Last-Minute Delivery Booking App: 3 Winning Strategies Tech Startups Can Consider Before Developing Delivery Apps like GoGoVan & Lalamove


This post includes information for tech startups & entrepreneurs. Herein rounded up a few winning strategies, which you can consider during last-minute delivery booking app development.

The emergence of digitization has already made waves. Well, as a tech startup or entrepreneur, if you want to dive into the world of digitization along with the app idea based on the last-minute delivery booking services, then you need to check out two high momentum startups named GoGoVan and Lalamove. Both startups have already achieved the tags of “unicorn”, which are valued at $1B.

Before moving ahead, let’s quickly know about the basic mean of the last-minute delivery booking app.

Last-Minute Delivery Booking App for Everything

The last-minute delivery booking app enables its app users to deliver everything for courier services, food services, and bulk items. It is a boon for the logistics industry. In other words, we can say that the last-minute delivery booking app connects individuals and businesses to a number of drivers for their real-time logistics needs. In short, the on-demand delivery booking app provides delivery services quickly and efficiently of every kind of items.


Image Credits: gogovan

Well, both well-funded tech startups i.e. GoGoVan and Lalamove, which are based on the last-minute delivery booking services. Let’s know more about the GoGoVan and Lalamove.


Hong Kong-based GoGoVan offers an online platform, which provides on-demand logistics services. It has become first billion-dollar startup and doubling down on growth after raising $250 million in Series D round of funding, led by InnoVision Capital on July 13, 2018. Currently, the total funding amount for GoGoVan is $276.5M.

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This well-funded tech startup, Lalamove, is one of the biggest competitors of GoGoVan. Lalamove app allows its app users to connect with van, truck, and motorcycle drivers to deliver under 55 minutes.

Launched back in 2013, Lalamove is a Hong Kong-based last-time delivery booking app that connects with van, truck, and motorcycle drivers to deliver within an hour.

According to the report from Crunchbase, “The main rival of GoGoVan, Lalamove has raised $300 million in Series D round of funding, led by Hillhouse Capital Group and Sequoia Capital China.” And, currently, it has a total funding amount of $461.5M.


Image Credits: lalamove
Source: Google Play

Have you made up your mind to create a last-minute delivery booking app? Make sure you consider these strategies and develop an app like GoGoVan and Lalamove.

3 Winning Strategies That Tech Startups Can Consider Before Developing Last-Minute Delivery Booking Apps like GoGoVan & Lalamove

1. Solve The Last-Mile Problem

One of the winning strategies by Lalamove is that the company has successfully solved the last-mile problem of delivering goods. The last-mile delivery is one of the major issues for businesses, which startups or entrepreneurs need to take care of. The last-mile delivery service is a bridge between the last-mile delivery for goods from distributions and the end users.


Image Credits: lalamove

All you just need to achieve is to easiness for your users in order to stand out among your rivals. The company has broken up all the issues that people have been facing from the past few years. Additionally, if you are all set to develop on-demand delivery booking apps like GoGoVan or Lalamove, then this is one of the winning strategies, which you as a tech startup need to adapt in order to get success like these high momentum startups like GoGoVan & Lalamove.

2. Real-Time Location Tracking, Transparency in Pricing to Make Things Easier for Customers

The next winning strategy if you want to establish an on-demand last-minute delivery booking business like GoGoVan & Lalamove, then it is important to adopt this. This Asia-based tech startup, GoGoVan, has embraced a number of app features and functionalities, which make things easier for customers. So, here we’ve curated two important features, which you can’t afford to miss during last-minute delivery booking app development:

Real-Time Location:

The real-time location tracking is one of the essential features, which can solve a lot of problems with your app users. It means that your users will have complete awareness about their packages, couriers, documents, food, and furniture. Through the last-minute delivery booking app, your customers can easily track their packages’ real-time location. Due to providing such a feature, your app users can track the time of delay and if there is any loss on the way, customers must aware of this.


Image Credits: GoGoVan
Source: Google Play

Transparency in Pricing:

The next essential feature is transparency in pricing. Before booking service, users must know the approximate cost of delivery services. Well, this is one of the essential ones, which you as a startup need to consider whilst developing the last-minute delivery booking app like GoGoVan & Lalamove. If such services would fluctuate with demand, then your users must know the price cost before hiring last-minute delivery booking services.

3. Offer a Wide Variety of Services as Per Users’ Convenience

The reason behind the success of these Asian startups is that these startup companies offer not only one kind of service, but it provides a number of services, which meet their users’ requirements. Within an app for delivery, it is must that it offers a number of features like:

  • Allows to Set Delivery Route
  • Choose Service & Type of Vehicle
  • Match with Nearby Drivers
  • Track the Delivery in Real-Time
  • Push Notifications
  • Online Payments

Other Recommended Feature:

  • Offer a Variety of Services – The other recommended feature is to enable your users to choose the delivery services no matter what size of the parcel.


Image Credits: lalamove

Thus, as a tech startup or entrepreneur, if you have already made up your mind to develop an app like Uber for logistics, then this is one of the cohesive strategies, which can help you to build an ideal delivery booking app.

Final Thoughts

Before concluding our blog, it is highly recommended to check the report from Google Trends. In this graph, you can see the search volume of the keyword “Uber for logistics” worldwide. And, you can check that the search volume of this keyword is high.


Interest Over Time:


Interest by Region:


And, it can be said that people have been searching for Uber-like services in the logistics industry. Well, developing the last-mile delivery booking app does not only provide ease to your customers and grow your business, but it can simplify your daily work in logistic business, enhance your sales and grow your business.

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