Your Custom Taxi Dispatch System Must Have These 5 Important Features So You Can Easily Manage Your Entire Business Without Any Extra Help

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“What would be some of the important features to consider for implementing in your taxi dispatch system”? In this blog, we’ve curated top five vital features that can help you to manage your entire business without any hassle even though if you’re a newbie in this area.

The arrival of a number of efficient taxi booking mobile apps have eradicated the old concept of “unpleasant taxi rides”, which was nothing, but the reason for stretching the budget. Today, the e-hailing concept has been popularized in almost every country across the globe.

Being an owner of taxi booking app, the taxi dispatch software is one of the vital and robust tools in order to manage the taxi booking service company. Basically, there are two important things, which you need to consider in the taxi management company. The first thing is driver availability.

The secondly, to provide driver allocator service. However, both things should always work parallel with the other unit. For having a right taxi dispatch application that can ease the management of your business, you might a question in your mind like –

– What are the unique features, which a taxi dispatch system can possess?

In this blog, we have mentioned top 5 disruptive features that any taxi startup company can include in their taxi dispatch app and easily manage their entire business.

5 Disruptive Features To Consider In The Taxi Dispatch System

In this era of technology-driven, the taxi dispatch software plays a very biggest role to run your taxi business successfully. With the best taxi dispatch system, you will not only add efficiency to your business, but you can stay ahead of your competitors by adding latest features to meet the demands of your cap business. Let’s check out the top five features of custom Taxi Dispatch System that can help you to manage your taxi business easily.

1. Airport Pickup/Drop

It is believed that almost in every city of the world, both sides i.e. the normal ride inside the city and the ride to the airport, are different. So, this is the second most important feature, which you need to consider in your taxi dispatch software.

When it comes to the airports, it includes a lot of issues like more traffic, more trolls, more distance and more time. However, a single airport pickup or drop can consume half a day of a taxi driver. Therefore, it is wise to having a different billing strategy, especially for airport rides.

The taxi dispatch system, which you are going to select for your taxi booking business, then you as a startup company must consider it in your mind. In a nutshell, the taxi dispatch software must have individual provisions for you to configure individual billing and process for airport pickups and drops.

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2. Managing Pre-Booking

For newbie taxi startups, this is a core feature to consider when it comes to taxi dispatch system. The feature is called Pre-booking System, it means that scheduling a ride in advances. It will allow riders to pre-booking a cab to finding out the nearest available taxi.

Being a taxi app owner, it is must that you have your eye on this entire advance booking that whether driver is reaching on time or not and rider has correctly scheduled the ride. With this feature, you can know the total number of advance bookings and accordingly manage them.


Image Source: Uber

3. Chat Feature

Many times, people may have confusion whether they should consider the chat option or not within the taxi dispatch system when the riders/users can directly call the drivers after booking the cab. However, sometimes customers/app users are stuck in the places like meetings, classrooms or silent zones, where they can’t do the voice calls.


In those conditions, the option ‘chat feature’ can be beneficial for them. Such handy feature can help users to get in touch with the drivers to guide them to the locations. Therefore, in order to make things easier for riders or app users, you need to consider this robust chat feature before taxi dispatch system.

4. Managing Alerts/ Notifications

When it comes to managing alert and push notifications, it is an essential feature to include in your taxi dispatch solutions. As, there are several users, who get some additional discounts and offers for using your app on regular basis.

With this feature, you can manage all the alerts and notifications of your app users and send them a discount, offers and special codes for being a regular rider. In short, you can take this feature to the next level by easily managing alerts other options like arriving of the cab, welcome notes, information about the payments and the thank you notes to your users.

5. Multiple Payment Options

Indeed, everyone likes comfort. So, the taxi dispatch system must have the features which would contribute to easing their lives without any issues of time delay. While using the customized taxi dispatch system, entire features must be easy and hassle-free both drivers and riders.

There is a core feature that can’t be missed out in a cab dispatch software. It is named as multiple payment options. This feature allows riders to pay online from different methods, including credit cards, debit cards or any other payment method. Also, it must let users pay right within the app. In a nutshell, this type of feature ensures smooth and reliable business functioning, which leads to a successful business model.


Indeed, the taxi industry has become immensely popular across the globe. However, the robust taxi management software is highly recommended to bring forth in the refined results as well as quality services. Opting for the correct solution can lead your taxi business to the highest level.

The aforesaid features can assist any taxi booking industry to extend their standards for people. Therefore, an ideal taxi dispatch system offers robust solutions for taxi businesses to manage their business.

Still, if you might have any query or confusion regarding the taxi dispatch software or uber clone app, you can discuss with us through the below-given form. We’ll get right back to you within 48 hours.

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