Uber for Beauty: These Are 4 Essentials, Which You Need to Add While Creating an App for On-demand Beauty Services


This post owns information for beauty tech startups & entrepreneurs. Rounded up four essentials, which you need to add during Uber for beauty app development.

Technology has made us forget the traditional “beauty services” that we all have been receiving for the past few years. An app like Uber for beauty provides in-home offerings in beauty.

The on-demand beauty services are generally dedicated to singular-focused services like facials, chemical peels, laser facials, and eyelash extensions applications. Additionally, Uber-like beauty services allow app users to book single-focused beauty services at their homes. The on-demand beauty industry is an upswing due to these beauty services that are easily accessible as per the users’ convenience. Well, there are a few popular apps, which offer users on-demand beauty services.


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Before moving ahead, it is important to know the market size of the beauty industry. By 2025, the global beauty and personal care products market size is expected to reach USD 716.6 billion, at a CAGR of 5.9% during the forecast period, according to the report from PR Newswire.

In the global beauty industry, the main regions are the United States, China, Japan India, Mexico, which are expected to witness considerable growth over the forecast period and possessing to robust industrial development and extensive urbanization.

Beauty services, which are associated with the on-demand offerings, are the fast-growing sectors globally. In short, there are a number of opportunities for tech startups to grow in the beauty sector.


To create an app like Uber for beauty on-demand services, check out what are those essentials, which are important to add during mobile app development for on-demand solutions.

4 Essentials to Consider While Developing an App like Uber for Beauty On-Demand Services

1. Nailed in the Pricing & Convenience

One of the essentials, which you as a beauty tech startup need to give attention closely is the cost and convenience. Well, both factors play an important role whenever it is about nailing in business. When customers or seekers for beauty services come to any on-demand platform, then they usually seek convenience over there. Just like placing orders through an app for everything from taxis to groceries, an app like Uber for beauty services work as the same for all customers who look for on-demand beauty services.


No matter what specific area is, where seekers for beauty services are looking forward to enjoying the services, on-demand beauty apps like Glamsquad or Stylebee provide on-demand beauty services within an hour. Apart from convenience, affordable pricing also plays an important role. Basically, if you want to embark with a new beauty startup idea, then this is one of the essentials that will quietly make a difference.

2. Connect Nearby Salons for Last-minute Blowouts or French Nail Art

The next essential is all about offering beauty services on-demand. Here the on-demand means now. So, it covers all those consumers or app users who are in the need of beauty services like last-minute blowouts or get their nails done.


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Talking about the app like Uber for beauty, Stylebee, all the artists for beauty services are licensed professionals. And, it all takes the worry from its customers whenever it comes to researching the hairstylists or make-up artists. So, the second essential is that you just need to offer solutions, which come with an easiness.

An app like Uber for beauty on-demand services connects its app users to nearby salons for a wide range of beauty services as what they want to try. Also, it allows users to choose their time of convenience.


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The key tip is that do not leave enough space for your potential clients who have come to enjoy beauty services in a mobile application. An app like Uber for beauty services is meant to provide what is demanded. All you just need to add this essential and research the niche well and provide what’s in demand.

3. Quick Services Can Make a Difference

The next essential is all about – quickness. The success of your on-demand business is majorly depended upon the quickness factor. If you want to emerge in the business as revolutionary, then you need to provide the fastest, affordable, and most widely available services as per their time and convenience.


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Being a beauty tech startup, if you are ready to create an app like Uber for beauty services, then you need to add the quickness ingredient in order to build a successful on-demand business.

4. Integrate a Set of Salient Features

One of the most important must-have is not to forget to integrate a set of salient features, which you need to consider during Uber for beauty app development.


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While developing beauty on-demand app, check out a few salient features, which you can add:

  • User Profile
  • Search by Service Name & Specialist
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Push Notifications
  • Geolocation
  • Payment Integration
  • Book & Cancel Appointments
  • View Order History
  • In-App Chat
  • Customer Support
  • Review & Ratings

Well, an ideal Uber for beauty app requires to include a few essentials, which can help you to grow your beauty tech startup at a pace.

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