Want to Develop a Ride-Hailing? 4 Features to Make Your Taxi App like InDriver

The taxi apps innovation continues. Recently, we met one of our Uber app experts and discussed the top ride hailing app named Indriver. We discussed how this taxi app disrupted Uganda transport services. While discussing, we listed 4 features that you can consider during your own ride hailing app development and make your taxi app successful like Indriver.

Uber alternatives seem alike as “101 Dalmatians.”

The taxi app genre clearly has no boundaries when it comes to innovation on a technological front. It’s a high time for the offline logistics and taxi businesses to buckle up with the trending apps like Uber for taxi.

There is no stopping with excessive use of smartphones. Provide your audience with a smarter solution for commuting. With the taxi app solution, users can easily make bookings like Indriver app users.

According to the latest news from Techcrunch.com, Indriver app has raised $15 million in two rounds from Leta Capital. The app is aiming to capture Africa because of a lot of cities and a high population who do not have access to ride-hailing applications. Before moving ahead, let’s have a quick look at this taxi booking app. 

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An Insight into Indriver: Top Ride Hailing App

  •  Launched back in 2013 by Arsen Tomsky, this taxi app startup operates in 200 cities with over 300million rides and 26million users. The app was founded in Russia and is now headquartered in New York.  
  • The online taxi company entered Latin America and Tanzania in 2018. The startup saw unique characteristics in the African market and decided to go along its changing demographics and urbanization.
  • The global ride hail app is available to Kampala residents along with effective functioning in Nairobi, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Chile, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Ecuador.

ride hailing app

Image Credit: Indriver

Now, being an entrepreneur and having an offline car rental or taxi business, you should consider these features of Indriver app when developing your own taxi booking app.

4 Features Taxi Startups Need to Consider During Ride Hailing App Development Like Indriver

  1. Negotiate fares with drivers

    The Indriver app disrupted the online taxi booking app genre with its “negotiable fares” option. The user can easily book a ride by just entering point A and B in the app, then enter the fare they are willing to pay.

    ride hailing app

    Image Credit: Indriver

    The taxi app startup analyzed the pain points of Uganda residents. The residents of Kampala never had the kind of negotiable transportation service. They had no such feature available in car rental apps, taxi booking apps, or offline taxi counters. Thus, Indriver app made an exception. 

    Commute lower than the usual prices- the motto for users by Indriver app.

    For your on demand taxi app startup, create an app that caters the routine needs of your targeted niche.  Study the best money making apps like Uber, Lyft, Hailo, and find out what do these taxi dispatch software have provided to their users.

  2. Drivers choose trips

    Once the rider bids his price, the drivers have three choices to accept, reject, bid for a higher price. The best taxi apps have this feature which allows drivers to willingly choose their rides. The taxi business works majorly on driver’s behavior and skills, thus the Indriver, Uber clone app, gave that liberty to them. 

    Developing a mobile app in the cluttered taxi app genre is challenging. The taxi business can become a success if you choose experienced and well-behaved drivers. 

    For any logistics startup, fleet management solutions, taxi booking software, alone cannot work. It has to have a backup in the form of efficient employees who can manage real-time pick-up and drops along with a chivalrous attitude towards clients.

  3. Riders can choose their drivers

    This feature makes users comfortable and opts for a driver who has agreed at their price. Thus, there is no miscommunication possibility between them. Here the app satisfies both the parties equally, and thus avails trust from both of them.

    If you are developing a taxi booking mobile app, make sure that you curate features that are beneficial for both the parties. A taxi booking app development company can easily guide you in making an app for rideshare services like Uber. 

  4. Real-time GPS location sharing from the app

    Indriver promotes driver safety with its “GPS location sharing” feature. Riders can share their GPS location and ride details in real-time from the app with their trusted contacts. The ride hailing app has offered all sought of convenience through the features and thus has proven to be the best among the top taxi apps.

    These features can be inculcated to any of the transportation or logistics apps like Uber for trucking, Uber for freight management, Uber for deliveries. Such feature integration apps will get a headstart from their competitors and will engage more users alike Indriver app. 

    The Indriver app has become the major Uber competitor with these features and some striking growth opportunities that it was able to see before any other taxi business. 

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    Which were the growth opportunities in Uganda for Indriver, ride hailing app?

    • The users did not have any choice when it came to the cost of the trip. They had to accept the price specified by the taxi application or at the taxi counter.
    • The Uber like app saw a suitable opportunity in allowing freedom to the drivers and riders, with a “bargain idea.”
    • The app like Uber came up with a “no commission policy” for drivers which made it even more accessible for them. The profitability made drivers more engage in the app. 

So, Are You Ready With Your Ride Hailing App Development Idea?

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