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Every day there is a news about the taxi services and the recent one, Ridesharing marketplace Tripada has raised $11 million series A funding by Rocket Internet and other investors.

Want to make millions by starting your own taxi booking services like Uber?


You are on the right path, you have already crossed a small feat of your business.

Now, all you need to do is get the entire cab app solutions all under one roof.

How will you manage challenges like Uber like app creation?

No worries!!

With mobile app solutions, we at Space-O, makes everyone grow in their respective business by making mobile app and you are no exception!

We will make a definite path of your success by getting a taxi app idea developed today!

Let us walk you through some of the key benefits & features of having a Taxi App development solutions.

  • Real time cab location tracking using GPS
  • Cloud based solutions
  • Compatible both for iOS & Android
  • Best cost-design
  • In-app notifications to passengers & drivers
  • E-receipts to passengers automated
  • Easily customizable with friendly admin panels
  • Backs multiple languages
  • Automated fare estimation and calculations
  • Daily transactions & reports can be tracked
  • Robust back-end architecture with dynamic UI rendering
  • Native app over a cross-platform


Our Mobile App Development Solution for Taxi/Cab Business Includes:

  • Taxi Booking App for Passengers
  • Development of Cab App for Taxi drivers
  • Taxi Management System
  • Integration of Cab Management solutions, Taxi & Driver App Modules

Essence lies in our Developer & Designer:

In order to get a good app developed, you need an excellent developers & a designer, who can create cab app which will turn to a good business. At Space-O, our expert team of taxi booking app software developers & designers can come up with a custom solutions for your business that enables profitable taxicabs.

What makes the role of the Space-O apart?

Having developed apps like Appaxi, UCab, has given us hands on experience to develop taxi management apps.



The Appaxi, mobile application which enables individuals and groups within a geographic region to find carpools, in real time and spontaneously, where our developers created a user friendly, social application on mobile devices that allows communities to locate travelers with a common destinations that helps them to find each other- whether you are a rider or a driver, looking for other riders to share a taxi.

The core idea of the client:

The client’s whole idea was to register taxi bases to our apps through the country that allowed customers to order the registered taxi bases through the apps.

Solution provided by our developers:

Our developers developed routing algorithm with the best user GPS and maps, iPhone and Android mobile app for users, with CMS Development (in PHP + MySQL).



UCab a taxi app solution that enables user to provide a platform of using the highest technology in order to find the nearest taxi within their nearest location without waiting or calling a taxi company in everywhere at any time.

The core idea of the client:

The client needed to create an application that would allow customers to search for a taxi in there nearby location and contact the drivers via APP. Wanted to create account on the APP and rate each other by giving feedback and reviews after every trip, so that the Customers and drivers will benefit completely.


The developers came up Round Robin Algorithm with the following features to the clients

  • Splash Screen
  • Login Screen
  • REGISTRATION – Customers and Drivers
  • Settings
  • Search and Search Results Screen
  • Drivers Screen
  • Feedback and Review

Time to get into tailor made Applications to meet your Business needs…

Having developed such billion dollar apps, Space-O as a mobile app partner will help you in reaching your desired customers. Our mobile app development team enables your ideas into reality, allowing your business to venture into a booming mobile industry.

Get in touch with us to know more about Taxi Booking app like Uber. We as mobile app development partner help our customers with the best in the class where you can grow using the mobile apps and get quickly adapted to today’s marketplace with taxi mobile apps or top cab booking apps.


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