Planning to Create an App like Uber for Towing? Top 3 Solutions Need to Consider Before Developing an On-demand Roadside Assistance App


This post includes information for those startups & entrepreneurs who belong to towing and roadside assistance category. Scroll down to know about a few powerful solutions, which you can consider during on-demand roadside assistance app development.

When it comes to the Uber, then the very first thing that comes in our mind is that the services must happen in one of the quickest ways as possible. So, in this blog, we’re going to introduce the Uber for towing services, which allow app users to book an on-demand roadside assistance at any time and anywhere without a hitch. An app like Uber for towing enables users to get on-demand road assistance from mechanics. Let’s know more about the Uber roadside assistance mobile application.

Uber Roadside Assistance App

Basically, an Uber roadside assistance services simplify the issues, which people do generally encounter while driving on their ways. And, especially, in the remote areas, people do hardly get anything, which can help them to escape from that situation. So, from there, Uber roadside assistance app comes.


Towing and roadside assistance services are generally provided by the app like Uber for towing. Being a startup, if you are running the same business, and looking forward to developing Uber app clone for towing and on-demand solutions for roadside assistance, then you need to check out the following solutions during on-demand road assistance app development. Let’s have a look!

Top 3 Solutions to Consider Before Developing Uber Towing & Road Assistance App

1. Be the Solution Provider of Various Problems of Your Customers

An app like towing and road assistance enable your app users book on-the-go roadside assistance services. So, one thing is cleared that you need to provide solutions to various problems of your customers. In a huge and fragmented market of roadside assistance, you need to provide something, which would meet your customers’ needs.

You also need to analyze various problems, which they encounter in their ways. To grow your towing business, it is important to analyze the pain points of your customers and analyze what they actually require when they get stuck in their ways.


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Your app users can easily choose what services they want on-demand, especially when they stuck in the situation. If you are all set to provide on-demand solutions for towing and roadside assistance services, then you just need to be a solution provider.

2. Reduce Wait Times & Enhance Customer Satisfaction

In general, your app users who seek services are looking forward to the towing and roadside assistance services because they are in the emergency. So, you need to work on reducing wait times of your customers. You just need to cut down the long time waiting and offer services within minutes as per the users’ locations.

Whether your customers are looking forward to fixing the cars of batteries, out of fuel or the mechanical troubles, you can include a range of towing and road assistance services in order to provide convenient services to them.


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Furthermore, you can also use the power of customers’ satisfaction. This is what that can help you to stand out from your rivals. As per the report from IBISWorld, the market research firm, “Customers usually spend $6 billion on roadside assistance services.”

From the same source i.e. IBISWorld, “Over the past five years, the automobile towing in the US industry has risen by 2.6% to reach revenue of $7 billion in 2018. In the same time period, the number of businesses has risen by 6.2%.”

Well, it is cleared that there are huge opportunities for startups in this fragmented market. If you have ever thought of creating an app like Uber for towing, make sure you provide solutions, which they would not have been getting from other service providers.

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3. Simplicity is the Key

In the mobile app, simplicity is the key to get success, and the chances would be higher to beat your rivals. So, when it comes to roadside assistance app, you need to make things easier for your customers or app users. So they can easily book an on-demand roadside assistance service on the go.

You need to come up with the solutions, which are the blend of convenience and simplicity. As you have already known that people do choose simple and convenient services over complicated ones. On a lighter note, when the app user is in an emergency, then he/she must be looking for simplicity in his/her emergency situations.


The bottom line is that simplicity is the key factor to get succeed. And, people do generally prefer the services, which make things easier for them not complicated. So, you need to be very careful about choosing the powerful features before developing an on-demand roadside assistance apps like Honk.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is about the flat tire, out of gas or dead battery, an app like Uber for tow trucks enables users to book the service-on-demand at any time and anywhere. It simplified the roadside assistance and towing for people who are commonly in a complicated situation. And, you have just gone through with a few powerful solutions, so make sure you as a startup embrace them wisely.

All you just need to create an app like Uber for towing and roadside assistance services that can actually add value to your customers’ lives. If you are having an app idea on Uber for tow trucks and roadside assistance, then you can cross-verify it with us as we’re a leading taxi booking app development company. And, we’ve already developed over 60 Uber-like apps and 50 taxi bookings applications along with unique features and functionalities.

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