooter market and know its scope. Our app consultants studied the market of e scooter app development and came to know about these statistics.

Statistics of E Scooter Market

  • The global electronic market is trending with insane revenues. The market size of the e scooters is projected to witness a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period.

e scooter market size

  • The app world is adapting more of the driverless ride sharing economy and has a constant acceleration in the market as per the 2017-2027 forecast. 

e scooter app development

After having a closer look at the scope and revenue generation ability of the online scooter niche, let’s move ahead, and check out the lessons that are worth considering before building an e-scooter app like Bird. Let’s have a look!

4 Powerful Lessons to Consider Before Developing E-scooter App like Bird

#1 Complement existing transit system

There are people who are least interested in hailing a cab, rather they would want to drive by themselves if they have to go to a place which is just a few blocks away. Be the “go-to transportation means” for your audience.

Being an on demand scooter app startup, you need to coexist with the ongoing transit system. Partnering with cities, universities, across the globe, will give your business new brand recognition and the last mile transportation to the millennials. 

In today’s busy and overpopulated world, people are looking for more Uber alternatives or apps like Uber that can make their commute easier. Thus, with your scooter sharing app, it will reduce user reliance on cars and also reduces traffic & pollution, which in turn will make your app an eco-friendly transportation service in the vicinity atlarge.

#2 Encourage gig economy via app development

Everyone likes to earn an extra penny.

To be among the best scooter apps, you should opt for a gig economy. Such money-making concepts engage more traffic to the app. For instance, Bird has kept a “charging community” concept in the app which allows people to earn money by helping the firm charge the rides. 

Who will leave the chance of earning money in free time? Thus, with this option you will increase your app’s download ratio and also word-of-mouth publicity will advertise your business without spending a penny in the market.

#3 Introducing vehicles to suffice customer needs

Being an e scooter app development startup, when you are planning for fleets and its management. You should consider the current market demand while deciding your fleet investments. Firstly, decide whether you are giving a ride sharing app or not. If yes, then you will have to go for customized scooters with long seats and full suspensions. 

Step into your customer’s shoe and curate your fleet with individuals, couples, or a pair of two. Once you decide such options, it becomes easy to design your in-app menu and search filters. Give as many options as possible when it comes to vehicle selection, to retain your users through the app.

#4 Integrate smart technology in the app

To provide convenience and satisfaction to the targeted audience, it is very much necessary for your scooter app to have technological advancement. There are many features and functionalities like a smart lock, GPS tracking, wireless connectivity, connectivity with wearable devices, all these and many more can help your app to ace the online app game.

e scooter app development

Being in the micromobility scooter world, your app needs to be more accessible, easy to navigate, and connectible to every smart device. Now, you might be wondering about who will invest in the app or why will your app get attraction from the investors and entrepreneurs, no looking further, herein we have curated some points for you. 

Why will such an E Scooter App Development be an Attraction to Entrepreneurs?

  • Fast returns on investment

As a startup, one has to invest in gathering e scooter fleets. This is a one-time investment and can be earned easily from a few rides. The investment is quite high but the return is equally fast from the micromobility model. 

  • Less-explored business models

For the last mile commute, the market is niche with less competition. By giving your targeted audience with an apt solution for their daily transport the demand will automatically grow. As per today’s situation, roughly 60% of the population in the US are traveling 5 miles or less. Thus, the market of e scooter apps is growing rapidly and so is the requirement.  

  • Less competition

It’s been a while with the scooter apps, they have been around for two years now. But then also, we can easily count the competitors on fingertips. Thus, there is a lot of scope in the market to create a brand name of your own.

  • The demand-supply chain

With the ever-increasing population problem and environmental alarm, the demand of electric scooters is growing rapidly. According to the current scenario, the demand is more than the supply. Thus, being a dockless electric scooter company or scooter rental business you can definitely dive into the mobile app’s niche with your unique offerings.

Now, before ending the blog, our app developers have curated important features and functionalities that will help you in designing and developing your e scooter app development.

Top E Scooter App Development Features    

top features of e scooter app

  1. Map to view nearby scooters: During rush hours or to view real-time fleet availabilities such map integration can help in knowing the exact location of the electric vehicles.
  1. Real-time tracking: This feature creates a sense of security. An individual can track his location and can easily share it with people. It also acts as a fleet management solutions for the business.
  1. Barcode or QR code scanner: Scan and ride your preferred bike. The Uber e scooter must have such QR code which also helps in avoiding the missing bike cases. Through scanning, it automatically generates the pickup time, location, and other personal information of the rider.
  1. Payment gateway integration: In-app payment integration is the safest and advance feature. The transactions are made before renting a scooter which builds a trustworthy relationship for the business and the user.
  1. Wireless connectivity: Sink the data effortlessly. Access your travel details apart from the app on any other device like a laptop, PC, iPad.
  1. Smart lock: Lock the bike without using keys through the in-app feature. The other person who wants to ride the scooter will have to unlock it via scooter sharing system operators from the electric scooter app.  

Thus, for more such interesting features for your on demand solution, you can consult our sales representatives through the contact us form. Ask the smallest query of yours before creating an app development idea. Share your ideas and get to know its success scope, consultation is absolutely free.

Are You Having an Idea for Your E Scooter Startup?

So, being an e scooter startup, if you are thinking of how to start e scooter app business, then you are thinking in the wrong direction. Work on your mobile app idea, as analyzing it properly will automatically open doors for revenue generation and brand recognition.

Thus, being a leading mobile application development firm, we believe that before you invest in any of the app ideas, you should cross-verify with a professional expert. We have developed over 3500 apps in every industry possible and are striving hard to unleash the niche market trends through the app world.

If you have any query or confusion related to e scooter app development, e scooter app cost, develop an app like Bird and Lyft, want to build electric scooter rental app, just fill-up our contact us form and our team is always happy to advise you on the best technical solutions. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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