3 Mobile App Categories That Require Call Masking Feature

The new technological advancement is making online services convenient and secured both at a time. In this blog, we are going to talk about ‘call masking solution’ which can help modern-day business firms to secure their customer’s data and win their trust in this digital era. Let’s dive into important benefits and mobile app categories that must have call masking as an integral feature while developing a mobile app for their business.

With about 2.5 billion smartphone users across the world, digital app trends are growing at a higher wavelength to match the expectation and cater to the needs of smartphone users. 

Today, the major task of businesses is to conquer growing insecurity and fear of online users. Users are insecure to share their phone numbers, bank details for a payment transaction, identity proofs, and personal information. 

If you are someone who is planning to enter the app world with a revolutionary idea, make sure you consider these online fears of your targeted audience. We, at Space-O Technologies, have curated one of these fears, which is ‘exchanging phone numbers online.’

For seamless interaction with online users, you need to have a sophisticated and digitally approved software integration. Thus, ‘call masking service’ is the midway solution for both the parties to perform their functionalities freely in the app space.

Now, before moving towards the apps that should integrate call masking for secured customer interaction. Let’s have an insight into the masking solution along with its benefits.

What is a call masking solution?

Masked calling is a technology that is used to secure your online user’s privacy by connecting them with your agent without exposing their real phone numbers.

call masking solution

This technique is made possible by voice APIs, in which a developer can set up phone number proxies to keep parties from knowing each other’s real phone numbers.

We can also say that it uses a short-lived phone number for each party, allowing them to communicate seamlessly for that particular call. After that time period, on its expiry, the numbers are recycled into the call masking software. And then reassigned to other parties on the platform. Such an intact calling process helps the transactions from happening outside the platform.

The question may arouse in your mind.

Why does my business need a call masking solution?

In businesses, there are instances when you might need to interact with customers and thus, need their phone numbers. How will you convince your customers to trust you with their information? 

The customers are more likely to hesitate in giving their number to an online portal that has no security and where their number can be misused. They might get harassment calls from your service providers, which is their very first thought when you ask for their phone number.

Instead of that, you can integrate a safe call masking software and have an eye on every move of your service providers.

Benefits of Call Masking Solution

  • Cost-effective: With the help of this technology, you can reduce your miscellaneous expenses. This number masking solution will avoid high mobile bills at the end of the month from your drivers, delivery agents, by calling customers from their personal number. Through this cloud-based technology, you can eliminate the communication gap between users.
  • Maintains privacy and absolute security: To provide an interactive and secure environment through your app, the call masking service can form a bridge between business and customers. The online user can repose with the help of proxy numbers that their space will never be intruded and will also get inviolable security.
  • Detailed call records and reports: A call masking allows call recording and call tracking through the app. It is possible to monitor each call initiated to the customers and report the whole conversation. You can also establish a transparent relationship with your agents and improve their existing service quality.
  • No spamming and transactional safety: With special numbers provided through the call masking are specifically verified for legal use and protect business information. On the other hand, customers will not receive spam and can hide the phone numbers from the spammers. Another benefit of the call masking solution is it is absolutely safe for digital transactions. The businesses can manage the transactions by keeping them on a frontier of platforms, that avoids off-platform or false operation of transactions. Such technology enhances the overall safety of monetary exchanges.
  • Customer experience: By the means of disposable numbers, your online app can deliver a delightfully satisfying experience for users. The assurance of their numbers being safeguarded makes the users give business to your digital brand.

Now, after going through the benefits of the call masking solution. Let’s dive into the apps that can make an actual improvement in their online businesses and customer loyalty.

3 Mobile App Categories That Can Generate Online Goodwill Through Call Masking Solution

  1. Ecommerce Apps

    If you are planning for an Ecommerce app development, then your app must have a call masking feature. Your mCommerce needs to make calls to your users during the time of making a delivery.

    Your delivery personnel will place a call to check their availability, for verifying the delivery location, to confirm the cancelation of a parcel. Companies like Flipkart, Peppertap use the masking solution to prevent delivery personnel from getting the numbers of their customers and vice versa. Thus, it is effectively used for handling communication between your Ecommerce business and third-party logistics.

  2. Taxi Apps

    Taxi booking apps like Uber, Lyft, are now connecting their drivers to the customers without revealing the number of either party. In Uber for drivers application, instead of a customer’s phone number, the driver only sees a call button.

    If you are planning to make an app like Uber, you can easily divert calls through the masking software. Without revealing the phone number, the driver is assigned a ride, the customer’s number is mapped to their phone numbers. 

    Not only they diverted but are recorded for tracking too. Thus, you can know the conversation and improve your driver’s quality there and then without harming your business credibility.

  3. On Demand Delivery Apps

    Being a delivery app startup, you need to integrate call masking solution for your customer support and logistics services. For providing a transparent and secured online experience to your users, you need to be extra careful with this software.

    If you are planning for an on-demand food ordering app or a package delivery app like Zomato, Postmates, you need to consider this technological integration. For instance, if a customer wants to change the delivery location, he can immediately call and inform the concerned delivery personnel. The customer will not think twice before calling, because call masking is at his disposal in the app.

In a Nutshell

Due to massive amount of smartphone usage, customers are sharing a great deal of information on public platforms. So, if you want to provide a unique and secure solution along with bridging a communication gab then you should definitely integrate call masking feature into your mobile app development.

Being a leading iOS app development company, we have integrated this feature in more than 20 mobile apps, helping businesses to communicate with their customers smoothly. Just share your mobile app idea and requirements with us and we will be suggesting the best solution to you.

If you still have any query or confusion on how to do number masking, call masking solution cost, develop a free app that changes phone numbers, then you simply need to fill our ‘contact us’ form.  Our sales representatives will revert you back in a short span with an apt mobile app solution for your business. The consultation is free of cost.

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