On-demand Staffing App Development: 3 Key Ingredients Startups Need to Consider When Developing Staffing Apps like Wonolo & Shiftgig


This blog is for on-demand startups and entrepreneurs. Herein we have curated 3 key ingredients startups need to consider during on-demand staffing app development.

Do you also think that the advent of on-demand services has changed the way people book and order services?

Today, almost all people rely on on-demand services for their daily errands like booking a taxi, ordering food, medicines, & groceries. With the rise of on-demand services, freelancers, who look for some temporary jobs and part-time work, are also getting a huge help in finding the job.

In fact, on-demand staffing services help both job seekers and businesses, who need staff like warehouse operators, delivery drivers, bartenders, catering staff, general labor, and wait staff.

Thanks to on-demand staffing apps that connect businesses and brands with licensed and trained staff members for immediate job. Talking about on-demand staffing apps, there are many such apps available, helping job seekers and businesses in real-time.

Some of these apps are Wonolo, Weploy, and Shiftgig that are performing extremely well in the market. In fact, Wonolo app recently secured $32M in series C round of funding by connecting underemployed hourly workers with understaffed employers.


Before discussing the key ingredients of developing a successful on-demand staffing app, let’s know about the top on-demand staff apps.

Top On Demand Staffing Apps

1. Wonolo

Launched back in 2014 by Yong Kim and AJ Brustein, Wonolo connects underemployed hourly workers with understaffed employers in retail, manufacturing, shipping and logistics. This on-demand staffing app like Uber is reinventing the way people find hourly jobs and work.

So, brands and businesses can use this staffing application to find workers for different jobs like operations, labor, administrative, washing & cleaning, event staffing and merchandising in just minutes.

2. Weploy

Weploy is another on demand staffing app available in Australia, connecting businesses with a community of pre-screened staff. The app shows quality temporary jobs to freelancers that they can accept or decline as per their requirement.

This staffing app is empowering a new way to work, where people can pursue the passion and have instant access to quality roles while companies and brands can hire qualified, trained and licensed staff as per the need.

3. Shiftgig

Launched back in 2012, Shiftgig is dedicated to connecting businesses with on-demand workforce through their mobile platform. This on-demand staffing platform is available for a staffing agency, businesses that are managing a large flexible workforce, or a single worker.

The app connects brands and businesses with the right staff members through the application. In short, the app allows companies of varied industries like events, conventions restaurants, banquets, warehouses to look for the trained staff.

So, if you as an entrepreneur and on-demand startup want to develop an on-demand staffing app like Wonolo and shiftgig, consider these 3 key ingredients to make a successful on-demand staffing app.

3 Key Ingredients Startups Need to Consider When Developing Staffing Apps like Wonolo

1. Allow Companies & Brands to Find Staff Instantly

When it comes to developing an on-demand staffing app like Shiftgig, the key ingredient that you as a startup needs to consider is – allow different companies and brands to find staff on-demand.


There are many companies, brands and startups, who look for qualified, trained, licensed and insured staff members for varied jobs. So, it is just that your application easily connects job seekers with understaffed employers. Employers of varied industries like retail, manufacturing, shipping, logistics, warehousing, merchandising.

Apart from this, you can target a wide audience through your application by allowing people to hire on-demand washing & cleaning service providers, event staff, wait staff and general labor. Make sure that the app users do not face any problem while browsing the staff.

2. The Convenience While Hiring Staff & Freelancers

Another key ingredient that makes your on-demand staff app stand-out from other staffing apps is – the convenience of using it. It is must that brands, companies and business, who look for staff, find it convenient to hire staff and labors through your app. This ingredient is all about convenience and comfort in order to provide job seekers and companies.


You as a startup need to ensure that businesses do not hesitate to hire staff and warehouse operators from your app. So, list only those profiles, which are verified. And you can perform a background check in order to serve only quality services.

In short, by developing a mobile app for on-demand staffing, you are delivering convenience and lessening the stress of your app users. Moreover, you are bridging a gap between job seekers and companies and brands, who are looking for staff.

3. A Right Set of Features

The third key ingredient that can make your on-demand staffing app like Uber for work successful is the right set of features. Provide your app users with the useful features that make hiring and profile creation easy. So, if you want to develop an app like Wonolo, here are the main features to include:

  • Find & Hire Staff by Category
  • Book Staff & Labors in Advance
  • Live Tracking of Staff & Labors
  • GPS Navigation (Driving Directions)
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Push Notifications & Alerts


So, these are some of the useful features that on-demand staffing startups need to include in Uber works like app. Apart from this, think about the features that can give convenience to your users while accessing your application.

Concluding Remarks

As you already know that the on-demand services have already revolutionized many industries. Industries like food, transportation, grocery, healthcare, and home services. Talking about the on-demand niche, the sector is constantly booming. The main reason behind its growth is the increasing number of people, who are accessing some sort of on-demand services through the app.

According to the latest report from Harvard Business Review, the largest category of on-demand spending is the online marketplace with 16.3 million consumers, who spend almost $36 annually. We can say that the craze of on-demand is not going to fade away anytime soon.

So, if you have any raw on-demand staffing app development idea, you can cross-verify it with us. We are a leading mobile apps development company with a team of dedicated developers for hire and we have already developed over 40 on-demand solutions.

In case, if you still have any query on on-demand staffing app development cost breakdown, app development timeline or looking for an app developer to know how to make money with an app for on-demand staffing or necessary features of on-demand staffing solution, get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. Our team, who prefer scratch development, is always happy to help. In fact, our team is very active and take ownership of almost all the problems. 

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