Want to Make a Successful Uber for Deliveries App? Consider 5 Core Features to Become The Fastest Delivery App

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With the growing on demand economy, a constant urge for door-to-door deliveries is seen. People are perceiving to the luxurious last-mile delivery service from online shopping to food delivery. If you are someone who is planning to revolutionize the Uber for delivery genre, consider these 5 features curated by our expert on demand app developers for a successful delivery app development.

Online shopping trends are growing, and businesses all over the world have to cope with the thorny problem of how to make timely package deliveries through an affordable platform. For long-distance shipments, the journey is already optimized and has its set norms. It’s the final stretch: the last mile delivery to a consumer’s door- that is hard to get right at a convenient and affordable cost. 

If you are planning to invest in the delivery app segment, you should keep in mind some raging problems like suboptimal routes, low densities and thus long distances between delivery stops, and never-ending traffic. With the growing population, you need to think of a customized mobile delivery app that can eliminate these issues. Worse yet, very often when the package arrives, no one is home to receive it.

Thus, to become a part of the $16.6 billion delivery app market, you need to provide users with a robust delivery service. An end-to-end solution to deliver a big item like a couch to the smallest safety pin.

We, at Space-O Technologies, have built over 40 on demand app solutions. Our team keeps up with the client from the idea generation to deploy the apps across the Apple Store and Google Play. Apps developed by us are featured in TechCrunch, HuffPost, Digital Trends, BBC, Express. 

Have a look at one of our on demand package delivery apps, Jabrool. It is an on-demand package delivery apps solution, connecting customers and package delivery drivers in real-time. The solution, Jabrool, comes with customers’ app and delivery driver app to transport goods from one place to another.

delivery app development

Image Credit: Jabrool

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Without doing further due, let’s dive into important features for your delivery app development, which is curated by our app consultant having an experience of over 13 years in the app world.

5 Features for a Successful Uber for Delivery App Development

#1 Provide users with cashless convenience through e-wallet integration

In this digital world, e-wallet is in the spotlight. Provide your users with a pre-equipped mobile wallet which just like a real wallet is used to transact immediately. There are two kinds of wallets, closed and semi-closed.

  • Closed Wallet- Companies like Flipkart are using closed wallets wherein the users can transact with the companies who have issued the wallets. These are basically online accounts where money gets credited in case of a refund due to the cancellation or return of a product or service. Some companies also earn interest on such deposits. 
  • Semi-Wallet- These do not permit cash withdrawal or redemption by the holder. Such semi-wallets allow the purchase of goods and services at any card accepting merchant location (point of sale terminals).

The major benefit of this feature is you are providing access to other types of cards, it requires users to authorize every transaction, and is more secure. Your users can make a delivery service whenever and wherever they want.

#2 Instant driver match for faster deliveries

In this fast-moving world, instant is the new convenience. Allow your users with instant driver matches as soon as they open your delivery app. To become one of the best delivery app development, provide your users with seamless parcel deliveries.

As you are planning for a white label on demand delivery app, you must have a fleet management solution to meet your aim of last-minute delivery. Now, to engage your online audience, make an instant driver’s match in the app.

With the geolocation map integration, show the arrival time, driver’s photo, and availability status. For your package delivery or courier delivery app, drivers need to be well-trained and well-mannered. Thus, they should respond to the user’s requests as early as possible.

For that make sure, you have seamless in-app navigation which intuitively guides the driver and the users to function in the on demand delivery app. Thus, you can win your users by providing them with a rapid delivery option just a finger tap away.

#3 Allow users to monitor real-time package delivery

By allowing users to monitor their package, you are building a trustworthy relationship with them. In today’s time, you need to provide your users with the utmost surety of their package is delivered safely.

Think of it for once, how did Uber become such an on demand goliath? It has become popular because of its consumer security. It allows the users to track their every move be it food delivery, courier delivery, taxi service, everything is traced by the online users.

It gives them a sense of security when they can track their placed orders. Through real-time tracking allow them to track the delivery status with real-time updates. In fact, users can check the estimated arrival time of the service provider. 

#4 Provide users with vehicles fleet variety

As you are planning for a full-fledged package delivery app development, a package can be anything, from couch to fridge to a book to flowers. Thus, you need to curate a list of vehicles in your app based on fleets, with their specific transport uses. 

Help your users in decision-making by providing them with a variety of options from motorcycles, cars, vans, lorries, trucks. Your app should be capable enough to shift people’s houses from one place to another with online logistics management.

The users will be more than relieved as your delivery app development will be a one-stop solution for the smallest deliveries. Thus, if you are planning for a delivery app clone, such listing will help you be in the good books of your users.

#5 Integrate some additional services in the app

To remain ahead of other delivery apps you need to integrate additional services like cash on delivery, house moving assistance, gig economy trends, localization feature. 

  • Cash on delivery: People who are not into online payment transactions, can easily choose the cash on delivery option. This also gives them an added leverage of doing the payment after having a closer look into the package.
  • House moving assistance: You can give your users with all the transport conveyance that he will need for the house shift. It is similar to a movers and packers app development.
  • Gig economy for freelancers: Increase your manpower by creating a job opportunity through your online delivery service app. To become an Uber like app you need to inherit the gig economy trends and allow others to grow along with your app development.
  • Local delivery: Integrate a localization feature that shows a specific area of wise drivers and available fleets.

To know more about such features, you can share your delivery app idea with us. At Space-O Technologies, we have successfully developed some on demand app solutions like Glovo (€152M), Bevy (estimated £30 Billion value), Flickbay ($890K), and Ninja Delivery. The amount mentioned in the bracket states seed funding that these apps have earned.

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Regardless of the time, location and day, on-demand delivery service helps customers to get an urgent shipment to their destination. To provide convenience to your app users, it is highly recommended to consider these features no matter which category of on demand business you belong to.

If you are having an app idea regarding Uber like app for pickup and delivery app, then you can cross-verify your app idea with us as we’re a leading custom native apps development company. And, we have already developed over 3500 apps in different genres along with unique features and functionalities.

If you are ready for creating a mobile app to take your business online, it is highly recommended to consider such core features in order to create a buzz. In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding the delivery app development cost breakdown, custom application development for iOS, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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