How to Launch an App? Launched 1000+ Apps Successfully! [Here’s The Secret of How We Do It!]

how to launch an app

At Space-O Technologies, we move fast!

In the past few months, we have built and launched a new app every 40-50 days.

Although, we do not just focus on the speed of our builds, we also take a methodical approach to our process so that we can go from Ideation, validation, development, testing, launch, and scale, as quickly as possible with minimal resources.

Throughout 7 years of our journey, from startup to being a globally-recognized top mobile app development company, we’ve learned how tough it is to attract new users in the competitive mobile app market. And because we understand this common dilemma of mobile app startups, we always stick to our methodical approach for developing mobile apps for our clients.

As a matter of fact, this approach has not only proven to work well, but it has also helped us to learn how to launch an app successfully. One of the recent examples is Gallery Guardian. It is text monitoring app for modern-age parents to protect their child from ‘Sexting’. Soon after its launch, the app became insanely popular among US parents and even got featured on BBC, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, and Mirror.

Another example is Glovo, an on-demand butler app like TaskRabbit. Client’s idea was to make people’s life easy, by providing an E-butler app. So, we developed and launched Glovo for our client in Spain, and in no time, the app received €5M+ funding.


Every day, we receive dozens of emails saying that they’ve got just the right million-dollar app idea and wants to discuss cost estimation. But you know what? Having a million-dollar idea is just not enough. And now investors know it as well.

In this blog, We’re sharing with you our process to help you understand our mobile app development process. This process blends ideation & product development with steps we take while launching a mobile app.

And before we begin, know that this is the process that has propelled our clients’ apps to get to the top #100 apps in different App Store categories. Some even got featured on the ‘Launch Day’ itself.

However, it all begins well before the ‘Launch Day’!

The Secret of How We Do It!

To succeed in today’s fierce competition, you’ll need much more than just a “Million-dollar idea”. And if you plan on reaching out to investors for funding, then it’s necessary to build a startup business plan for your “Million-dollar idea”.

Do you know how to build a business plan?

If not, go check out our comprehensive guide on how to build a startup business plan for your mobile app idea.

Step #1 – Ideation

In the first step of our process, our expert business analyst gets in touch with clients, responding back to their inquiries posted on our Contact Us page and starts the initial discussion about their project.

Once we have the basic idea, our Idea Team then explores the concept further, expanding functional possibilities, mapping the core features, and brainstorming for the possible issues and opportunities.

After that, a document is prepared including all these information and is sent over to the client to check it.

Step #2 – Validation

After initial brainstorming sessions and discussions to prove that an idea has legs or not, we move further to the validation part. This step of the process includes customer interviews, focus groups, competitor research, audience surveys, and market analysis.

This way, we validate our clients’ app ideas and discuss further the business development plan.

Step #3 – MVP Development

When it comes to product development part, we always recommend developing an MVP first. A minimum viable product (MVP) is a technique in which a new product or app is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. The complete set of features is only developed after considering the feedback from early adopters.


Step #4 – User Experience (UX)

During the MVP app development process, our experienced top mobile app developers ensure that the app is clean, simple, and easy for anyone to understand and use it. From sign-in screen to payment and thank you screen, we design and maintain a smart UX across the entire app that people love to use.

Step #5 – User Interface (UI)

Everything is associated with an app’s look and feel, including designing and branding. This is why, our professional UI designers always build a compelling UI that builds legitimacy, attracts users, and ensures a clean, easy-to-navigate app UI.

Step #6 – Quality Assurance / Testing

This is the final step of our process. Here, our experienced QA engineers take the reins to find and exterminate bugs with the help of different app testing methods before the launch. They clarify screens, user flows to enhance the onboarding process, and also tweak anything and everything that is required to give an app its best possible shot at success.

Once it is done, the build is sent to the client for testing. And after the client’s approval, launch strategy is laid out. Now, know that all of these steps requires deep, specialized, and ever-changing expertise. This is why, at Space-O Technologies, we’ve to build a team who’ve devoted their entire career to digital product design.

For example, our professional UI/UX designers know which button colors inspire action and why a specific app form should be of six screens, and not three. And since all clients have other things to focus on for their businesses, we take the responsibility of developing the best possible quality app on our shoulders, so that they can focus on other aspects of their startup.

There is Now Only One Step Left…

These steps determine whether to move forward with a product or not, which you can consider while launching an app. Since it is the first test in the market with real users, you should be prepared for the cruel reality and discard all the romance. It’s the step of collecting feedback from the early adopters.

Space-O Technologies, a leading mobile app development agency, is always interested in the client’s success. And we’re ready to do anything and everything to help our clients achieve their goals. This is our philosophy at Space-O. So, use our expertise to the full, and communicate thoroughly with our project manager to make your product of an excellent quality. Developing unique and successful mobile apps is our mutual goal. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask questions to our business analyst. We’re more than happy to help you with your inquiries and get you on top of the list.

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