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Mobile apps for school are apps that covers every question a parent might want to ask and a school might want to answer. If you own a school, then you know what it feels like when there is a horde of calls coming to your administration team, just because it is raining excessively or because the children aren’t home yet.

Now though, with a school app developed by Space-O, all these potholes can be covered and a better but not tedious communication system can be set up.

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We do not have any ready-made solution for the Educational apps for students. Yes, that’s true. We have developed more than 140+ mobile apps in Education category. All of them were developed from the ground – totally customized.

Features of Top Educational Apps

instant alerts

Pop-up messages and instant alerts

activity tracking

School activities and events can be located with Google Maps


Newsletters now on Mobile Apps for Schools

latest course information

Get latest course information on your Apps instantly

homework & schedule tracker

Built-in homework & schedule tracker

absentee notes

Send absentee notes

Components of Best Educational Apps

With school mobile apps in hand the parents, teachers & students can feel more relaxed and easy to stay connected.

For School

  • Helps in eliminating the paperwork or printing of newsletters, thereby enhances the financial benefits.
  • Class notes & reminders are communicated securely by school staff to the parent via mobile phone apps for schools thereby eliminates frustrations of notes being returned late.
  • Reduces the time of school by constant answering of the phone calls and often unnecessary questions.
  • Helps support and sustain a harmonious relationship with parents.
Components of Educational Apps
Components of Educational Apps for parents

For Parents

  • Helps parents to be in touch with school activities through Mobile App for Schools, thereby helping them to know what is going on!
  • Ensures parents always receive notes.
  • Help them to know the upcoming school events, especially good for both working parents
  • Inform parents when events are rained out, or change in weather condition thereby avoids frustration.

What Should be Your First Step?

Are you confused regarding which OS to choose for your app? Well choosing both is always beneficial but if the budget does not permit you, then here is what we suggest:

This is also very important because device usage varies from generation to generation, Millward Brown Digital surveyed more than 1,000 consumers in three generations to see how different age groups favoured different screens for various activities.

Look at your website traffic and see where your mobile visitors are coming from Android or iOS. If your data are higher mobile engagement rate from iOS users, it’s a good idea to develop an iOS app first.

Research says two-thirds of Android users don’t pay for apps, and iOS users are more likely to pay. That doesn’t mean you should not opt Android. For mobile payments, Google is increasing the numbers of countries that support paid Google Play apps but where Apple still has essential lead.

Android is not dominant mobile OS for tablets. Although Google Android tablets have almost half of the global market, when you look at usage, iPad is the winner. If you plan to create a tablet experience, iOS would be your first priority.

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140+ apps in Education

let our business analyst provide you 1-hour free consultation and take you through the suite of app features and functions supported to app platforms and pick the ones that best match with your mobile school app idea. Let’s talk now as sometimes later becomes never.

Educational apps developed by Space-O

"No task is too small! This project was a dream of mine and I couldn’t have brought it to life without Space-O‘s assistance. This is the fourth app that we have created together and each one has been a great success. Anytime I have a problem, they are always right there on top of it to provide the best solution. I have already turned a profit on the first app we have created which stands as the #1 education app in its class. I can’t say enough as to how thankful I am to stumble across them. I will definitely come back for more projects as soon as another golden idea pops up. ? Thanks again Space-O!"Michael Cameron
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