3 Powerful Lessons From Best Job Search Apps Like Wonolo and Fountain (Gig Apps) Every On Demand Recruitment Business Should Consider

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Finding a job online is as easy as buying online groceries or hailing a cab just a tap away. With the advent of taxi apps and delivery apps, a new era of gig apps also came into recognition. Apps are not only altering on demand services but are contributing to the global problem like unemployment. Apps like Wonolo and Fountain (job search apps) have made a great difference in the on demand staffing and recruitment service. Herein we have rounded up 3 lessons of the best gig apps for your recruitment agencies to learn before investing in gig app development.

In this fast-moving digitization world, the apps have contributed directly to the decrease in jobs replacing the recruitment or hiring software. Gen Z is all about short-term job positions. According to market research, 42% of young people are preferring freelancing

Everyone likes to be their own boss- wherein the recruitment apps, job hiring apps, job finder apps play a major role. People tend to change jobs several times throughout their working lives and the gig economy or Uber like business model of apps presents them with a new job opportunity with same day pay. 

Being a recruitment or staffing business startup, you need to be in constant touch with businesses who are in search to hire workers and fill gaps, freelancers who are too expensive for permanent payrolls, job seekers who are looking for flexible choice of work whenever and wherever they like. You can easily meet your target audience by developing a job application like Fountain or Wonolo.

Before moving towards the lessons for a successful gig app development for online jobs, have a look at what the gig economy market trend has for you. These stats are well studied by one of our app consultants who has an experience of more than 13 years. Under his guidance, we at Space-O Technologies, have also developed an application named JobbeJob, a job finder app. It is an on demand staffing app, where a job offerer just needs to put the job requirements as per the work and post it whereas a job seeker with similar skills and experience will see these job postings and can apply for them.

gig app development

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Gig Economy Market Trends

  • The gig economy is projected to reach 86.5million people by 2027 who will opt for freelancing in the United States and will make up 50.9% of the total U.S. workforce.  
  • People are engaging more into contract-based, self-employed and temporary jobs. With some 85% of the global workforce, 2.7 billion people, are estimated to be on some form of hourly wage rather than the usual pay scale.
  • Countries like Switzerland, Singapore, U.K., U.S.A, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Finland are in need of skilled workers. 

Now, after knowing the scope of the gig economy, let’s proceed for your on demand app solution for jobs. Dive into lessons of the best gig apps that will help your startups or business in online employment services. 

According to recent news, Fountain, a hiring app or recruitment platform, has raised $23 million to continue expanding its Uber for Work, an online staffing business. The recruitment app sources and processes more than 1 million inbound candidate applications. It has filled 1,50,000 jobs in the process. 

The Wonolo app has a total venture funding of $60 million which successfully connects underemployed hourly workers with understaffed employers in retail, manufacturing, shipping and logistics, and other industries. 

3 Lessons from Wonolo and Fountain (Top Job Search Apps) Every Recruiting Agency Should Consider During Gig App Development

#1 Customized recruiting workflow from screening to hiring

When you are planning to develop a gig app, it is very important that your job application has a simple and flexible user interface. For that, your online staffing app has to curate qualified applicants for a specific job, managing location-wise job profiles. 

The most tedious task for recruitment businesses is to schedule interviews by screening every resume properly. When you decide to build a job search app like Glassdoor and Wonolo, make sure your application has a predefined working criterion, which helps in accepting or rejecting a resume. 

Your app should have an easy accepting and rejecting function for the businesses that are hiring a candidate. This will automatically save your agency’s recruiting time and the businesses will be able to get the candidates as per their set working standards. Make yourself available through apps and web presence, so that both parties can reach you at a desk or on the go.

#2 Make communication between the employer and the job seeker effortless

Creating a platform for job seekers and employers is not enough, you will have to make it more engaging. The online job application has to communicate well in advance with both the parties for a successful recruitment interview and hiring.

Now, manually this work is done by you or your employees through telephone or mail, which consumes a lot of energy & time. Through a gig app development, you can easily notify your targeted audience via reminders, SMS, e-mails, notification alert before the job interview. This will streamline your app and both the parties will get enough time to prepare each other for the recruitment procedures.

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Image Credit: Wonolo

Your app will stand out as the candidate will be able to apply for jobs faster than the usual procedure and can reach the location in real-time with the help of your in-built location tracker and notifications. For businesses, your app will provide the best profile after the screening and they can schedule the interview beforehand with the help of your reminders.

#3 Create business for all types by creating jobs in seconds

Being in the staffing and recruiting business, it is very much important for you to provide your targeted audience with a range of options from coffee shops to multi-location franchises. Your gig app must have a job profile for an underemployed worker as well as a professional who is searching for a white-labeled service. 

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Image Credit: Fountain

You will receive certain resumes or CVs which will get a constant rejection, it is your role to create a specific job profile through your gig economy app. This will create a sense of trust among the users and your app will get organic word-of-mouth publicity.

So, these are some of the lessons that on demand staffing startups need to include for an Uber revenue model. Apart from this, think about convenient features that can make your users navigate your app intuitively. 


Being a staffing and recruitment startup, you should lure your audience by providing them with instant service openings and suitable candidates for the same. App developments are revolutionizing every service out of which one is employment. With the outrageously increasing population, you will need a platform that equally grows and helps you manage the candidates. A gig app development is an apt solution when it comes to managing resumes, scheduling interviews, follow-ups, specific requirements. Each and every task will be easily curated and beneficial to you and your audience at large.

So, if you have an idea based on the on demand gig app, then cross-verify it with us as we’re a leading Android app development agency. We have already helped over 60 businesses to optimize their on demand business using on demand mobile apps.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding an app like Uber for work, job search app development or on demand staffing app development, how to make money with an app idea on gig app development, then get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible and our team is always happy to advise you on the best technical solutions. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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