9 Successful Uber Like App Ideas For The Transportation Startups

This blog is for those transportation startups or entrepreneurs, who are planning to invest in Uber-like app development but do not have a unique idea to convert. Herein we have mentioned 9 successful Uber-like app ideas that you can check out to convert into reality.

At Space-O Technologies, we have a dedicated team to develop white label, Uber-like application with different features. So far, we have developed over 50 native Uber-like applications on various platforms like iOS and Android.

As we are continuously working and daily working to develop Uber-like apps, we note down amazing Uber-like app ideas. In this article, we are going to make it public. Yes, we are going to share all these amazing Uber-like app ideas with you. If you are planning to develop while label or a native application, these app ideas must be useful to you.

Once upon a time, hiring a taxi was a luxurious thing, but Uber has made it extremely common for almost all the people to hire a taxi from the comfort of their home.

Apart from Uber, there are many other successful taxi apps like Lyft, Careem, Grab, Bolt (formerly known as Taxify), Curb, Juno, and Gett that are transforming the taxi industry. Back to Uber, the company did not only disrupt the traditional taxi service, but it also gave a new way to enormous people to carry out their business in the transportation industry.

In fact, today, Uber’s on-demand service model can be applied to different categories of the transportation industry like Uber for Trucking, Uber for handicapped people, Uber for kids, Uber for patients, Uber for women, and other categories.

Being a transportation startup or entrepreneur, if you have ever thought to develop a mobile application for your users, but did not have a successful idea, check out this post.

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Herein we have mentioned 9 successful Uber like app ideas that you as a transport startup can turn into reality.

9 Unique Mobile App Ideas to Check Before Investing in Uber like App Development

  1. Uber-like App for Kids & Children

    One of the first unique ideas is – developing ridesharing or ride-hailing app for children, allowing them to travel from one place to another. This application helps all those children, who travel to tuition classes and other activity classes.

    Create an App Like Uber for Kids and Children

    A taxi booking app for children helps parents to book a cab for their child when traveling for classes, friend’s home or any activity class. With just a few clicks on the screen, they can book a ride for their kid and stay tension free in the office.

  2. Ride-hailing App for Handicapped People

    Another uber like app idea is – a taxi booking app for handicapped people, who can’t walk and survive on wheelchairs. The app allows handicapped people to book a cab with just a few taps on the screen and travel comfortably from point-A to point-B.

    Uber like app development

    Moreover, taxi startups and companies need to ensure that they have taxis and taxi-booking app user-friendly for handicapped people, so they don’t face any problem while booking or traveling.

  3. Taxi Booking App for Women

    One of the best taxi booking app ideas is a taxi app for women, who work in night shift and have to travel at night.

    This application allows women to book a ride at late nights and travel safely from one place to another. Even, allow women riders to have driver’s preference as they can choose woman driver as per their convenience.

  4. Uber-like App for Material Transportation or Uber for transportation

    Another interesting idea is Uber-like App for material transportation, allowing businesses and companies to hire a driver along with trucks to transport material, products, and other goods from one place to another. The main idea is to aggregate all the transporters at a single platform and set specific rates from A to B transportation with GPS tracking, schedule transfer, driver review, previous history, instant message, and payment method.

  5. Uber for Patients

    Develop an Uber like ride hailing app especially for patients who visit hospitals and clinics on a regular basis for check-ups. Using uber for the patient’s app, users can easily book a ride and ride to rehab centers and hospitals. While developing ride booking app for patients, make sure to provide comfort and convenience to your riders, giving them a safe riding experience.

  6. All-in-one Platform for Daily Transit

    Develop an all-in-one mobile app for daily transit, making it easier for people to see a bus, metro, taxi, and car-pooling options in a single interface. Users can check different commute options from their current location and choose one as per their convenience by comparing price and total time to reach their destination.

    So, if you are planning to invest in the uber like app, this option is the best to choose, helping riders to travel from one place to another in a short span of time.

  7. Uber for Trucking & Logistic Industry

    Trucking & logistic companies and startups can develop Uber for trucking app solution to automate the entire process of managing deliveries, drivers, trucks with location, paperwork and form filling.

    The complete solution will have three different apps, including Carrier, Shipper, and Truckers’ app and an admin panel. It will be easy for carriers and shoppers to track drivers with real-time location, total delivery time, payments, and delivery alerts.

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  9. Taxi Booking App for Senior Citizens

    Senior citizens and old-age people find it difficult to travel on buses and metro trains. When it comes to visit a hospital or anywhere else, they can’t wait for buses and metro to arrive and travel with lots of people.

    Therefore, a dedicated taxi booking app for senior citizens and old-age people will be the best option for them. They can easily book a ride and travel from point A to point B comfortably. Moreover, the taxi app must be designed and developed, considering senior citizens in mind.

  10. A Transport App for Real-time Alerts

    A transport alert app that allows users to get real-time alerts and updates about their buses, flights, and trains. They can get schedule, timing, delays and time change notifications about all the buses, trains, or flights as per their choice.

    Even, the app will also have a GPS facility, allowing people to keep track of the bus, metro trains, and flights current status. So, being a transport startup, you can invest money in the transport app to get real-time alerts about timings and schedules.

The Bottom Line

You have just gone through the top 9 Uber like app ideas in the transportation industry, so if you also have any other idea on uber like app development, cross-verify it with us. We are a leading taxi booking app development company and have already developed over 50 Uber like apps for different businesses and startups.

In any case, if you still have any query like how much does it cost to develop an app like Uber, what are the necessary features of uber like app development, taxi app developer for hire, or white-label solution for your taxi business, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you in a short span of time to discuss your requirements related to Uber like app development. The consultation won’t cost you any money.

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