5 Most Popular Features You Need To Integrate into Your Uber For Riders App

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It’s easy to start a taxi business, but to grow it with a steady graph is a challenge. A challenge that very few companies can accept and succeed. How to get a steady growth graph for your taxi business? It’s both simple and difficult at the same time – observe loopholes, improve, and give the best solution for it. In today’s article, we are going to discuss 5 features that are helping Uber for riders apps to satisfy user’s needs.

The customer is king. And kings tend to be rather fond of extravagance and luxury.

Being in a taxi business, it is important to provide luxurious rides to your riders. Uber understands this and hence, they launched Uber Black, SUV, and Comfort earlier this year. With the new “Quiet” mode and other features for premium cars in the Uber for riders app, they are changing the way people travel.

The thing that Uber understood was when riders will see you put in efforts for them, they’ll trust your brand more. With loyal riders, you’ll draw in more riders since word-of-mouth marketing helps you spread the word like wildfire.

The foundation for providing good services in the on-demand taxi business is that your Uber for riders taxi app needs to have specific features and functionalities. Only then will it be possible for you to provide the convenience that your users are looking for.

For acing the taxi app development, you will have to create a list of features that you could integrate into your Uber for riders app or Uber like taxi booking solution. Fortunately, at Space-O Technologies, we have the experience of developing over 50 apps like Uber, including Glovo, Braxi (featured on BBC) and 2Placez. With such a wide experience and expertise in Uber-like taxi booking app development, we already have a curated list of features that will help you crack the secret to success.

So let’s see how we can make your taxi booking app popular, shall we?

Don’t Overlook These 5 Most Popular Features into Your Uber For Riders App

We consulted the best taxi app experts in our team for a list of features that they recommend for Uber for riders app development. Here are top 5 features that must be integrated into Uber for riders app.

1. Trip parameters

We have integrated this feature in the taxi apps we have developed for our clients. With this feature, you are giving your customers the option to customize the type of ride they want. After a rider selects the type of car he wants to travel in, the app’s algorithm will only send a request to drivers who can provide the required services.

Here’s an example: A rider wants to travel with his baby but he doesn’t have a car seat. Hence, the rider will choose to ride in a car with a car seat. Once he does that, the trip request will go to only those riders who have a car seat with them. The first driver to accept the request will be given directions to the rider’s location.

2. Multiple drop-offs

If a group of friends wants to go to their separate home, then it can be costly to book multiple rides for everyone. A way to ensure that everybody gets driven to their homes safely, the riders can opt for multiple drop-offs. This will be very convenient for them and a much cheaper option. Hence, adding this feature to your Uber for riders app will help you provide more convenience and flexibility to your riders.

3. Preferred driver

Suppose a rider was paired with a driver for a trip and loved his service. With the Preferred Driver feature, the rider can add that particular driver to their list of preferred drivers. The next time the rider books a trip, and if that driver in is the area, then the request will go to the preferred driver first. If that driver rejects the trip request only then will it go to anyone else?

By integrating this feature in your Uber for riders app, you are telling the riders that you care about what they think. Plus, it motivates the drivers to provide better services to the riders, improving your brand name overall.

4. SOS

The riders can save a certain number of emergency contacts app. In times of need, they can click on a button within the Uber for riders app. Upon doing so, a tracking link will be sent to all the emergency contacts. This will help ensure the safety of all the riders through the taxi booking app for riders.

5. OTP authentication

For enhanced safety of the riders as well as drivers, we have integrated the OTP feature in several of our clients’ cab sharing apps. Basically, every time a rider books a ride, he will receive a One Time Password (OTP). Once the passenger gets into the cab, he/she will have to share the password with the driver. The feature works in such a way that the driver will not be able to start the trip till the time he enters the OTP in his app.


In this blog, we have gone through the 5 features of Uber for riders app that you as an admin and owner of taxi business can consider while developing for Uber for riders app. So, whether you are running a small or big taxi company, consider these features to make your Uber like app successful.

Still have any confusion related to Uber for app development cost, how to make an app like Uber, Indian app developer cost, how to make money with an app like Uber? Get in touch with us through our contact us form. We are a leading taxi app development company and have already developed over 50 apps like Uber.

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