7 Best On-Demand App Ideas in 2020 That Can Generate Revenue for the Startups

on demand app ideas

According to a PwC report, the market for on-demand mobile apps and websites will reach a value of $335Billion by the year 2025. If you are planning for on-demand app development, check out these 7 on-demand app ideas which are very much in demand, but the supply of such apps is short. Be the first one to grab the opportunity of being a leading name in the mobile app development category.


The world is inevitably changing at a lightning speed.

With users looking for speed, convenience, and simplicity, the on-demand mobile apps are on hype. The on-demand sector has been booming recently with some amazing developments like food delivery apps, taxi booking apps to on-demand laundry app, they have become an integral part of our lives like we have been using them forever.

Moreover, with the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, many nations have announced lockdowns. When the lockdowns are removed, there are restrictions in movement to regulate social distancing. People now prefer getting most things delivered at home to stay at home as much as possible.

Users prefer to utilize mobile apps over websites to get instant and personalized services. The main focus on on-demand that need to be made is how on-demand applications reduce the efforts of consumers without compromising the quality of services. What was once a luxury, has now turned into a necessity.

Top 7 Money Making On Demand App Ideas for Your Startup

#1 On-Demand Uber-Like App for Traveling

The on-demand economy has swiftly taken over the traditional business models. The era of on-demand apps was started with the Uber app and AirBnBs. They have completely changed the commuting trends. In this fast opportunistic world, no one wants to be left behind by mere seconds. In a very short time span, the transport and logistics industry got a new direction with the utmost success of Uber app and Uber alternatives like Lyft, Careem. Though challenging, but you will strike a successful business.

The transport industry is vast, you can plan for cargo logistics apps, taxi apps, bus apps, e-scooter apps, and also bicycles. People are going to roam places and will need travel means, which are easily accessible and in their budget. Through your on-demand app like Uber, you can create your own targeted niche, with some engaging features. There are features like live traffic checking, GPS navigator, no extra cost on the cancelation, rescheduling rides.

#2. Pharmacy Delivery App

With COVID-19, we are facing an enemy who is totally invisible to our eyes. The only way that we can beat it is by staying indoors as much as possible. This is the reason why pharmacy or prescription delivery apps are now much in demand.

Imagine that you have a headache, would you like to go out to buy medicines? Further, you wouldn’t want your close ones to go out and get in touch with someone who is COVID-19 positive. In these times, prescription delivery startups can come forward.

Uber for medicine apps or prescription delivery apps let the people buy the required medicines and drugs from a drugstore whenever they want. The trend is here to stay because the Coronavirus is not going away at any time soon, even according to WHO.

#3 On-Demand Fashion Apps

Recently a fashion app named Depop, a London startup has closed a Series C round of $62million led by General Atlantic. Such an investment gives a clear vision of where the investors are keen to invest. What will one do if he is stuck in the office and has so much work that he is not able to buy a present for his wife on her birthday?

The answer is simple! Fashion apps a one-stop destination for all last-minute orderings. The E-commerce app development can bring you a lot of exposure like Amazon. The fashion trends are never going to end, thus on-demand app developments connect people who need help with getting something done to those who are ready to provide instant solutions to those problems.

The report from Statista shows that there is 42 percent of consumers who love shopping online. This keeps the momentum going and continue shopping, or tell their friends about what they just bought.

on demand app ideas

Image Credit: statista.com

#4 On-Demand Health Apps

Day by day, people are getting more health-conscious. But because of their busy schedule, it is not possible for everyone to hit the gym or attend meditation classes. In this scenario, your app will be a handy exercise kit for them. Health apps like FitnessPal, Calm, HeadSpace are some of the popular names in the on-demand app development world.

If you are planning to dive into the health app genre, grab your opportunity now. The concept of “health” itself is a never-ending sector. You can create an app for a doctor consultation, informative app related to major diseases, health and fitness regime apps, meditation apps. There is a lot more to discover and such an on-demand app idea can bring a lot of revenue and brand name for your business.

#5 On-Demand Plumbing Apps

Gone are the days of paper invoices and calling the plumber a thousand times to repair a pipe or running tap. People heavily rely on mobile apps for the smallest of things, one of which is the plumbing app. You can create your on-demand plumbing app that calculates information about pipes and water flow or can review the different systems for more efficient and accurate results.

Try something out of the box with a plumbing app. Finding a plumber was a hard task a long time ago. After the onset of on-demand app developments, online mobile app users can easily find them by using the app. In today’s digital era a startup or entrepreneur needs to do something robust and efficient, to differ from the other competitors in the market. Being new in the on-demand industry, you will have higher chances to be successful.

#6 On-Demand Mechanics App

Bridge a gap between mechanic and car owner. The car repairing apps is lately very much in demand. People are traveling the globe with their transport modes. There are certain places where there is no garage or mechanics available, where your app is a savior for travelers.

Before considering any of the on-demand app ideas, make sure you are targeting the right niche, with some unique features that can lure your audience. In case of a mechanic app, make your app available in such remote areas, and hire efficient mechanics who can actually be the core of your business.

#7. On-demand Plant Delivery App

There is a lot of scientific evidence showing that houseplants can remove harmful toxins from the air and also reduce stress. In fact, a study by the University of Queensland found that offices with plants showed an increase in productivity by up to 15%.

However, finding the perfect plant for your house or office is a pain. Especially, if you’re living in urban areas and don’t know much about plants. Urban areas don’t usually have a Home Depot just down the street like suburban and rural areas.

This has made the demand for apps and websites selling plants to soar high. Ordering plants online is not just convenient but these apps and sites have more variety of plants available than regular stores. House Plant Box, The Sill, and Bloombox Club are among the few plant delivery startups that have made it in the market. There is a lot of space in the market and if you know which features to include in an on-demand plant delivery app, you can compete with them.

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Some Interesting Data of On-Demand Mobile Apps

  • Mobile apps are projected to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising in 2020. This clearly shows an opportunistic plunge for investors, startups, and entrepreneurs. The mobile apps not only boosts your business economy but also generates goodwill for the same.

on demand app ideas

Image Credit: statista.com

  • From 2015 the on-demand app industry is flourishing and reached $22billion. As the years passed till the end of 2017, it saw an outrageous increase of $34billion. As of, 2018 the total economy for the apps was marked over $57billion. These stats show a continuous growth of the on-demand app sector.
  • The pie chart represents the on demand app usage and spendings done by the mass. 86.5 Million Americans have used an on-demand service. 45 Million US people have offered services in On-demand sector. 22.4 Million users annually spend around $57.6 billion on On-demand services.

on demand app ideas

Now, after looking at these insane figures, you can definitely have your own on-demand app to serve the mass. If you are still confused about on demand app ideas, we have curated some specific on demand niche, which your startup or entrepreneur can look forward too.


How does on-demand delivery work?

On-demand delivery works in the following manner:

  • The customer opens the app and searches for the product or service, then he places an order.
  • The service provider receives the order on his app and starts preparing for it.
  • The service provider informs delivery personnel via the driver app.
  • The driver takes the product to the customer.

How do you create an on-demand app?

In order to make an on-demand app, you need to follow these steps

Step1: Carry out research for your app like the market situation, target audience needs, your competitors.
Step2: Make an approximate budget and start looking for app developers
Step3: Hire developers from a reputed on-demand app development company.
Step4: Discuss your project and start the development
Step5: Advertise your app and launch it

Which are the top on-demand apps?

These are some of the top apps in their respective fields:

  • Uber: On-demand taxi app
  • Postmates: On-demand grocery app
  • Drizly: On-demand alcohol delivery app
  • Soothe: On-demand massage therapy app
  • Handy: On-demand handyman app
  • Rover: On-demand dog walking app


The modern world is all about instant satisfaction.

Do you need to reach somewhere instantly? Hail an Uber. In a mood to watch Game of Thrones? Watch it on HBO Now. As digital wave continues to bend over backward to meet our desires with little-to-no delay, apps that offer services on demand are filling up the app stores.

On demand apps are the gem of the mobile app development world. Some of the popular on-demand apps like TaskRabbit, Postmates, Drizly, Soothe are topping the genre. To match with the fast-paced world, app development can help you reach the masses, with adequate branding exposure for your business. So, if you have any raw on demand app ideas in mind, you can cross-verify it with us. We are a leading Android app development company with a team of dedicated developers for hire and we have already developed over 40 on demand solutions.

In case, if you still have any query or some other on demand app ideas or on demand service app ideas like on demand delivery apps, on demand massage app or dr on demand app, fill our contact us form and mention your requirements. One of our sales representatives will consult you within a short time span. Consultation is absolutely free.

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