Why Does Your Taxi App Business Need White Label Solution?

White label taxi solution

In the recent times, you can see that the market is fully saturated. And, if you are an entrepreneur, then your first inclination may be to keep your business or a product at the top. In case, if you are still facing a problem with that, you may try to solve it by yourself, but your main objective always remains the same. As in everything goes ‘under your budget’. That’s what we all want.

Before embarking on this concept, you need to understand the term – white label first.

The term “White label” refers to a fully supported service or a product, which is made by one company but sold by another company. Moreover, the white label product or service is purchased by the later company without branding. In this way, the reseller customizes the product if it may require, with their own brand’s logo, and identity. On the other hand, the manufacturer can focus only on cost-effective methods to build the product.


White label product or service works well, from grocery stores to ticket sellers. Similarly, in white label taxi app, there are many entrepreneurs who want to invest in it. Nonetheless, before diving into the world of white-label solutions, you just need to check out the advantages of having a while label truck app.

1.Brand Visibility

To embrace the white label apps, it provides your taxi business with a brand visibility in a broader way along with the enhancement in the percentage of the customers.

To illustrate, people do use of search engines in order to figure out. In a similar way, tourists also make use of search engines to find out taxi service in that area.

The majority of people prefer their smartphones to book a cab or taxi, in general. If you own a taxi business, and you still do not possess a mobile app for it, then the concept of white label taxi booking app can give visibility to your taxi business.

2. Your Business Can Make a Huge Profit

You may have faced such problems as heavy commissions and declining perks as working with the other popular taxi brands. If yes, it is wise to point out the question like – why do cab operators leave such platforms for taxi booking app? This is because such platforms ask for a big amount of commission.

So, if you are thinking to invest in the idea whether you as a taxi operator should develop your own mobile app for your business or not, then, it is the right time to invest in it. White label mobile apps can save you from paying huge commissions, and, your business can make a huge profit.

3. Other Advantages

With the help of white label app solution, it is possible to build your own mobile application with the added advantage of branding and customization with an expert mobile application development company. You can get the customized mobile app to meet your business’s requirements with custom features and integrations.

In a nutshell, we can say that investing in a customized taxi app development can take your customers’ experience to the next level.

A basic taxi booking app includes these below must-have factors:

  • Passenger factor
  • Driver factor
  • Administration factor

1. Passenger Factor

Download, register, and login are the three easy steps to book a taxi, in general. Users can see nearby drivers in their respective locations. It gives a completely new dimension to hiring a cab.

An interactive map is also important to track the driver’s location in real time. In addition to this, there are multiple payment options, including debit/credit cards and mobile wallets from which user can choose and pay for the ride. All these are must-have features as what user does expect from a taxi booking app.

2. Driver Factor

Register, login and immediate trip requests are steps, which are required from driver’s point of view. The driver gets to pick up confirmation time in less than a minute. Also, the driver has an option to select or reject the ride. Furthermore, the notification of cab arrival is sent to the passenger before pick up.  

3. Administration factor

If you own a taxi business, then you do not need to take care of every detail in taxi mobile app. All you need to access the admin panel to control drivers and fleet. In the taxi mobile app, the drivers can be monitored and viewed on the real-time basis. A mobile app allows you to ask your customers to rate their driving experiences, share the feedback, and they can view driver’s history.

Above-mentioned factors are essentials for a basic taxi booking app. Well, it goes without saying that – a booking experience through taxi booking app has become much easier as compared to going through from painful booking experience.

How Much Does a White Label Taxi Booking App Cost?

Well, a basic version of a taxi booking app includes booking app from both customers’ and driver side. Also, it consists a power web-based admin panel to manage the entire process & operation. Here, coming to one of the biggest questions as what people usually concern about is – the total costing of a white label taxi app.

Well, it all depends. However, there are multiple factors, which have to be considered. In the below table, we have compiled total approximate hours from both the users and the driver’s end on the major platforms – iOS, Android & Web Services (API), Frontend & Backend.

PlatformApprox hours
(Driver’s end)
Approx hours
(User’s end)
Web service(API)
Front end & Backend

To cut a long story short, a white label taxi reservation app can:

  • Cut the operational costs
  • Smooth the business operations
  • Enhance customer experience by reducing the booking time
  • Improve productivity & revenue of driver

Let us look into the rise of transportation services in terms of ride-sharing in top cities of the U.S –  


According to the above image, it seems like the craze of taxi booking app would never end. The concept of ride-hailing service is still dominating, and it looks like it will do at the same pace in the future as well.

Final Thoughts

The white label solution for taxi dispatch can help you to utilize your business’s unique branding in terms of offering white label taxi booking apps without investing your time and infrastructure.

Consequently: You can focus on building your own brand, plus selling your services whilst making easy for your company and customers.

If you run a taxi booking business, and having queries related to white label app solutions for taxi dispatch, online taxi booking system or how much does it cost to develop a taxi app? then, you can hire dedicated developers through a below-given form. We will revert to you within 16 hours. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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